Iron Gods

Treasure Listing

Identified ?
Armor 4 +2 Breastplates Yes 17600
Coin Gold N/A 4722
Gem 12 Jades N/A 1200
Miscellaneous 18 Brown Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous Black Card N/A ?
Miscellaneous 5 Gray Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous 2 Green Cards N/A ?
Ring Protection+1 Yes 2000
Scroll 2 Destroy Robots Yes 3300
Weapon 4 MW Composite Longbows N/A 1600
Weapon +1 Construct Bane Rapier Yes 8320
Weapon +1 Double-Barreled Pistol Yes 4050
Weapon +2 Cold Siccatite Dagger Yes 9302
Weapon Lesser Burrowing Bullets Yes 5166
Weapon 4 +1 Warhammers Yes 9240
Wondrous Incense of Meditation Yes 4900
Wondrous 3 Incenses of Transcendence Yes 3000
Wondrous Wayfinder Yes 500
Summary 23: Void Transmission
Chapter 4: Dominion of the Black

Seconds after their fall, the ship's walls itself began emitting what sounded like a loud message repeating itself over and over. Casting a spell so that she could understand the foreign language, Mithreal related back to her party members that the Dominion had detected them, identifying them by their travelling name, "Expedition Six", referring specifically to Mithreal, Parasite Eve & Vicky by name. It announced that protocol one was initiated and that all outposts were being alerted. Startled and confused as to what this all meant, Eve voiced her opinion that they needed to rest and figure out where Casandalee was being held. She was unheard as they entered a nearly vacant room, one of the only interesting things found was a memory facet. Installing it, Eve was immediately bombarded with the feeling of sorrow and loss. She… had emotions. She companions held her and they then agreed that she should leave the ship, so they disembarked when suddenly from the swampy waters below, a Lukwata reared its scaly head looking for food. Lashing out at Meyanda, the Android had no choice but to mend her wounds while her companions fought the great beast. Depleting more of their spells made seeking shelter even more pressing.

They marched towards the machine cave and was about to enter the secret-hideaway of Isuma's when Eve suddenly stopped moving as her sensory devices were bombarded with an upload of imagery and sound. 

Expedition Six made camp and began strategizing where to go next. The warm fire created by Mithreal helped keep the dampness they felt at bay. It was decided that in the morning they would follow the wayfinder that they had picked up that day that began tugging Mithreal in a Southern direction. Taking the first watch, Eve watched her companions rest while she herself sat motionlessly. An hour passed when Eve's sensors picked up noise coming from the tunnels leading towards them. Waking up her comrades, they all could hear the sounds of beings approaching them, and whoever they were, they were getting closer. They listened carefully and deduced that the sounds belonged to at least fifteen individual creatures, who were rapidly approaching their position. Eve had thought it an excellent place to rest, figuring that if things went wrong, she had prepared a spell that would whisk them all away. Opening a book to help with the incantation, she noticed one of the pages were stuck together. Unpeeling the stuck pages revealed that the spell she had memorized was, in fact, the incorrect spell. Trapped like bugs, they all took up defensive positions. Suddenly they were rushed by a small army of the Dominion. One by one the Dominion surged into the small cavern. Mithreal skewered the first foe to advance killing it instantly and injured a few more. Vicky and Isuma each fired a blast knocking a foe prone while Eve threw a grenade but surprisingly it did not injure any of the assailants. As the battled dragged on, although half their force was dead, in the end, it was the Dominion who had prevailed. Opening up the skulls of Isuma, Mithreal and Vicky, the thought collector added their brains to itself strengthening it even further.

Eve blinked twice and saw herself about to enter the machine cave. She was uncertain what had just transpired. She said no words but as they walked she took out her book that held the incantations to the spell she memorized. She noticed that the page was stuck and when she peeled apart the two pages, she, in fact, had memorized the wrong spell. Stopping, she called out to her friends and stated that it was probably wise to leave the valley all together and rest where there was no alien presence. Unsure why Eve suggested the change, Expedition Six exited the cave and continued East leaving the valley behind a few miles. Making camp, Eve watched her friends sleep. She sat motionlessly staring at her book trying to analyze what had just transpired.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, the party headed West and veered South towards the swampy marshlands within the Valley. Eventually finding a cave, they all entered and found the rotting corpse of a traveller and nearby a small pool of water with an underground tunnel. Eve dove in and emerged on the other side. Immediately a pale stranger looked up at Eve and in a raspy voice spoke to her. He mistook Eve for someone else and fired. Soon Mithreal swam in and joined Eve, but not before the pale stranger known as Nemgedder had fired several more volleys into Eve's torso. She was badly wounded and dove back into the water to re-coop while Vicky emerged and fired once at the stranger. The pale stranger switched targets unloaded several shots into Mithreal. Feeling the pain, she advanced leaving her foe no room to escape from her reach as she pieced her foes once. Smiling, Nemgedder advanced five feet, the tip of Mithreal spear embedding into his flesh slightly and he leaned in, both pistols touching her flesh and fired point blank. Startled, Mithreal could not strike back and howled in pain. Meyanda healed her wounds and Vicky and Isuma fired widely distracting their foe. Eventually, they downed the undead but not before using up several healing abilities. After a quick search, Casandallee was still nowhere to be found. stood there and ripped out the memory facet she had implanted the day before. The unsettling feelings she felt when she was shot bothered her. Fear… was not worth having emotions for.

Deciding that the Oracle was in fact within the ship, they returned. As they entered the ship, it reactivated its alarm system, the same message could be heard again. This time, however, Mithreal noticed they added Meyanda to the list of names and indicated that she was a primary target… the healer. Still concerned with how they knew so much about them, they continued on. The ship was massive, but it was also quite vacant. The decaying ship had been here a long time it seemed and the weight of the upper floors had already crushed a lower deck. Floors were unstable and rooms were nearly empty of anything important. Eventually, they entered the Cathedral of light where the Engine Attendant stood in the middle of the room waiting for Expedition Six to enter as the shipmind had already alerted it to their presence. Firing its blaster, it had hoped to drain their biggest threat, Mithreal of her strength and abilities, but she shrugged it off and had already advanced to it. Mithreal attempted to dimension hope to its foe but she was unable to and advanced at full speed ignoring the difficult terrain ahead of her. Vicky and Eve fired and launched their firery abilities and watched the Engine attendant remain unharmed. The protection against the elements would ensure its life a little longer. The Engine attendant fired a shot at Vicky hoping to drain her abilities, but her constitution was too great and so the attendant decided it best to use its magical powers instead. Meanwhile, the Shipmind alerted the Neh-Thalggus' nearby of the intruders and they made their way into the chamber. Expedition Six nearly gagged at the site of the aliens carrying brains upon their backs. Eve stood motionless for a second as the aliens who had walked in were never before seen by Expedition Six… however, it was the same beasts who had scalped her friends and removed their brains from the vision the day before. Targetting these three new terrors, they two seemed to have some sort of protection upon them that made any of their elemental attacks useless. As they advanced on Mithreal, the Neh's kept targeting the rest of Expedition Six with spells hoping to halt their movements to allow easy access to their brains. Eventually, Vicky stood still and one of the Neh's began it march towards the human. Mithreal had her plate full being surrounded and gravely wounded, but she persevered and slowly took down her foes. Eve stood before the advancing Neh-Thalggus preventing its access to Vicky's head and kept it at bay until Mithreal advanced on it from behind killing it dead.

Advancing towards the final room, high upon in the distance was a large vat. Within, a liquid substance that began to speak out to Expedition Six. Introducing itself as the shipmind, it spoke to them individually, telling them of the knowledge they knew about them. The Dominion of the Black apparently had known about them for the past few months and all the details the shipmind mentioned rang true. Though shocked, Mithreal was still ready for what came next as the liquid from above oozed out of the vat and advanced forwards. Mithreal fought back and the huge ooze slammed her and grabbed her preventing her from escaping. Her companions worried, fired back although the ooze was immune to their firery weapons. It was Isuma's Zero rifle that seemed to affect the shipmind the most. Mithreal managed somehow to free herself as she backed away. Meyanda approached to heal her wounds and became the ooze's next target. Grabbing her, Meyanda could do nothing more. Mithreal retaliated in an attempt to free her companion while Isuma kept firing her zero rifle. Eve used her ability to haste her friends while Vicky advanced with her blade. The ooze grabbed Vicky and submerged Meyanda within her. Meyanda's body floated within the ooze unconscious. Luckily Mithreal jabbed several more times and destroyed the Shipmind. As it died, the ship seemed to power down slightly. Investigating the room beyond yielded some trinkets, including another facet, but once more… no Casandalee.

Summary 22: Confronting the Dominion Head-on
Chapter 4: Dominion of the Black

Advancing into the next room, the four Guardians of Binox stationed were all but ready for Expedition Six as their sensors had picked up the battle seconds ago. They had readied themselves to fire at the first intruder that entered, however, having the use of summoning from one of her items, Eve sent in a tiger to pounce and attack her foes. The tiger took the brunt of the blaster hits which gave Expedition Six the opportunity they needed to advance and corner the four guardians. in a blink of an eye, there were all deactivated.

The room beyond was one of two that housed one of the inaccessible doors. In an attempt to jury-rig the door open, Eve was steam blasted by a trap that melted some of her synthetic skin away. With a quick heal, she attempted to open the door and succeeded in both disarming and opening the sealed door. Expedition Six moved in and followed the small passageway that lead Northwards to another closed door. This one opened with ease and Eve could see a reclamation robot mumbling to what appeared to be the inert body of a damaged Scrapyard Robot. Binox the reclamation robot took notice of Eve and questioned the reason for her presence. It knew that intruders had entered its domain and damaged its units and it requested obedience. Eve exclaimed that she and her companions of Expedition Six were in search of a neurocam.  Binox's manner changed upon hearing the name, "Expedition Six" as he faced the Scrapyard robot, praising to his master Hellion, and how he would destroy them in his honour. Binox fired at Eve injuring her slightly while Mithreal advanced into the room finding a small alcove to take cover. Vicky also advanced and took cover by a nearby wall. Isuma and Meyanda held back waiting for a strategic opening. Binox readied himself as Mithreal came into range. Giving her a large hit, she retaliated with one of her own. Vicky as agile as ever leapt over the wall and fired at Binox. Her aim was true and hit the one and the only weak spot in Binox's framework and hit his central processing core. Binox nearly collapsed to the ground right there, and whatever spark remained in him was extinguished by Eve's bomb. Upon taking a further examination of the Scrapyard robot, it held a remarkable resemblance to the robot they returned and brought to Torch for Khonnir Baine. The same robot that had apparently reactivated itself, killed Khonnir and claimed to be a God named Hellion. In fact, this robot had etched into its torso the name, "Hellion". Not taking any chances, Expedition Six trashed the scrapyard robot ensuring it would never be reactivated again.

A search of the Machine cave yielded no evidence of a neurocam. With little else to go on, they decided to backtrack to a cave East near the entrance to the valley that Isuma had mentioned she had spotted during her travels. Inside, the cave was lined with both webbing and red mold. Unsure precisely how dangerous red mold was, they advanced cautiously staying alert for any nearby spider. Mithreal entered first and although cautious, was still caught off-guard by three Ogre Spiders. They landed upon her biting several times. Her constitution managed to stave off any poisons but she was injured severely. Meyanda created a wall of stone to help reduce the mobility of the spiders which allowed Expedition Six to expunge the cave of its residents. Unfortunately, a lot of the movement caused by the group caused a lot of the red spores to erupt which produced radiation sickening the lot of them. Luckily Meyanda was about to treat them of their condition. The room beyond yielded no neruocam, just the remains of a mold covered deactivated Android.

They decided to go Westwards towards the area Isuma deemed dangerous; The area infested by the Dominion of the Black. She had made mention of the swamps to the Southwest and the Caves to the North, but Expedition Six was more curious about the Dominion of the Black's ship. As they headed Westwards, they found themselves passing through a small encampment; a bounty hunter named Hyrsek Caio was at peace eating a fish he had recently caught. Small introductions were made between both parties and Expedition Six learnt that the Bounty hunter was sent by the Technic League in search of someone. He had explored the Scar of the Spider in its entirety and knew of all the dangers within. He offered both information and his help while in the Scar, in exchange, he simply asked that they aid him in recovering the one he sought. He believed it a small price as he believed it impossible to reach his target without assistance, and anyone foolish enough to enter further into the Scar was just asking for a quick death. Expedition Six took a vote and despite Vicky's desire to survive, Mithreal had an odd feeling about the Bounty Hunter, turning him down, and Eve simply did not care for further distractions. Hyrsek was insulted that his aid was refused and asked them kindly they leave.

As they neared the Mothership, the Wayfinder they recently picked up began to tug Southwest. Ignoring the magical trinket, they stood before the vast ship. It was enormous and had clearly seen better days. The smell in the area was unbreathable and all felt ill, but Expedition Six pressed on forwards. Finding a ramp that lead into the ship, Eve activated her magical ability and sent forth her all-seeing eye. However, it did little good as doors blocked the way. Entering the ship, it was quite the sight. The walls were not made of metal like the ships they had previously boarded, in fact, this one was entirely made of organic material. The door before them did not react to Eve's touch, and it was deduced that only organic beings could activate it. Mithreal touch the door and it opened. Entering the corridor, the combined weight of Expedition Six was far too great for the rotting floor and they all fell a few feet into a foul pit filled with decay, razor-sharp shrapnel and foul-smelling gases.

4 Guardians of Binox 2560
Trap: Steam Blast; triggered 2560
Binox 3840
Bonus: Optimized a generator 960
3 Red Mold Ogre Spiders 1920
Hazard: Red Mold 960
Trap: Rotting Floor; triggered 2560-Lv11
Session Total 15360
Campaign total 156214
Summary 21: An Alien Ally
Chapter 4: Valley of the Brain Collectors-Scar of the Spider

It was unanimous. They would continue looking for the elusive Casandalee. They already invested too much time in looking for the Oracle to give up the chase and search for Val. The truth of the matter… Vicky never liked that obnoxious vixen and although Eve wanted to look for her sister, there was no logical reason to pursue the Herde as there was no emotional attachment towards Val.

With newly purchased items and enchantments cast, Expedition Six marched in a southern direction to ask their friend, Longdreamer, if it could provide transportation West, to the valley known as the Scar of the Spider. The Emissary of Desna agreed but forewarned her allies that Desna forbid her to enter, for the area was cursed with unknown entities and evils beyond even her Gods understanding. Dropping off her friends near the sloping entrance, they bid farewell and Expedition Six moved forwards.

As they moved closer to the valley, they came across an unusual site. A gigantic robotic arachnid, much bigger than they arachnid body that hellion had used lay before them, till smoking and deactivate. Its body stripped of all useful parts. In searching further Eve noticed that its reactor core was nearing the brink of an overload and she deactivated it for safety reasons. Mithreal noticed several oddities… blast marking from a grenade, scorch marks on the hull matching that of its own weapon, several humanoid tracks leading away, a single humanoid track and another robotic arachnid track all leading into the valley. With little else to go on, they opted to follow the grouping of humanoid tracks. Westward bound, they came across a small orchard, a cave entrance nearby. Knowing that according to the visual records seen at the Choking Tower, Casandalee hid her Neurocam in a cave somewhere in the valley, they opted to take a closer look.

Noticing people approaching his home, the Mad Paeytr advanced and greeted the four strangers welcoming them to join him for a bite to eat offering some of his fruits and vegetables. The odd man held no evil intentions, however, upon examining the strange looking food, Mithreal felt uncomfortable trusting the unknown substances. Paeytr explained that he was once a prisoner of those who landed in the valley, and although they did many odd tests upon him, they eventually let him go and in his departure, he took some of their own vegetation and he began mixing plant species to produce vegetation better than the Gods made themselves. Despite his many attempts to feed his guests and keep them for company, Expedition Six simply wanted to check out his home (cave). Seeing nothing of value and gathering some information on others who dwell in the valley, they bid farewell to the elder man and continued West following the tracks from the entrance of the valley.

The tracks led them to a group of Androids guarding a cave entrance. Motioning them to halt, they called for someone within by the name of Harab. Moments later five androids stood ready, simple weapons raised, Harab motioning Expedition Six to advance. Claiming they were on a holy pilgrimage and were trying to outcast all technology, the Androids were seeking to enlighten themselves and purge the evils from them and around them. They asked that Expedition Six relinquish all of their technological items. In response, Expedition Six assaulted the Androids putting an end to their holy journey. Searching their cave revealed nothing of interest.

Opting to go northwards, the ex-Druid had mentioned to the four heroes that there was a  machine cave in that general direction. Upon entering a small forested area, the group came across the corpse of an adventurer, advancing to inspect the body, they were suddenly blasted by a psychic wave. Eve, thought she noticed movement from one of the trees south of their position, Mithreal North, so Expedition Six split up momentarily. Suddenly the tree before Eve came alive as the Yangethe attacked Eve and grabbed her. Mithreal too was attacked, but her assailant failed to grab hold of her. Eve struggled violently and used her abilities to grease her body, however this time around, she was unable to split through. Mithreal was assaulted again, but her armor protected her vital areas. Vicky fired several blasts at the tree attacking Mithreal and Mithreal joined the fray with attacks of her own. Meyanda held back healing the wounds of her companions. The Yangethe grabbed Eve's face and began siphoning her life essence, however, there was no 'life' in her Android body to feed the hungry alien being. Mithreal was suddenly grabbed, the Yangethe bringing her body closer to its mouth. Mithreal was no fool and instantly dimension hopped away to safety. Soon afterwards Expedition Six proved that they did not bark up the wrong tree and put an end to both alien creatures.

 Reaching the entrance to the machine cave, Eve used an ability never before seen by her companions. She summoned (apparently) naked to the eye an all-seeing eye. Scouting the save ahead, she was able to identify several robotic beings to the west and several doors that she could not see beyond. Advancing as a group, they soon realized a small secret passage and Eve once again scouted ahead. The only thins of interest, a technological weapon for Vicky left on the group in a room not far ahead and further in some four-armed alien in meditation, behind her a room with a black looking box. Believing that to be the neurocam, Expedition Six opted to enter the secret passageway. Walking into the room with the weapon left on the ground, Eve began searching for traps but in doing so stepped on a cleverly hidden tripwire that detonated three grenades injuring the party.

Isuma sat in mediation like she normally did between her ventures outside. She was running low on food and it was soon time to leave to gather more. Suddenly, she heard the trap she had set go off. The Dominion of the Black had found her! Grabbing her weapon, she jolted to the next room and braced herself for combat, targeting the entrance to fire at the first being to enter.

Expedition Six were fooled. Upon inspecting the weapon, it was a decoy. Clearly, there was no surprising anything in the caves, as that explosion was heard probably as far as Torch. Using her eye, Eve noticed the four-armed being readying an attack. She opted to parley.

Isuma heard a language uncommon to her. It wasn't that of the Dominion…? Questioning her assailants in Androfan, Eve responded. Isuma let her guard down for anyone speaking Androfan were not the Dominion. Asking for a leap of faith, she requested Eve to advance to prove herself not an agent of the Black, Eve walked in, hands raised high above her head. Isuma walked in, holstering her weapon. They discovered that whoever the Dominion of the Black were, they knew of Casandalee, at least to the point in asking Isuma about the Oracle. They all came from a far away place, and were aboard the Divinity prior to its crash years ago. Isuma requested help from Expedition Six to help her release those captured by the butchers in the valley and in return she would aid them in their search for Casandalee. A deal was made and they continued to explore the cave.

Defeating a few torturer robots around the bend, they were now about to enter, the Machine cave.

Trap: Mechanical Overload; disabled 3200
4 Penitent Androids 3200
Harab; Android Rogue 1600
2 Yangethes 3200
Trap: Trip Wire; triggered 3200
Isuma; Kasatha Gunslinger; befriended 3200
3 Torturer Robots 2560
Session Total 20160
Campaign total 140854
Summary 20: Get your stinking claws off me, you damned dirty demon
Chapter 3: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Taking a moment to pause and mend wounds, it was decided to round the corner and head left. A turn and a twist, the corridor led to a closed door and beyond that, a small passageway leading to another door. The design seemed flawed to Parasite Eve and so she begun investigating the area until she discovered a secret to one of the walls. Beyond the secret, a vast corridor led south. Although intrigued, Expedition Six opted to investigate what lay beyond the door first.

Nargin Haruvex was currently in his swarm form as he did what he did every day for the past seven years… he scurried from one side of his prison cell to the other. Suddenly he noticed the door open… unusual since his tormentor Furkus opted to phase through the walls, ceiling and floors before continuing his taunting, gloating and torture of his person. Surprisingly, it was adventurers who stood before the cells. They were looking around as if in search for something, and seemed to take a slight interest in his cell but shrugged and were starting to turn around to leave the room. Not wanting to lose out on the opportunity to be freed, Nargin concentrated and re-formed himself into his humanoid form calling out to the adventurers, pleading for them to set him free.

As Expedition Six started to turn back, Mithreal caught movement from the corner of her eye and quickly shifted and watched as the insects formed a being. It called out asking to be freed from its imprisonment… the Oread rolled her eyes. Expedition Six would NOT be fooled again by someone asking to be freed, promising no harm to them. She sensed the evil within the being, which only further set her mind to leave it be. Eve, however, was curious and spoke to the insectoid. He was open and told them that Furkus had captured him many years ago and tortured him. At first, he was just another one of his experiments towards his goal of immortality, but with being a ghost, he no longer needed Nargin, so instead he was tortured for the wizards own amusement. Questioning whether or not Nargin knew of Cassandalee, Expedition Six was rather shocked to hear that someone finally knew of her location. Furkus had mentioned the Android to him on more that one occasion. Through their parler, they finally knew that Cassandalee was indeed someone in the tower, in a room called Lab Zero, guarded by something called a Though Harvester, both of which were behind a special locked door that could only be opened through some form of cocoons. Also, the Wizard achieved his host form through his unfortunate death, somehow caused by his experimentation upon Cassandalee. Thanking the wizard for the information, Eve approached the cell and set the insect-man free. Thanking Expedition Six wholeheartedly, Nargin gave them fair warning, that once he rested and regained strength and his magical powers, he was going to destroy the tower.

With a time limit counting down, Expedition Six entered the secret tunnel and continued down it for countless minutes. Eventually, it led to shrubbery and the outdoors. Apparently, Furkus had created an escape route in case of emergencies. Returning back to the basement floor they approached the area of the wind tunnel and summoning chamber, both of which Eve had closed the doors. They noticed that both doors were now open and they could hear loud forms of chatter coming from the room that housed the demon. Cautiously taking a few steps forward, she closed the doors once more quietly and both Meyanda and herself made haste upstairs to gather the one remaining cocoon that they left behind in the robotic thrashing room. Mithreal and Vicky stayed behind guarding their backs, knowing full well that a battle was imminent. Mithreal used her last invisibility spell on Vicky and dimension hopped around the corner and remained silent.

The Belker's had noticed the intruder open the door, glance in and closed the door after spotting them. They looked at one another and continue enjoying the wind tunnel Furkus provided for them. Minutes passed and they began conversing. Finally, it was decided to rid the tower of the intruders, for if Furkus ever found out that they knew of them and neglected to deal with them, Furkus would probably incarcerate them along with their brethren somewhere on the floors above them. It was always established that if anyone managed to breach the basement level, whoever it was meant great harm to all within the tower and most fail-safes had failed. Luckily, Furkus had managed to summon a Leukodaemon bounding his servitude to protect himself and the tower, and should anyone ever pose a threat, the Daemon was there to assist. One by one the Belker's glided towards the closed door, opening it, they peered down the tunnels and listened. Deeming it safe, they rounded the corner to where the summoning circle was in hopes to free the summoned beast. 

Cavavenchian the Leukodaemon was more irate than he had been in years. He was close to being released from the binding circle. He had no love for Furkus, the man who summoned and trapped him within, but the desire to protect the tower was overwhelming. Once the tower would be protected and himself free, he could attempt to return home. The intruders, however, had left and closed the door behind them. If only he greeted them more… pleasantly?! (What a thought). As minutes went by, the door flung open again and his eyes widened. This time, however, it was not the four humanoids that had just visited him… no… this time it was three winged beings. They approached cautiously and sure enough, scrubbed away part of the marking on the ground that bound him where he stood. In a furious rage, he head-butted one of the flying creatures in the face and nearly tore another one in two. The Belker's could not seem to communicate with the Daemon but upon saying Furkus' name, the beast calmed down and knew what he had to do. 

Both Mithreal and Vicky could hear the commotion from around the corner. Hearing the door open, they both held their breath. Vicky saw one of the Belker's approach the stairs, this one seemed like on the verge of death as blood was seeming from clawed marks on his torso. It stood there listening for any signs of movement. Mithreal could hear movement heading her way and quietly moved back five feet. Cavavenchian had exceptional senses and heard Mithreal's shuffling feet and bellowed at the Belker's. One moved ahead and approached the readied Mithreal. She took a jab at it injuring it, then managed to get a few more blows before it had time to react. Cavavenchian moved up next and in his native tongue spoke out loud. Mithreal having had cast a spell earlier to understand languages heard the Daemon state that he enjoyed his meat tender. With a clawed hand touching Mithreal's face, Mithreal felt completely drained and fell to one knee as the harm spell worked its magic. Crying in pain, she looked up to see the Daemon laugh. Vicky heard Mithreal's scream as a chilling sensation crept down her spine. Moving and firing on the run, she downed the Belker before her and moved to see both the third Belker and the Daemon.

Meanwhile atop, Eve thought she heard a scream of pain, but dismissed it as she made to the door leading to the robotic thrashing room. Concentrating she deactivated the trap and Meyanda walked in the back side of the room removing the cocoon that they had left there. Nodding to one another, they turned around and made haste to join their comrades down below.

The Belker heard Vicky approach from behind and used its ability to transform into smoke. Engulfed by the Belker, Vicky held her breath as to not breathe in the monstrous vapors. Mithreal saw Vicky behind the large demon and dimension hopped onto her using her as a shield. She then ran past her back towards the stairs to recover from her near-deadly wounds. She had faith in her Expedition Six team member to survive buying her the time she needed. Enraged, Cavavenchian spun around looking for its prey, only to lock eyes onto the demon wannabe. With a twisted smile, it reached for its bow, firing at Vicky knowing that any wounds would inflict multiple diseases killing its foe. Though Vicky was struck more than once, her constitution was strong enough to fight the viral infections. In return, she fired her own shot aiming at the bow knocking it loose from its grasp. Mithreal took a moment to cast one of her last healing spells recovering and medding some of her wounds. The Belker tried once more to enter through Vicky's breathing passageways, but the Half-Elf would not allow it to enter her lungs. Upset, Cavavenchian decided to take a bite outta his foe and shred her into pieces. Vicky felt the massive teeth dig into her arm but managed to dodge aside from one claw attack, but in moving, she moved her leg forward where the second claw scratched her. Bleeding profusely, she was not feeling well and aimed for the Daemon's head. Firing, the blast confused the Daemon.

Eve and Meyanda ran down the stairs bumping into Mithreal. Mithreal looked up at her friend and yelled out for her to hurry up and kill the beasts around the corner. Using her last healing spell upon herself, she felt slightly better but knew death still awaited her if she fought the Leukodaemon in this condition. The Leukodaemon pondered for a moment and bite down and clawed Vicky once more. Watching her drop to one knee, its deathwatch spell ability told him that she too was just about tender enough to eat. Vicky made haste and retreated around the corner to the stairwell. All of Expedition Six was reunited once again, but this time the Belker followed and tried to enter the passageway of either Vicky or Eve…. without success. Eve approached the Daemon blocking its way towards her comrades and help her friends by speeding up their movements and braced herself for combat. Meyanda used her last healing wave to med the bloody wounds of Mithreal and Vicky. Feeling much better, Mithreal advanced and struck the Daemon hard. The Belker tired of the game and reverted back to its monstrous form and tried to kill Vicky with its claws but missed. Vicky retaliated and weakened the Belker greatly while Eve tried to finish it off with her lucerne hammer. Meyanda fired her pistol at the Belker ending its existence. The Daemon laughed once more and looked at Mithreal. Pointing a clawed finger, it used dispel to rid Mithreal of nearly all her magical abilities. Furious, Mithreal retaliated back, though weakened, she still managed to hit her target several times dropping it to one knee. Eve advanced and put the great beast out of its misery.

Though victorious, they knew their search for Casandalee was nearing an end with only one door remaining with a Thought Harvestor guarding her. Weakened and depleted of magical abilities, Expedition Six pressed on and opened the last door. Inside the room, to the far back, they saw four jars which they assumed is what the cocoons were used for to open the barred door beside them. As Eve approached, sure enough the cocoons exploded as hundreds of nanites crawled from the shells and skittered across the floor, climbed the wall and entered the jars. Then the door clicked.

The Thought Harvester lay dormant beside Cassandalee, but its sensors picked up the door unlocking and reactivated its circuits. In a blink of an eye, the robot positioned itself in front of the door readying a tendril to lash out and grab an unexpecting foe. Eve looked at Mithreal and enlarged her and then proceeded to open the door. The Thought Harvester stood before Eve and struck true and then pulled Eve forwards. Mithreal dimension hopped in back of the robotic beast and struck it hard. Vicky fired a shot as did Meyanda. Eve barely able to move reached for her wands and struck herself. Suddenly the grease allowed her to slip through the grasp of her robotic foe. Realizing Eve was impossible to grasp, it turned towards Mithreal who had done the most damage to its circuitry. It tried to grab her but failed, however, it did manage to syphon away her entire memories of her seventh year. With all four members of Expedition Six surrounding the robot, it wasn't long before they turned it into nothing more than a junk pile. As the last tie to the tower was destroyed, with it, so too was Furkus's damned soul as he was finally freed from the mortal realm and travelled to the realm of Gods for judgment.

There she was… Casandalee… however, although most of her body was intact, her skull remained open and she was non-functional. Hooked up to a large monitor, Eve activated the device and they all looked on to the last recording of Furkus and Casandalee. It was an interrogation and although they could not hear the questions Furkus asked, they were able to hear the answers Casandalee provided. "I am not sure what you mean. I am Casandalee, an android and a fugitive from my own faith." "Because I betrayed my god Unity, and it sent puppets to punish me. To prevent me from warning others of its plans. Those puppets slew me, but I rested well knowing I had managed to travel far enough that Unity’s influence over them had lapsed. They slew me, but in doing this so far from their master, they doomed themselves." "Unity was my god. Unity spoke to my soul, and I could perform magic through my faith. I worshipped Unity totally until I discovered the truth—that it was also a slaver, a sadist, and a petulant lunatic." "Because I learned of Unity’s evil nature and its dark plans for the world. I would not help an intelligence such as it to escape its bonds. I forsook my faith and fled." "My knowledge is recorded on a neurocam I hid during my flight from Unity. I hid this neurocam in a cave in a Y-shaped valley, many days’ walk northeast of the foundry where I was killed. Local tribes have long called this place the Scar of the Spider." "It is a god within Silver Mount, and it rules all within. But it is not content to rule a single wreck. It wants more. It wants to rule us all." Then they watched on as Furkas removed the top of Casandalee’s skull, but in so doing he inadvertently activated a defence mechanism. A small but devastating cloud of deconstructor nanites activated and erupted from her bloodstream. The nanites swiftly ate one of Furkas’s arms and then much of his face and lower torso, leaving him to die a painful death before
the short-lived nanites perished as well. Looking at the mage's gear on the floor, Mithreal couldn't help but smile a little.

Looking over the Oracle once more, Eve believed it was possible to restore the shell, but she believed the core was inert or unrepairable. Casandalee was lost to them, but she confirmed that if Casandalee said was true, she had uploaded or made a copy of herself (her brain), into the neurocam and if they got ahold of it, they could restore Casandalee. Leaving the tower behind them and watching Nargin destroy it, they journeyed back to the Emissary of Desna who offered a speedy ride to Torch. Once there, they were astonished by what they saw. The once peaceful city was now crudely fortified. Nearly all of the inhabitants were armed with quick-made weaponry. Asking around, they were distraught to have learned that the robot they had salvaged and returned from Scrapwall turned on the city and killed hundreds, including Khonnir Baine. To add salt to the wound, not long after that, the famous Technic League haters and haters of all that is technology, the Herde, entered town bearing the mark of the Technic League and were using some sort of technological device. Entering with a purpose, they followed its beeping sounds which led them to Val. They simply knocked her out and took her away with them and killed anyone who stood in their path. The news left Expedition Six speechless… what would they do next… where would they go next?

Nargin Haruvex: Human Sorcerer; befriended
3 Belkers
Bonus: Putting Xoud's soul to rest
Thought Harvester Robot 2400
Bonus: Viewed Casandalee's recording 4800
Bonus: Survived the trek through the Smoking Tower 800
Session total 18400
Campaign total 120694
Summary 19: Furkus Shaken, not Stirred
Chapter 3: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Although the Robotic Apprentices were fast, Expedition Six' Mithreal was much faster. Mithreal made haste and charged at the closest robot striking true. Though not combat droids, Furkus managed to imbue powers within these mechanical proteges. One moved further into the room and launched a web spell at Eve, Meyanda and Vicky in hopes to slow their movements, but after sustaining a mild shock, all three allies managed to weave in and out of the sticky goo. The droid who was stuck in melee went on the defensive and filled the room with a cloud that if inhaled could potentially kill all life. Mithreal quickly held her breath but not before inhaling a small portion of the gaseous substance, the poison quickly attacked her constitution weakening her slightly. Vicky and Eve were next and pushed one another aside as in unison they reacted, Vicky firing a crippling blow causing the robot Mithreal struck seconds ago to fall to its knees while Eve used a gust of wind to move the cloud further away into the room. Meyanda held back, keeping her distance in case her allies needed support magic. Mithreal looked down at the magic-wielding robot and skewered it twice, and yet it remained functional. It retaliated, but Mithreal was unimpressed, while its duplicate sent forth grease in the area of Vicky and Eve in hopes to further delay their movements inside the room. Eve was unfortunate to slip but easily stood up launching a grenade ending the weakened apprentice by Mithreal's feet. Vicky re-positioned herself slightly to fire at the other apprentice prone. Meyanda advanced to knock sense into her robotic brethren as Furkus decided to end the little game. Progressing through the tower floors, he too was unable to prepare his defensive spells and opted for the offensive to end this quickly. Unfortunately for him, Expedition Six had prepared for another battle with Furkus and were able to harm the mage far more potently than before. Eve launched an altered grenade one after the other which caused great harm to the smoking mage. Vicky and Meyanda focused on the damaged robotic apprentice while Mithreal went toe to toe with the mage. Even after casting a mirror image to help with his defences, the grenades of Eve's proved to be too much for the mage and he opted to retreat to the underground and recover. After a few minutes, he would return and deal with the Android nuisance which would ensure his victory.

Cursing at his cowardice, the group ended the life of the robot and made haste down the flight of stairs they had climbed. Returning to the floor of Furkus' bedchamber, Eve disarmed the trap upon the door and they entered ready for one last battle. The mage, however, was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, recovered, Furkus made his ascent. Exploring the room quickly, Eve decided that the best way to irritate the mage was to disturb his precious bed and opted to jump on it. On cue, Furkus appeared through the locked door to the north. Casting his wall of force, he separated Eve and himself from the rest of Expedition Six and smiled. If Eve had emotions, she would have felt worried, but the Android stood her ground and continued her grenade assault. Meanwhile, Meyanda looked to her companions and reminded them of her spell selection. She was able to mould the stone once, so they ran downstairs and began climbing each other so that she could create an opening in the ceiling for Mithreal to climb through. Furkus knew he had to destroy the Android quickly, unfortunately he was a master of smoke and gaseous magics, most of which had little to no effects on mechanical beings. Relaying on weaker spells he fired magic missiles at the nuisance. With an opening in the ceiling, Mithreal joined the fray and noticed that both Furkus and Eve were injured. In a last effort, Furkus knew that a fireball at such close range would injure himself near to the point of obliteration, however, looking at the Android he gambled that her life would be lost as well. Unfortunately, his possessions would not survive the blast, but it would be well worth it. Launching his fiery magic, he was shocked to see both Mithreal and Eve dodge aside covering their bodies with their cloaks, surviving the tremendous fiery blast. In awe, the mage forgot to move out of the way himself. Greatly injured, he shifted through the floor in hopes of escaping to come up with another plan of action. The hole in the floor that Meyanda created was beginning to close in on itself and the 'brave' Android Eve, jumped through, landing hard on her chest and fired one last grenade destroying Furkus. With a resounding curse echoing throughout the tower, Furkus was gone… for now.

Re-grouping and mending wounds, they discovered Furkus' spellbook. Should the mage return to undeath, he would at least be without his magic ability. In exploring further, the came across a device that was shrouded in a dark could. The haunt attempted to destroy Mithreal, but Mithreal dealt with a mechanical device nearby that dispersed it, saving the party from total annihilation. Recovering the key from the robotic apprentices above, they unlocked the door in Furkus' chambers which uncovered a flight of stairs leading down. Floor after floor, Expedition Six descended until they reach the bottom. The basement was cooler but Mithreal was eager to re-cast most of her spells that gave her strength and speed. The first roomed explored uncovered a demon trapped within a summoning circle. It pleaded for help in its release, but Mithreal sensed the evil within it. Claiming to know the whereabouts of Cassandalee when asked, they were still sceptical and left the room as is, the demon howling in rage behind them. Opening the door to another chamber, the wind tunnel carried in its wake three flying demons. The closed the door and investigated the third chamber. Within this shrine, Mithreal discovered another nanite cocoon, however, in disturbing the cocoon, the trap was sprung and a deathtrap ooze began assaulting the party. Four on one wasn't much of a challenge as they left the ooze for dust and began walking down another corridor in search of the elusive Cassandalee.

2 Robot Apprentices
Furkas Xoud
Haunt: Suffocating Spirits
Advanced Deathtrap Ooze
Session total 12400
Campaign total 102294
Summary 18: Smoke! Inside the Smoking Tower
Chapter 3: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Eve was first to return to the floor above standing once again by Mithreal's side. Things looked bleak and Eve did her best to reason with Mithreal who still would not give up in her efforts to strike at the gloating mage. As the balance of Expedition Six made it half-way on the flight of stairs, Mithreal heaved a great sigh and conceded to the mage's power and retreated along with her companions. Without looking back, they all made haste back down to the first floor, hoping Furkus would not give chase and quickly opened the door exiting the tower. Meanwhile, Furkus returned to check up on his private chambers. Looking around taking mental note of all his possessions, he felt relieved that the recent nuisances who called themselves Expedition Six (like that meant anything to him) did not disturb any of his possessions. His anger began to fade as the thought of torturing his guest excited him.

Both Mithreal and Vicky's hearts were struck hard with despair as these two self-claimed warriors had yet to flee from battle due to a foe more powerful and resourceful than them. Eve and Meyanda followed their companions, their positronic brains acknowledging the intelligent decisions they made and positive outcome as the result. Returning to the home of Longdreamer, the four defeated heroes rested and began discussing how they could defeat or even put Furkus to rest. After several hours of planning and rest, it still wasn't clear how they could win, but they prepared themselves to the best of their ability in case they should bump into the master of the tower once more. Before they parted, Longdreamer updated Eve on her 'family' through her dream visions. Her sister Val was apparently sad as if stricken with the loss of a loved one recently, while communication with Khonnir thus far failed. The Emissary of Desna promised to continue her efforts.

Returning to the Smoking Tower, the four returning adventurers readied themselves and entered once again, without knocking. Returning to the floor where they battled the elemental mage, they looked around and tip-toed to the next flight of stairs leading upwards, ignoring the bedchamber and the two unopened doors.

As they ascended, they began to hear the sounds of metal clanging and the stoking fires of a forge. Glancing around the room, three Azer's (chained to nearby forges) were being watched by three Riot Suppressors. The party of four entered the room with weapons raised and a small battle ensued. This time, around, it was Expedition Six who had the upper hand and dispatched them fairly quickly. Throwing the metal bodies into the fires, the Azers looked frightened but was quickly reassured by their saviors. The Azers had been summoned by Furkus years ago and the Azers had not been permitted to venture beyond this floor. Expedition Six freed the slaves from their chains and led them outside to freedom. They were thankful as they ran off into the forest, their blazing skin catching a twig or two on fire. 

Ascending once more, the next floor seemed to house supplies for the forge below, boxes, tools and a crane. Mithreal began advancing when all of a sudden the crane from the far end of the room swung widely, gripped Mithreal in its claws and launched her to the floor below. Shocked at what transpired, Vicky ran in looking for the culprit. Eve and Meyanda stood back waiting for the signal to advance when Vicky too was grabbed by the crane and hurled to the room below. Both Mithreal and Vicky's bones ached. It took several attempts and many runs from one floor to another, but the Animated Crane soon broken down as the combined efforts of Expedition Six triumphed once again.

Once more they climbed a flight of stairs, this time leading to a floor that housed another lab and what appeared to be a storage room. The lab was dedicated to technic research, some odds and ends could be found throughout the room. The storage room seemed to house robotic parts, however as Eve was exploring this room with interest, she activated a trap that Furkus had constructed many years ago. The rooms robotic pieces flayed and thrashed about inflicting wounds upon Eve's exoskeleton tripping her in the process. It took several seconds to crawl her way out, sustaining further injury, but nothing that a few bursts of healing magic couldn't restore. 

Another flight of stairs… once more ascending the tower… the eight floor meant they were nearing the top. This floor yielded three more labs; Quasi-Gaseous Research, Swarm Behavior Studies, and Smoke and Particle Research. The first was bare, except some crude notes on gaseous forms and some residue on the floor. Identified as the remains of vampires, it was deduced that perhaps Furkus was experimenting or watching vampires in their gaseous forms and eventually grew bored (like all his other experiments to date) and they were left to wither away without sustenance. In examining the Swarm lab, Expedition Six was confronted with not one, but TWO Bionanite Clouds, the very same they found within the ship under Idenveigh. Eve fell victim to their mesmeric patterns, while Mithreal closed the hatch and opted to leave the swarms alone. When Eve returned to her regular state of mind, they examine the final laboratory, Smoke and Particle Research. Within the massive room housed a large turbine, spinning inside it, a bottle pouring out smoke. Also within the room, a beast, Mithreal acknowledged as a Belker who transformed into smoke and advanced, nearly engulfing all of Expedition Six. The Belker remained in smoke form for several seconds, following random Expedition Six members, causing bodily harm and reverted to his true form to inflict further harm whenever they party slit up. The tactic was sound and Mithreal was getting peeved and even toyed with the idea of luring the Belker into the room housing the swarm, but in attempting to do so, caused more harm than good and the hatch sealing the swarm was closed once more. Eventually, with persistence, the Belker was defeated and wounds were mended. Before leaving, Eve grabbed the bottle and identified it as an Eversmoking Bottle. Interested, she toyed with the idea of opening it but thought it best to save it for a future battle. 

The ninth floor loomed before them. It was slightly smaller than the previous rooms. Within the Pyrolitic Spire stood two robots behind a work desk. Surrounding them, desks, tables, bookshelves, bubbling cauldrons, mechanical contraptions and more could be seen. Sensing the presence of others, the two Robotic Apprentices looked up and asked in unison whether or not their master, Furkus needed assistance with the Android. Reading their facial expressions, it was evident to the Robot Apprentices that the four before them were NOT here on their masters wishes and they advised Expedition Six that trespassing in their masters tower would be the last thing they ever did. 

Staring back at the two robots and taking a deep breath there was only one thing that crossed each of their minds… where the fuck was Casandalee?!

3 Riot Supressors
3 Azers; rescued
Animated Crane
Trap: Flaying Robot Parts; triggered
Advanced Belker 800
Session total 5800
Campaign total
Summary 17: Expedition Seven?
Chapter 3: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Discussing where to go next, Eve insisted that if they could enlarge the crack before them and gain access to a secret stairwell, it could perhaps lead them somewhere important.  Mithreal grabbed Eve's hammer of choice and began smashing the wall. After several minutes of progress, the small crack enlarged to a hole nearly a foot in diameter when suddenly the hole mended itself reverting to form a complete restored wall. Cursing the magic of the tower, Expedition Six continued forwards, ascending the next flight of stairs.

The third floor was interesting, with four separate doors, three of which were clearly outlined as different laboratories. Opening the unnamed door revealed a flight of stairs leading up to the fourth floor. Deciding it best to explore, Eve looked at Mithreal and pointed at the Alchemical lab. The door was slightly different than the previous doors to the tower. It was well enforced and once opened, lead to a small corridor which at the end held another similar enforced door. Mithreal inspected both doors and opened the second one allowing access to the lab. A quick search revealed several pharmaceutical items that Expedition Six gladly ransacked. Suddenly after approximately thirty seconds, the first and second doors leading to the laboratory closed by themselves. Eve was trapped in the lab, Vicky and Mithreal were trapped in-between both doors, while Meyanda was left stranded alone on the third floor attempting to open the closed door before. Suddenly, Mithreal and Vicky were sprayed with a similar substance that they had seen below the town of Torch. Although not foamy in nature, Mithreal assumed the agent was similar to that of the serialization liquid and after thirty more seconds, the locking mechanism gave way and the doors were able to be opened once more. Intrigued by the design, but now conscious of their function, Expedition Six rounded the corner and stared at the first door leading to the Fluid Siphoning Research laboratory.

Cautious as usual Mithreal took the time to look for traps, none of which could be seen. The moment the second door was opened, a gush of air seeped into the room, so strong that it pushed Mithreal into the room by a few feet. The room itself revealed to be a decent sized room filled with broken furnishings. Within a trapped creature took notice of its freedom and the nourishment that came forwards. Desiring to both eat and flee, it mounted an attack on Mithreal. The battle was short, but the starving Mihstu was able to siphon some of Mithreal's bodily strength, weakening her overall endurance and constitution. With a quick search which revealed another ioun stone, the group of adventurers moved onwards and began examining the doors leading to the third laboratory, Gaseous Ooze Research.

Mithreal peered into the laboratory and took noticed of an unusual dark fog in the far back of the room. Slumped over some books at a nearby desk, was a cloaked body, unmoving. Mithreal felt uneasy and taking a small step forward attempted to sense whether or not the slumped creature was alive. Her gut told her that the body was indeed dead, however, it still sent a shocking sensation through her spine as though an evil presence was nearby. Confused by the mixed signals, Mithreal from a distance jabbed at the corpse. Upon impact, Anada Visk, once the lead specialist to the laboratory turned Allip, stirred and pounced towards Mithreal's position. Meanwhile, the symbiotic connection between Anada and the Hungry Fog that remained dormant within the room trigger and the fog to quickly moved upon Mithreal's location and seeped further along the corridor affecting all member of Expedition Six. The negative energies that the cloud produced were quite harmful to the party but was quite effective in healing the Allip from Mithreal's previous jab. Things began looking bleak as the injuries upon Expedition Six increased and the Allip's ability to render its foes dazed had worked on Eve putting her in a catatonic state putting her out of combat. Soon, the call to retreat was made. The Allip quickly took the opportunity to grab onto Meyanda, keeping her from escaping, but her strength eventually allowed her to break-free although not quick enough as the decontamination process commenced. The Allip was trapped within the laboratory and made great efforts in trying to open the locked door. Meyanda was trapped within the corridor leading to the laboratory and to the main floor, undergoing decontamination, while the balance of Expedition Six was stuck in confronting the Hungry Fog. They knew that they had half a minute before the doors would unlock and the Allip would be free, and with the two combined entities fighting them, all life would be lost. Doubling their efforts, they managed to destroy the fog with seconds to spare before the doors locking mechanisms reverted to normal. With Meyanda back with the party, she used her blessing to restore some health to her comrades as the Allip soon entered shortly thereafter. Without its healing vessel, the Allip was soon dispatched and Expedition Six took a few minutes to breathe and mend some wounds before progressing to the fourth floor.

Stepping onto the fourth floor was easy enough but as usual, any magic spells previously cast upon their persons wore off. Another sign indicated a fourth laboratory nearby, this one dedicated to Animal Research. Before moving on, Eve pointed out a break in a nearby wall. Mithreal took a closer look, noticed a large room filled with empty cages beyond and thought she could squeeze in allowing her to search the room beyond. Looking in and listening, she could her some form of creature picking up her scent. Readying herself, she squeezed through the crack and prepared for her assailant. Nearby playing with one of several inoperable mechanoids, the Aurumvorax saw Mithreal, stopped playing with the robot and opted to play with its newest plaything. Though prepared, Mithreal could not match the speed of the small creature as it pounced upon her body clawing frantically, grabbing her body and raking her further. Through the crack, her friends were astonished to see Mithreal becoming a bloody mess before them. Throwing a grenade, Eve hoped to incinerate the beast while Vicky fired off several blasts targeting the creature solely as to not harm her friend. Mithreal jabbed several times at the rabid animal. Then as if distracted for a moment, the Aurumvorax lost interest in Mithreal but for a second, but that second was all Mithreal needed. Freeing herself and grabbing her spear, she skewed the animal and rose it high in the air. Enraged that such a small animal could get the better of her, she whipped her spear flinging the animal against the nearest wall, smearing its bloody corpse from top to bottom. Helping patch Mithreal's wounds, they ventured further in, confronting two nuisances known as Achairais'. With little effort, they dispatched to two beings and found the next flight of stairs leading to the fifth floor.

Furkus went about his daily routine. He took great pleasure in tormenting his captor. Day after day, it was one of the only things that brought joy to his unlife. Then he felt the intruders. Their life force still remained and he could sense them entering the fifth floor… his floor. Angered, he made his way to deal with Expedition Six once and for all.

Another door blocked Mithreal's path, but after a confident search and finding no traps, they opened it revealing another flight of stairs and a corridor leading to yet another door. This one yielded no signs of traps, however once Mithreal attempted to open the locked door, the arcane locked held firmly and its special ability produced a bolt of electricity that ricocheted throughout the corridor striking all member of Expedition Six. After carefully disarming the trap and unlocking the door, Expedition Six entered the master bedroom. it was a combination of bedroom and study filled with interesting tapestries. The tapestries themselves were truly remarkable, one of a kind, and all still well preserved, all depicting different gloomy landscapes and gothic (Steampunk) architecture. Of note, another door to the northwest, however, no handle adorned the door, instead of a handle, it bore a small plate of copper metal. As they made their way further into the room, Furkas phased through the walls and cursed the intruders for surviving and making it this far up the tower. Now, they had the master himself to contend with. Mithreal advanced striking at Furkus which barely seemed to phase the Wizard. Meanwhile, he used his magic to once again summon forth a black cloud of negative energies to engulf his foes and added to the room a poisonous gas. Eve took out her wand that created powerful gusts of wind and managed to blow outside the room half of the deadly gas. Vicky fired at Xoud, who again didn't seem all that phased. Mithreal backed out of whatever clouds remained in the room and continue to strike Xoud, but her movements were ill-timed and she could not strike the wizard. The wizard laughed and began insulting the intruders and threw a fireball in the back of the room scorching all of Expedition Six. Eve threw a bomb at Furkus but the negative energies of his cloud all but removed the damage her bomb created. Vicky attempted to fire at Furkus, but could not pinpoint his through the clouds as she began inhaling the poisonous substance. Mithreal opted to leave the room, past the corridor filled with gas and take a quick breather, however, Furkus was too invested in dealing a mortal wound to the one who thought could best him in battle and phased through the walls meeting up with her. Amused, he cast a forcewall blocking her companions so they could not interfere. Eve, Vicky and Meyanda rushed into the corridor only to find their way blocked by a wall of force. Mithreal viciously struck at Furkus, missing nearly every time. Furkus then created multiple images of himself and laughed at Mithreal futile attempts, angering her further. The rest of Expedition Six looked on worried. Mithreal was done for, but they themselves were trapped as well. Then, Meyanda had a plan. Using her magic she could create a hole in the floor allowing Eve to drop down. The hole would surely close, but she could cast it again and both Vicky and herself could drop down. They could then either escape the tower or run back up, get Mithreal and then escape. It was a sound plan, and the only one they had left. Nodding at her sister, Eve gave the signal to do it.

Mithreal couldn't strike the ghostly wizard, but at the very least she did away with three of his images. Eve took a great fall but recovered fast enough. Furkus yawned in Mithresl's face. Then he cast some missiles of magic to strike her body from all directions. Meyanda and Vicky landed on their romps, bruised and battered, they also quickly recovered. The three of them ran towards the stairs that led to the fifth floor. Mithreal was not going to give up and took out a few more images. Furkus smirked… what could he do next.

Hungry Fog
Anada Visk; Advanced Allip
2 Advanced Achaierai 1200
Trap: Shocking Door; triggered 2400
Session total 7300
Campaign total
Summary 16: I Smell Fish! errrr... Smoke!
Chapter 3: The Choking Tower-Smokewood


Despite Eve's attempt at convincing most of the remaining inhabitants of Marstol, her words fell on deaf ears as the people were content in remaining. Marstol, after all, was their home and none could afford to relocate let alone leaving behind their livelihood. They bid Expedition Six farewell thanking them one final time.

As they returned to Idenveigh, a peasant boy met up with them informing them the local merchants had acquired the items which they had placed orders for. Seeking out Sosiel, they told their tale of what had transpired at Marstol and deemed the mission a success. Pleased at the outcome, Sosiel thanked Expedition Six wholeheartedly and explained that had they failed, the world would surely fall into Demonic control shortly thereafter. Curious, Eve inquired more about the Demons, the Worldwound and the role Sosiel partook in at Mendev only to be shocked by the story Sosiel told. Expedition Six were unaware of the Demonic threat to the North and pledged their assistant to his cause once they dealt a crippling blow to their current threat, Unity. Thankful that his friends were on board with his mission, he bid them farewell and safe journey.

Expedition Six fully geared and resupplied journeyed back West towards Smokewood which was where the Smoking Tower belonging to Furkus Xoud resided. Despite the warning signs at the edge of the forest, they ventured forwards only to eventually stumbled across deep within, cries of pain and sorrow. Advancing, they came across a crude encampment where two Hill Giants wept over the body of a third Giant.  Approaching showing no signs of hostility, the scared Giants asked for their assistance in destroying the large metal man they unearthed thinking it was a treasure. Once mobile, it had shot off a powerful blast killing their friend and injured another. They were only interested in treasures, especially any belonging to the tower as they heard Furkus was no longer around, and once the tower was empty, they would kill the nearby huge butterfly, merely because it was too pretty, but apparently bit off more than they could chew. Agreeing to follow the Giants and destroy another mechanical monstrosity, Mithreal followed and upon the giants signal rounded a few trees into a clearing to engage the construct, except it was not visible. Suddenly a blast from behind staggered Mithreal, turning around the huge construct stood nearby readying another volley. Moving closer in hopes to prevent its targeting system to lock on to her, the construct retaliated with a slam to her side. Jabbing it seemed to do some structural damage as her allies approached. Eve activated her hastening ability allowing her friends to quicken their movements while Vicky attempted to fire at the constructs circuity in hopes of damaging its central core, to no avail. The Hill Giants reluctantly advanced, threw a few stones missing each time. The construct bore down on Mithreal hitting hard following up with its blasters at close proximity. Surprised by the mechanical machine's ability, Mithreal was no longer in perfect health and was in desperate need of medical assistance. Meyanda called to her as she readied some healing magic. Mithreal withdrew as Meyanda's soothing hands glowed healing Mithreal's wounds. Eve threw an electric grenade which unbeknownst to her great damaged the Robot Warden. Vicky fired several rounds of pellets into the robot's armor. The Hill Giants moved slightly and continued to miss with their stones. As the Warden advanced, its internal wave disrupts had targeted all member of Expedition Six but to date, none had succumbed to its effects. Mithreal feeling rejuvenated advanced dealing a crippling blow to the Warden as she suddenly felt a wave of nausea as would be unable to fight further against the Warden. With Mithreal out of the way it was up to Eve and Vicky to finish off the Warden and finish off they did, however not without some further injuries tot he party. With the Warden out of commission, Vicky had a hunch and fired her gun at the closest Hill Giant. As she fired, the closest Hill Giant had turned upon Vicky and smacked her with his club. No surprise to Expedition Six, the Giants were using them to defeat the robot and had planned to kill them next and keep all the treasure found in the area. Sadly for the Hill Giants, they were too simple-minded to realize the Warden wasn't the real threat in Smokewood forest.

Leaving behind the bodies they headed to the plums of smoke in the distance. Reaching the tower, they stared in awe at the impression craftsmanship. Two windows, barred was noticeable and the front door was quite structurally sound. Without acknowledging their presence, Expedition Six turned the cylindrical wheel on the door, pulled, and made there was inside. They were in a small corridor and out of three possible doors to choose from, ventured North. The chambers rounded to two sets of doors and a staircase leading upwards. As the party discussed their options, suddenly from behind, a harsh voice spoke up and an entity emerged from the wall. Cursing the intruders for entering his home, Furkus launched an unsuspecting fireball at Expedition Six and then blanketed the room in a mist of negative energy. Meyanda saw through his demeanor and shouted that Furkus was no longer of this realm and was a ghost. Mithreal charged into battle striking the wizard as Vicky fired a shot off. Eve retaliated by throwing a bomb. Amused that the intruders thought they could do him harm, Furkus upped the ante and created multiple images of himself. Mithreal and Vicky did all they could by removing a few of the fake Furkus' while Eve targeted the dark energy could that was healing Furkus and dispelled it. Bored with his newly acquired toys, Furkus looked at Mithreal and attempted to destroy her mind from the inside before moving along to his daily duties. Taunting Expedition Six to venture further in the tower, he whisked away walking through a nearby wall.

Insulted by Furkus' lack of respect towards them, the party continued forwards exploring the balance to the first floor. After encountering a room housing two Riot Suppressor robots, a pressure built door with scolding steam behind it, and a library with a reading nook filled with poison, Expedition Six decided it best to re-group and continue their exploration after a good nights rest. Leaving the tower, they opted to search for the mystery butterfly the Hill Giants spoke of before calling it a night. Mithreal lead the way following the erratic footprints the Giants had left behind, eventually leading to a large clearing. There, sitting upon a rock staring out at the sky was a huge and magnificent butterfly. Mithreal looked upon it and realized that before her was a Star Monarch, Emissary to Desna. A master of the dreamworld, this beast was truly a rare find. The Star Monarch noticed Expedition Six, and sensing no hostility moved closer to them. Mithreal allowing it to touch her, was then able to hear Longdreamer's thoughts. It alerted her new friends that Furkus has not been seen in some time, but when he did travel, he would travel via spells outside his tower. Whether or not he brought an Android by the name of Cassandalee was beyond her knowledge, but she did inform them that she was able to sense the dreams of a disturbed individual from the nearby tower, its dreams always focusing on the death of Furkus in many various ways. Longdreamer provided her cave as a safe haven for the group to rest, and that she could enter their dreams giving them further comfort while they slept. She also offered means of transportation or messages across the realm should they wish to make contact. Eve took her up on this offer, requesting a simple state of affairs to be sent to her father and sister.

Expedition Six woke up well rested and refreshed. They once more entered the tower, but strangely enough, all the doors to the rooms they had previously left open, were now once again shut. Advancing towards the second floor and triggering another steam like door trap, their combined efforts dispatched two of three Gearghosts that had made their presence known to them. The third fleeing up a flight of stairs leading to level three. Exploring the floor further, Eve discovered a rare find, a cocoon constructed by nanites, the nanites held within were now dormant. Her database acknowledged that such nanites usually had a specific programming and would activate by itself when in close proximity of what it was programmed to complete, or upon the breakage of the cocoon, in which it would seek out the purpose of its programming to the best of its abilities. Behind the cocoon, a crack in the wall. Shining a light source into the crack revealed a secret stairway behind it.   

Warden Robot
Timmy & Adam; Hill Giants
Trap: Nightmare Fumes; triggered
Trap: False Hatch; triggered
2 Riot Suppressors 1200
Trap: Belching Stove 1200
Longdreamer; befriended
Trap: Scolding Steam; triggered 1200-Lv9
2 of 3 Gearghosts 800
Session total 10800
Campaign total


Summary 15: Lending a Helping Hand
Chapter 3: The Choking Tower-Into the Aurora

Redfangs lifeless corpse lay before Mithreal's feet. Turning away slightly, Eve was curious and inquired why liquid was coming out of her eye but dismissed it when Mithreal slumped the body over her shoulder and started walking back towards town and Hoskit, member of the town's council. As they approached, Hoskit was wide-eyed and immediately inquired about the Protectors condition. Hearing that he was dead did not sit well with the middle-aged man. He emphasized Redfangs importance to the town and that without him, there was no one else who would or could defend the townsfolk from any assault from raiders, rapists, looters or worse… the Technic League. Hoskit implied that without the Protector, all trade would have to end and their borders would have to remain shut, keeping all outsiders out. Deep down, Hoskit felt betrayed by Expedition Six. He had instructed them to rescue Redfang, and instead, they return admitting they killed him. Claiming Redfang to be maddened with rage and working with the enemy… Hoskit knew better and that the Protector would never willing do such crimes. Hoskit was ready to cast out Expedition Six and send word across the land branding them as criminals… but then they eased Hoskit's fears. Requesting that the shaman's of the town preserve his body, they would look into why his personality changed, why he seemed like a different man, and they promised that they would cure and bring him back to continue his services. Thankful, Hoskit instructed two associates to help him bring the body to the shaman's while Expedition Six went off towards the unearthed vessel which seemed to be the catalyst of Redfang's altered state.

Looking down the hillside, a large portion of a buried ship was indeed accessible as the recent tremors nearly unearthed the entire vessel. The walk was awkward as the ship was at an incline, partially in and out of the water. Inspecting the hatch that Redfang had apparently opened, it seemed safe to descend.  Down below was dark. There was still some power coursing through the ship, although extremely faint as occasionally the lights would flicker on for a few seconds before dimming back into complete darkness. Once again, it was only Vicky who had trouble seeing and she flicked on her flashlight. According to a faceplate on a nearby wall, the ship they were aboard was known as the Dusklight. The observatory level housed controls and once deciphered, Eve was able to restore both power and reactivate the gravity plates beneath the floor allowing for easier travel. Researching further, this ship too seemed to hail from the main ship, Divinity, and it too separated and crashed during the Rain of Stars. Keying in some questions into the onboard control panel yielded with a possible explanation for Redfang. Apparently on board, the ship housed a canister with some gaseous substance acquired from another world. This 'entity', as it was later labeled, was able to possess individuals, turning them into raging madmen, altering their personas entirely. Once the host body was killed, the vapors would absorb itself into the body and become inert. They were transporting this material for further study before Dusklight crashed. Satisfied with the research, Expedition Six thought further exploration would be warranted, especially since Hoskit requested the destruction once again of the cursed metallic wonder. Noticing an active elevator, the party opted to descend the nearby stairwell onto the second floor. This deck held several stasis chambers, and the flooring was badly damaged as great big holes allowed access to the floor below. in the far back corner of the ship, water could be seen and part of this floor was flooded. As Mithreal was checking out the last stasis chamber, she noticed a breach, but it was too late… a large ooze-like being emerged and attacked Mithreal. Engaged in combat, Mithreal had never seen such a being before and was perplexed when striking at it resulted in the appearance of a translucent aura around it. This 'shield' was hard to penetrate, but penetrate she did. Her allies aided her in battle as Vicky fired her pistol further damaging the shield while Eve used her abilities to hasten the party. The amorphous alien was far more interested in Mithreal's allies. It lurched upwards and using some of the energies from the shield, shot out a ray of force at Vicky injuring her. Mithreal retaliated but the ooze once again saw no interest in her and advanced towards her companions. Eventually the Thorgothrel's shield was deactivated, however, that only created a far worse situation. The environment was toxic to the alien being and in turn, it was being poisoned which resulted in it loosing its only form. Slowly turning into a mist, this toxic cloud was poisonous to Expedition Six that was trapped within and all began feeling the effects of the poison immediately. It took Expedition Six nearly twenty seconds to vanquish the poisonous entity, and they regrouped allowing Vicky's nanite guns to cure their ailments. Descending further in, the sickbay level was half flooded and there was nothing of interest with the exception of a broken and empty canister that they believed had once held the entity mentioned in the logs. Inspecting the stairwell leading down to another level, it was noted that the level was completely submerged in water. Luckily Eve was able to imbue three allies with the ability to breathe underwater and it was decided that Meyanda guard the rear while the others ventured forwards. Exploring the chilled water, they caught glimpse of a Galvo who had claimed this level as its own and felt threatened by the intruders. The swarm-like magical beast would have been a formidable foe, except that it was in-experienced in battle and found it difficult striking Mithreal. The few hits it managed to connect with jolted Mithreal with sharp pains of electricity which in turn Mithreal responded by dimension-hopping further away. The beast did not need to fight in melee and launched forwards electric eels to zap her companions which enraged her. Dimension hopping back into the fray, Mithreal nearly single handily destroyed the beast. Exploring the floor further resulting in the discovery of a functional escape pod along with the schematics on how to construct further escape pods.

Returning to the mission at hand, they decided to venture towards the small town of Marstol, mid-way from Idenveigh and the Choking Tower. Exploring the winery, they came across several imps which most were killed. The others fled to alert their master who were performing the summoning ritual that there were intruders in town. Discovery an underground tunnel that led them to the inside of the nearby barn, Mithreal was able to overhear the chanting of the mind-controlled townsfolk and the imps that had fled minutes ago warning their master, the high priestess Diara Belgroom. Opening the door for battle, the summoned beast the High Priestess had just finished summoning attempted to Dominate Mithreal, but failed. Eve was excited to try her newest adjustment of her bombs and threw a dispelling bomb that removed the magical beast from existence. The controlled townsfolk all raised their crossbows and fired and Mithreal, most of which missed their target and repositioned themselves to block passage to their master. Vicky entered and took aim, firing at Diara leg crippling her to the ground preventing her from hiding out of sight. Her plans thwarted, she instead got up and used her abilities to produce a magical blast encompassing all of Expedition Six injuring them slightly. Mithreal moved forwards killing the remaining Imps and Eve moved in to subdue the villagers. The High Priestess saw her opportunity and moved out of sight, quaffing one of her two invisibility potions. Mithreal seeking to catch the cleric off-guard, dimension hopped to the corner she last saw the cleric fleeing only see see an empty potion bottle on the ground. Yelling to her companions that the cleric was invisible Eve placed upon herself a see invisibility spell, and Vicky continued to attack the villagers without holding back. Diara once more summoned a magical beast by her side which once again attempted to control the mind of their strongest enemy, but Mithreal was resilient, her strong mind ignored the suggestive thoughts. She retaliated and killed the summoned beast in the blink of an eye. The High Priestess was terrified but could only succumb to the might of Expedition Six. With her defeat, the townsfolk returned to their normal state, confused and unsure of what had transpired. In a few minutes, their saviors regaled them with all they knew that had transpired and the few remaining people of Marstol were grateful.

Trap: Rolling Crate; triggered
4 Quasits
3 Nuglubs 400
Trap: Barrel Toss; triggered 400
Diara Belgroom; Human Cleric
Bonus: Successfully navigated the Aurora 400
Session total 6300
Campaign total

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