Iron Gods

Treasure Listing

Identified ?
Miscellaneous 18 Brown Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous Black Card N/A ?
Miscellaneous 5 Gray Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous 2 Green Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous 2 White Cards N/A ?
Pharmaceuticals 2 Cure Alls No 2800
Pharmaceuticals 1 Dose of Torpinal Yes 300
Pharmaceuticals TW Medlance Yes 500
Summary 11: A GOD no more
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Hellion's Domain

3 Advanced Observer Robots
Trap: 3 Glyphs of Warding; triggered
3 Scrapyard Robots
Hellion's Chassis
Chuul 800
Bonus: Tamed Scrapwall 200
Session total 4200
Campaign total
Summary 10: Dead are the Pawns
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Hellion's Domain

Without hesitation, Dinvaya, Mithreal and Vicky followed Eve towards the upper level to re-group and prepare for the onslaught that was about to start. With only seconds to prepare, Expedition Six ascended the stairs closing the door behind them healing what wounds they could, buffing themselves with whatever combat spells they could recall and strategically surrounded the closed door to prevent any foes from entering the room without a few tactical strikes on their behalf. For extra precaution, Eve cast a grease spell under the door to slow down any foes on the other side.

The Lords of Rust were quite amused, for they had the infamous Expedition Six on the run. Kulgara leading the way was first on the scene and found herself in front of a closed door. Signaling for Draigs, the Orc leader stepped aside giving ample room for the large raged Ettin to advance. Draigs using all her might struck the door once and nearly ripped the door off its hinges.

Mithreal braced herself to strike at any foe that entered her threat range. Both Eve and Vicky prepared to fire at the first sign of flesh. That is when they saw the door buckle with a tremendous 'thud' sound.

Draigs smirked and using both her arms smashed the door sending it flying several feet in front of her, nearly decapitating Mithreal who stood in its path. Luckily for the Oread's quick reflexes, she managed to dodge the door aside and vitally strike at the advancing Ettin, her companions fired with pellet and firebomb injuring Draigs further. Retaliating, Draigs used her chain to severely injure Mithreal with one strike. Coughing up blood from her wounds, she knew that another strike from the beast would surely kill her. She signaled her companions to focus their attention on Draigs, and before the Ettin could react once more, they killed her where she stood.

Kulgara was shocked to she her companion fall, rage building up within her. She signaled a few of her pawns to enter the fray to distract her enemies. It was a wise decision as Mithreal swiftly skewered several Orcs that entered the room, killing them where they charged in. Throwing a grenade for good measure, Expedition Six saw something all to familiar roll up beside them, the explosion that ensued seared their flesh. Dinvaya ran up healing Mithreal from her near-fatal wounds. The Dark Slayer who stood by Kulgara's side used its magical powers to send forth a mystical hand that sapped Mithreal's strength.

Firmly standing their ground, Expedition Six knocked down several more Orcs who wandered into the room, while Kulgara threw in another grenade to soften her foes, the icy cold explosion injured all in its radius. Dinvaya and Eve used their healing abilities to prevent Death from claiming any of their companions. The Dark Slayer once more used her magics upon Mithreal. Vicky noticed Kulgara with another grenade in her hand. Using her marksmanship talents, she fired at it, launching it out of the Orcs hand. Kulgara signaling once more, the last wave of Orcs rushed in and were cut down before any contact could be made upon their foes. Kulgara took the opportunity to advance, the greese covered floor now covered by the bodies of her fallen comrades. With chainsaw in hand, she advanced on Mithreal cutting her across her torso.

Blood splattered everywhere, but Mithreal stood her ground. Exchanging blows, Kulgara and indeed a formidable foes, but was easily overpowered by Expedition Six as was the Dark Slayer. Taking a moment to heal up, they descended once more and began to explore the vast cavern below. It was quite the site, some sort of machine was being excavated. After destroying several more monitors, searching several rooms and discovering Kulgara's journal, Expedition Six began understanding the motives of the Lords of Rust. Finding a functional monitor, Expedition Six took the opportunity to parler with Hellion, confirming what was written in Kulgara's journal and learning much more.

Finding a makeshift stairwell made of rock descending to the caverns further below, the party of four advanced and were fired upon by two Dark Slayers lurking in the shadows, waiting for any trespassers to enter their line of sight. One easily met its demise seconds after it engaged, but the second withdrew further into the caves to alert its master, Tatterface. As half of Expedition Six advanced, darkness soon enveloped them. A darkness which none could see through, it was an unusual experience, but one they knew could be disastrous. Retracing their steps as best they could, Expedition Six simply could not escape the spell that Tatterface kept casting, blanketing the surrounding area in darkness, a darkness that she and her minions could see through. Taking the opportunity to strike their foes, the Dark Creepers and Tatterface engaged in battle. Finding their vital organs with ease, Mithreal, Dinvaya and Eve all suffered at the hands of the dark assailants, but perseverance prevailed as Expedition Six used their other remaining senses to target and kill their attackers.

Pressing onwards and escaping the blackness, they found themselves in a cavern with carvings embedded within the walls. Examining it further, Mithreal deduced that they entered a shrine of worship of sorts, one that depicted a Xill and how its species reproduced. Recalling the tales of Xill from her tribal books, Mithreal deduced that Zagmaander, the last remaining Lord of Rust was the one shown in the wall drawings. In the following cavern, Mithreal's hypothesis was confirmed as a red Xill stood against a wall beckoning Expedition Six to advance to parler. Eyeing their surroundings expecting an ambush, they took notice a few monitors in the area smashed and in sensing Zagmaander's motives, she seemed genuinely at ease.  The Xill informed her rivals that she had no quarrel with them and in fact was willign to help them by handing over some valuables… in exchange for freedom. She was cursed and found by the Lords of Rust who promised to free her when Meyanda grew stronger, however, with the high cleric indisposed of, the Xill's hopes of freedom came to an end. All that she desired for years was to be happy, to return home (another plane) and create a family for herself, and pleaded with Expedition Six to help her in her need. Rather than asking Dinvaya if it was in her powers, they opted to refuse the Xill's harmless wish as the bloodlust in them took over. Threatened and angered, the Xill swore that she would use their bodies as vessels for her offspring, despite being unable to produce living offspring. A quick battle ensued and the assassin showed her talented skills, a foe not to take lightly, but once again it was Expedition Six who stood strong, standing above the corpse of another individual they deemed an enemy.

Completely taxed,  exhausted and knowing Hellion awaited them nearby, they were in no condition to continue. Mithreal suggested they find a secure location and rest before confronting the so-called God.

Draigs; Ettin
6 Scrapwall Thugs
Kulgara; Orc Barbarian
Dark Slayer
Bonus: Discovered Kulgara's Journal 600
2 Dark Slayers 400
2 Dark Creepers
Dark Stalker 300
Zagmaander; Xill Sorceress 800-Lv7
Session total 4200
Campaign total
Summary 09: Champions of the Arena
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Hellion's Domain

All things considering, Expedition Six felt good. They bested Birdfood, took out Marrow and her Smiler minions easily enough, vanquished a Mutant Manticore, rid the valley of its haunted presence… there was little that could get in their way and with an invitation to the arena in hand, their goal of defeating the Lords of Rust was that much closer. They've yet to run from a fight, and although walking into the belly of the beast, they were certain the outcome would be the same; Expedition Six would be triumphant.

As they made their approach to the territory of the Lords of Rust, they crossed paths with hundreds of Rust members exiting the territory. Most sneered and spat in their direction, others cursed them for their righteous acts in Scrapwall. These members were leaving the Lords of Rust in fear… fear that the God Hellion and his Lords of Rust could no longer protect them and could no longer provide food, shelter or safe haven. Expedition Six, destroyer of slums, destroyer of those unwanted, destroyer of the poor… they wanted to stay clear of their destructive path and take their chances of survival out in the dangerous lands of Numeria. Although their numbers took a hit, there were still a few hundred members who remained loyal and wished to see the fight of the century. As Expedition Six passed the two guards stationed at the entrance to the Arena, the gateway to the domain of the Lords of Rust, they didn't notice that one had soiled his garments from Mithreal's glare. Entering the huge arena, it could easily house a thousand people. The massive fighting stage was impressive and at the furthest section high above the pit with arms raised was Helskarg. A massive portcullis lowered blocking their way out. Glancing around, the other two exits also had their gates lowered. Suddenly from around them, a cage-like structure emerged from the sands beneath them impeding their movements beyond fifty feet. Two weapon racks emerge from the ground, and suddenly from all around the arena, Helskarg's booming voice could be heard. Taunting Expedition Six, Helskarg gave them a simple choice, join the ranks of the Lords of Rust in servitude, or win their freedom in a fight to the death. The crowd cheered on, chanting the Lords of Rust while Expedition Six acknowledged Helskarg's choices with a thumbs down. Moments later appearing from behind closed doors at the other side of the arena, Helskarg appeared upon a chariot, pulled by two massive Ogres. Riding around at the far end in circles, Helskarg made various taunts at his foes and various poses showing off his fitting form which rallied the crowd behind him. When ready, he signaled for the weapons and cage to lower allowing Expedition Six to make their first move.

Vicky was in no mood to play and her foe was too far for her gun to do any significant damage, so she opted to advance rushing into the fray. The crowd roared. Mithreal too advanced but opted to cast her magic allowing her to blend into her surroundings. The crowd seeing Mithreal advance and suddenly disappeared upset them greatly. They were here for a spectacle and already one of these so-called brave outsiders was acting like a frightened Kobald by hiding. Not wishing to be left in the far back, both Eve and Dinvaya advanced. Helskarg was amused and instructed his minions to advance slightly and to ready themselves for an all-out run. Expedition Six moved up once more, allowing the chariot pulled Helskarg to make his move. His Ogres charged forwards turning at the last minute clipping Vicky with the chariot just as she managed a shot straight into Helskarg's shoulder. Continuing their run forwards, they managed to knock Eve to the ground just as Mithreal appeared and jabbed Helskarg in the back with her Giantbane ability injuring him severely. Turning around Helskarg fired his grappling gun, connecting with the Androids synthetic flesh, the grapnel embedded deeply within. Holding onto his weapon firmly, he began instructing his pullers to circle the arena. Vicky slightly shaken saw what was about to transpire and ran up with her Elven Blade cutting the rope just as the chariot rode off thwarting the Trolls plans to drag one of their members through the dirt until unconsciousness set in. Readying himself for another pass, Expedition Six too readied themselves. In the blink of an eye, as the chariot approached, Vicky, Eve and Mithreal attacked as their foes rode by, each attacking something different. Eve fire a Scorching Ray at the wheel of the chariot catching it on fire for a brief moment before the sands snuffed it out. Vicky slashed at the chariot holding Helskarg hoping to destroy it. Mithreal jabbed at an Ogre nearly dropping it. Dinvaya healed her companions as the chariot managed to overrun them all, but luckily for them, Helskarg missed with his second grapnel shot. On his third pass, Helskarg readied to fire the Grapnel once more but he was unprepared for what transpired next. Vicky fired at the weakened Ogre killing it which began to off-set the chariots movement, but it was only when Mithreal jabbed at the second Ogre, killing it did the chariot loose control and came to a crashing halt. Eve through a Scorching Ray at the Troll as he advanced on foot biting at his foes. Now in melee, Helskarg would go all out using his sharp claws and vicious teeth, but with the combined efforts of Expedition Six, the Troll not only fell, but his ability to regenerate was negated ending his reign and undefeated streak within the Arena. The crowd was silent… none could believe what had transpired. The rumors were true… Expedition Six were cold-blooded murderers and they were probably next. All hell broke loose as the Lords of Rust members frantically ran out of the stands and fled the territory that once embraced their differences and gave them food and shelter.

Dusting themselves off, they approached the far end of the Arena. There, Eve inspected the layout and structure of the spectator stands and platform above where Helskarg had made his offer and deduced that planting their remaining explosive charges would cripple and destroy a large portion of the Arena. Without hesitation, Eve made her calculations and Expedition Six continued forwards as the Arena behind them exploded. Approaching the set of double doors that the Ogre pull chariot emerged from, two large monitors on either side flickered to life, upon them the face of some demon-like creature stared at them and began to speak. Although Mithreal had no idea what creature was before them, as it spoke, the recognizable voice was that of Hellion. The God before them was growing impatient at the newcomers who meddled their way into his territory and demanded that they bow before him or suffer the consequences. Both Mithreal and Vicky smirked while Dinvaya confronted the fake God. Eve was the only one to bow down but told the God that they were going to kill him. In a rage of anger, the God deemed it necessary to show these interlopers what he truly was capable of. In a flash of light, emerging from the monitors, Hellion produced a magic spell that shocked their bodies produces agonizing pain. Hellion began laughing diabolically as Mithreal advanced and destroyed the two monitors.  Dinvaya didn't mention it, but there was now a lingering doubt in her mind… perhaps this being was a God? Never before has she seen or heard of any being able to produce divine magic through a technological item… especially one that the being in question was nowhere in sight?! Shaking off her doubt, she pressed on with the rest.

Making their way into the lair of Hellion, confronted with several more monitors, Hellion watched, amused each time Mithreal approached and destroyed a monitor. Occasionally to lighten their mood, Hellion would light up Expedition Six with some form of Divine magic. Progressing further, locating descending stairs, cautiousness the group of adventurers continued on, opening a door at the bottom. Before them, several Acolytes of Hellion were ready due to their God informing them of the trespassers. Nalakai, Lord of Rust, led his followers into battle. Many opted to try and hinder the minds of Expedition Six, but they proved too resilient for their newly acquired powers. Hellion too took a few opportunities to weaken his foes, but in the end, all monitors were destroyed and the Lord of Rust, Nalakai and his followers were killed. Rummaging through his possessions, they found and translated a prayer book which told the tale of Hellion. Though a God (or claiming to be one), he feared someone else, someone higher than he… stronger than he… that resided somewhere at Silver Mount. Reassured that Hellion was no God, Expedition Six pressed forwards, locating another descending stairway.

Below, several more monitors, and here Hellion managed to confuse Vicky and Eve for a minute. Eventually Vicky grew tired of games and opened a door leading to a corridor with three other doors. Opening one, Helion once again informed his loyal members of Expeiditon Six's wehreabouts and Vicky was confronted with mechancial beings. From behind, another door opened and minions of the dark attacked. Just then, Hellion decided to pludge his domain in darkness, turning off the lights as all his forces could see in the darkness.  In the nearby distance, loud sounds could be heard, as more Lords of Rust was preparing to engage. Taking laser burns, cuts and scrapes, Expedition Six began feeling the pain, and Dinvaya was running out of Dinvine powers to help. As the battle raged on, Eve looked around at her companions. They were all panting, their armor was stained with their own blood, their powers were waning and she heard in the nearby room more of the Lords of Rust approaching. Her logic chips went into override and she muttered the for the first time…, "I believe we should withdraw!"

2 Ogres
Helskarg; Troll Fighter
8 Acolytes of Hellion; Human Clerics
Nalakai; Half-Orc Cleric of Hellion
Bonus: Discovered the link between Hellion and Silver Mount 300
2 Scrapyard Robots  400
Advanced Gray Ooze
4 Observer Robots 600
3 Dark Creepers 400
Session total 4100
Campaign total
Summary 08: The Lords Take Notice
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Becoming Scrap Worthy

Leading them to the base of operations for the Redtooth Raiders, Whishkfiss upon entering the lair's frontal cave began walking about clicking hidden switches embedded into the rock face which in turn revealed a secret door. Upon entering, Expedition Six took notice of a few Ratfolk guards on duty as well as a Rust Monster who although chained to a wall, attempted to scurry away at the sight of its trainer, Whishkfiss. Leading them to a small make-shift throne room, he approached a female Ratfolk who could not hide her satisfaction at seeing Whishkfiss. After a short whispered conversation, the female Ratfolk motioned for her guests to approach, introducing herself as the leader of the Raiders, Redtooth herself. Delighted at the return of her captured brother, Redtooth had also heard from one of her scouts of Expedition Six who had saved them earlier on in the day and had agreed to meet with her on the morrow to negotiate an alliance. Pleasantries were had, until Eve suggested that Expedition Six could kill them all and take whatever they wanted and continued their path to destroying the Lords of Rust… this did not sit well with Redtooth and her Raiders as they all reached for weapons. With an imminent battle, Whishkiss quickly leaned in and whispered in Redtooth's ear that it was futile and all their kin would be slaughtered. It would be best to use Expeditions Six's hatred for the Lords of Rust to accomplish what they could not. Signaling to her guards to lower their weapons, Redtooth announced a proposal, one that would benefit both parties and crush the Lords. Redtooth had a plan, but would not disclose it, nor the whereabouts of the transmitter array that Mithreal was seeking until they proved their worth. There were only two paths to reach the Eastern part of Scrapwall, one being walking straight through the Lords of Rust territory, the other, a narrow passageway filled with debris which eventually leads to the territory belonging to the Acolytes of Hellion. Unfortunately, the easier of the two, the passageway pathed through the lair of a Manticore. The Manticore although not always present, posed a problem for her kin and therefore by ridding her of the beast, should would agree to an alliance. Mithreal nodded in approval and informed her allies that their skill set could easily end the Manticore's reign in the skies of Scrapwall, despite its ability to fly and hover.

Resting up for the eve, the four women began their short trek through the debris field, troublesome debris occasionally blocking or hindered their movement. Eventually making it to the lair of the beast, its occupant was nowhere to be seen giving them the opportunity to explore the area somewhat. All stood on guard save for Mithreal whose scouting abilities rendered the difficult terrain obsolete. Finding a cache fill with trinkets, Mithreal began dragging it closer to her companions just as the winged beast returned home. The beast hovered in the air, amused that food sough it out, a nice reversal of roles and lashed out, launching and embedding a spike from its tail into Dinvaya's shoulders. As its wings flapped maintaining its height, the powerful winds it created stirred a lot of the lingering debris which created a vortex effect, the sharp and jagged metal pieces slashing and cutting those below. As Mithreal saw the Manticore hovering above, she gasped in horror as she was mistaken and the beast wasn't like any Manticore that she had ever seen or heard of… it was… a Mutant of sorts. Despite her preference to a melee fight, she grabbed her bow and fired as many arrows as should could, hitting nearly everything slowly injuring the beast. Eve knew that because of the winds and the height of the beast, her bombs would prove ineffective and opted to try other means of disposing the beast. Dinvaya had very little in terms of offensive abilities and opted to maintain the health of the party. Vicky was delighted. She had the beast in her sights and she was livid. Firing shot after shot, connecting almost everything, she knew that eventually she would down the great beast. Hovering from above randomly firing several spikes, it was delighted to tenderize and drop some meat, but grew angry as another morsel brought her food back into a fighting stance. Beginning its decent to chew its prey, Vicky found an opening, fired and ended the beasts life.

Returning to Redtooth with the good news, Redtooth acknowledged their skillset, bravery and agreed to an alliance. First, the transmitter array that Mithreal sought was guarded by the Acolytes of Hellion. Secondly, she had the means to destroy the array (something apparently important to the Lords of Rust) as well as their arena (which if destroyed would cripple and demoralize the Lords of Rust's control of the people of Scrapwall). Awhile back, one of the Raiders had found a technological wonder and when used unfortunately shook the area and produced what was described as a massive fireball engulfing and destroying everything in a vast area. Such an item could be used to destroy the array and the arena. The catch… Redtooth had no more of the substance and none would venture into the area where they found it for it was both too dangerous and haunted. Interested in sabotaging the Lord's reign, they agreed to the task at hand and ventured back through the narrow passageway leading to the territory of the Acolytes. The plan of attack was to enter the northeastern valley and retrieve the explosive matter, find and destroy the array and then find a way into the arena and destroy part of it. As they marched through the territory of the Acolytes, Mithreal could be patient no more and requested they divert their attention to the array first, possibly destroying it without the aid of the cursed technological items so that she could save her kin. Agreeing, they continued West. Soon they came across a few corpses laying about. The remains were those of Chokers… the Acolytes of Hellion. The closer to the array they got, the more and more Choker corpses did they find, each seemly to be running away from someone… something. No evidence of tracks could be found except the Chokers. Perplexed but thankful that someone cleared the way for them, they reached the cave system that held the array. Oddly enough Vicky, Dinvaya and Mithreal all could hear a voice speaking to them individually in their head, although in a foreign tongue. Using magic to help her, Mithreal understood that whoever was telepathically communicating with them, was being patient. Not sure what to make of it, they continued examining the array. Eve confirmed that the best way to ensure a hundred percent destruction would probably be with an explosion so strong, that the cave system itself would collapse down. Reverting back to the original plan, they made their way Northeast… the voice asking them not to leave and that he would wait for their return.

Entering the haunted valley, the air about them gradually thickened, an eerie sensation could be felt. Reaching what appeared to be a crashed ship, the writing when deciphered referred to it as a salvage module called 'Chrysalis'. Entering the dark unpowered vessel, Vicky took out her flashlight to better see. Confronted with spirits at every turn, Expedition Six cleanse the Cargo Bay of the Poltergeists inhabiting it, rid the ships Engine Room of the Will-o-Wisp and put at rest the lingering souls of past crew member who were locked way in Stasis for hundreds of years. Reaching the Bridge stirred the angry spirit of the dead Captain, Captain Yurian Valako who confronted the trespassers and attempted to bring their spirits into the netherworld. With a combined effort, the Captain was put down to rest and the eerie presence once felt was lifted. Searching the ship thoroughly reveal three of the explosive substances, but also a device that when triggered revealed more to the Captain's death. The Envoy's Mouthpiece contained the last log belonging to the Captain who stated that "Divintity was lost, its crew most likely dead. He had obtained an inhibitor facet and had hoped that installing it into the AI would disrupt it temporarily allowing it full control and the ability to call for help". Discussing among themselves, the conclusion was that the fragments of vessels they come across so far all belonged to a greater one called Divinity. Discovering the Inhibitor Facet, they pocketed the gen as it seemed very important to the Captain.

Making their way back towards to the array, the voice within their heads once more seemed delighted at their return and that his patience never ran out. Despite her attempts at communicating, Mithreal's attempts either failed or whoever was communicating simply did not care to acknowledge her. Eve took minutes studying the array, the location it was in and the surrounding cavern. She believed that only one explosive was necessary to get the job done if placed in the exact spot she determined. Placing said charge and vacating the area, they detonated the charge and the loud exploding result delighted Mithreal to no end.

Taking a moment to themselves, Expedition Six agreed that bed rest was needed and that the comforts of the Hawk Palace were the most comfortable. That night as they slept, Mithreal, Dinvaya and Vicky all experienced night terrors. Their worst fears came true… they relieved their darkest fear over and over again. Tossing, turning, sweat dripping from their skins and wetting their sheets, the patient Rhu-Chalik finally saw his opportunity in his next victim. He originally had sensed the life essences of Expedition Six when they entered the caves housing the array. The same caves that once belonged to the Chokers living there. It enjoyed hunting down and killing the Chokers, but it longed for fresh prey. Watching, taunting, following its new prey, it was delighted when they fell asleep, their minds more susceptible to its abilities. The first mind to crack under the nightmares… Vicky. Draining her of her willpower, the Rhu-Chalik absorbed her consciousness and as it touched her, Vicky awoke in horrible pain. Rushing to her side, the unarmored Expedition Six managed to defeat the Rhu-Chalik.

The next morning, geared and ready to venture out, a young courier approached Expedition Six with a note and ran off. Carefully examining the note, the Lords of Rust requested their presence in the Arena, for they had taken notice of their recent actions.

Meanwhile, throughout space and time, the Dominion of the Black understood and added the consciousness to the collective. 

Mutant Manticore
Bonus: Forged an alliance with the Redtooth Raiders
Bonus: Acquired Scrap Worth Rank 8
3 Poltergeists
2 Skeletal Technicians 400
Captain Yurian Valako  600
Bonus: Deciphered Captain Yurian Valako' Message 400
Bonus: Destroyed Scrapwall's Power Relay 300
Rhu-Chalik 600
Bonus: Acquired Scrap Worth Rank 6 400
Session total 6300
Campaign total
Summary 07: Cleansing the Trash
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Becoming Scrap Worthy

Geared up and ready for battle, Dinvaya followed Expedition Six out of the small chasm leaving the Clockwork Chapel, her home, behind. Rounding the bend, they began to head towards Hawk Palace to rid the Hawkians of their corrupt leader, Birdfood. Not long into their trek, they began approaching a heated conflict between a small band of Smiliers successfully eliminating several Ratfolk. Dinvaya pointed out that the Ratfolk were in fact apart of another clan inside Scapwall, the Redtooth Raiders. The Raiders were more of a nuisance than a threat in Scapwall… mostly stealing food and supplies to survive, however, their targets usually were within the borders of the Lords of Rust. In turn, the Lords sent word to several of the factions to hunt down and kill the Raiders. Having no love for Smilers themselves, Expedition Six entered the fray, assisting the Raiders, eliminating all the Smilers. With words of gratitude, the Raiders were pleased to learn that the group of adventurers before them not only had a dislike to Smilers, they were going to eliminate Marrow, the cult leader, after dealing with Birdfood at the Hawk Palace and eventually decide what to do with the Lords of Rust. Believing in their just cause, the Raiders extended an invitation to join them at their lair to converse with their leader, Redtooth herself, proposing the possibility of an alliance. Redtooth was working on a plan that perhaps Expedition Six could help with. Agreeing to a redez-nous point and time, Expedition Six marched onwards to the Hawk Palace.

Eve wasn't so impressed with the Palace. She had read about palaces before in her training with Khonnir… they were supposed to be massive structures, heavily fortified, containing within the room to house hundreds of people. Before her embedded into the walls of Scrapwall was a building no bigger than the Foundry itself. Entering and confronted with two Hawk officers, Expedition Six attempted to bluff their way inside in hopes of having one-on-one time with Birdfood. Unfortunately, they couldn't provide the necessary answers nor documents needed to enter and instead answered with bangs, booms, and thrusts. The fight wasn't too demanding however further officers joined the fray, two even attempted to escape but his movements were thwarted by Dinvaya's hold person and Vicky's continued shooting. Another officer managed to enter the lower chambers of the throne room, alerting his commanding officer of the breach. While the battle ensued below, Eve took it upon herself to explore the palace further, eventually making her way upstairs entering the upper levels of the throne room. Birdfood, bow and human bane arrow raised was disappointed that his favored enemy did not enter the chambers. Advancing with swords and his three hawk companions, he entered combat. Eve was no melee combatant but held her own against the talented ranger. Eventually, her luck ran out and her chassis was sustaining to much external damage, so much so that her cries for help could be heard by her companions below who had just finished dealing with all the Hawk officers. Unsure exactly how to get to Eve, the remaining Expedition Six members split up, eventually all managed to reach the upper levels of the throne room, changing the outcome of the battle. With his final breath, Birdfood cursed Vicky, throwing a human bane arrow at his favored enemy for entering dead last. Decapitating his head as proof for Sevroth, they explored the rooms finding all the treasures belonging to the Steel Hawks. Returning to the front gates, Sevroth was delighted (despite her calm demeanor) of their victory. She was hopeful that under her leadership, the Steel Hawks would become a great force within Scrapwall, and she hoped that the Lords of Rust would either ignore them or tolerate their new leadership. Knowing full well that they had free access and room and board at the Hawk Palace, Expedition Six inquired whether or not they could borrow an item or two from the stash, provided of course they returned them once they finished their business in Scrapwall. Agreeing, Sevroth and her official new Steel Hawk members parted ways.

Heading due Northwest, Smiler's territory, Expedition Six could hear in the far off distance coming from the West within the Lord's of Rust territory, a deep, powerful voice demanding praise and obedience. Insulting those living outside the walls of Scrapwall, the voice promised power and revenge, in turn, prove one's mettle, their worth and loyalty would go far within the ranks of the Lords of Rust and only by worshipping him, their God, Hellion, would he make true on his promise. In awe of what was heard, Eve suggested they traveled West to see Hellion presenting over his disciples. Dinvaya shook her head and explained that no one has ever seen Hellion. It was in fact devices embedded within parts of Scrapwall that allowed for this deceiver to broadcast his voice throughout half of the city.

As they approached the base of operations for the Smilers, four Smilers blocked their way, guns in hand ready for any intruders who dared to advance and storm their base. Leading the charge, Mithreal closed the gap between herself and her foes, but in doing so triggered the automated defense system. Unable to recognize Mithreal as a Smiler, the Laser Rifle Turrent mounted above the front doors lowered and charged up, firing towards Mithreal missing her by inches leaving a two foot deep, burning hole within the ground. Without any hesitation, the remaining members of Expedition Six advanced as quickly as they could in fear of this technological wonder. The Smiler's fumbled a few times with their pistols as their shift was way past ending but their replacements had yet to arrive, but they still managed to fire off a few shots injuring Mithreal and Eve before they could do no more harm. The laser rifle kept overcharging its reserves, firing over and over again, its damaged targeting systems preventing it from melting the flesh off of any bone. With everyone up against the doors looking for a way to deactivate the trap, by the time one was found, the rifle had exhausted all of its remaining charges. All breathed a sigh of relief, all save Vicky who was utterly pissed that such a weapon was drained of its last charges and would not power up when fitted with batteries she had been holding onto. The metal door before them resembled the ones they found while exploring under Torch's hill, save this one had no power and would not open. Using her strength, Mithreal slid the door open… Gunshy was sitting quietly at his station. Day after day the Ogrekin Barbarian sat there bored out of his skull. From time to time he instructed his companions to fetch him some unknown commoner so that he could vent his anger, rage, and frustration, tearing the poor sap in two. Today, when Gunshy heard the defense system activate, he stood up grabbing his great club, walked over to the door raising his weapon with a grin on his face… As the door slid open, Mithreal was confronted by a large man yelling, swinging his great club nearly knocking her to the ground. The massive hit surely broke a rib as she staggered to regain her balance and retaliate. With a massive blow of her own, Gunshy was grateful for the opportunity to feel alive again and swung once more dropping Mithreal to her knees. Eve and Vicky fired a volley of bombs and pellets at the big man injuring him further, but as she stood up, Mithreal realized that this would be her last attempt at striking the beast. It would be her or him… the survival of her kin all depended on her, and with that in mind, she used all her power thrusting her weapon into the heart of the raging Orgekin, dropping him dead. Helping her friend, Dinvaya restored the wounds of her companions allowing them to continue on.

Advancing further in, they reached a room with large glass shaped tubes, holding within unknown beings. Their proximity alerted the Lobotomites that non-Smiler's were in the area and their programming instructed them to surround and attack the closest foe. Mithreal had never before seen such a monstrosity, a soulless being desecrated and merged with technology. A being not human, not machine, not undead… just… a monster. Expedition Six held their ground, a few lucky jabs connected with Mithreal's tender ribs, but Eve's bombs quickened their destruction. Further in, one large tube remained although this one still held within an occupant, however, large chains wrapped around the tube prevented whatever was inside to escape. Cautiously removing the chains and opening the glass cage, a fat Ratfolk emerged thankful to be free. Claiming to be a captive of Marrow and a member of the Redtooth Raiders, Whiskfiss was pleased to know that Expedition Six was here to kill Marrow and that they were going to meet up with Redtooth on the morrow. Agreeing to join them in battle, Whiskfiss sought out his possessions but borrowed some that belonged to Expedition Six in the interim. The next room was darkly lit, holding a necromantic feel to it along with three wandering Rust Risens. Dispatching them quickly, two secret passageways was discovered in the Eastern most wall. Following one of them for a short while, eventually, the dead end turned out to be a hidden escape route leading outside the walls of Scrapwall. Knowing that this is probably how the Smiler's have been leaving without Sevroth knowing and to block any possible escape from Marrow, Dinvaya used her holy magics to meld and warp the stone making it impossible for anyone to enter or leave by this passageway again. Investigating the other passageway lead to the barrack, a quick search of the rooms revealed nothing except for the understanding on how unkempt the Smiler's truly were.

One door remained, within, the Hobgoblin Necromancer Marrow. Opening, the necromancer instructed her zombie minions to advance and attack blocking any who wished to enter. Meanwhile, she launched her most devastatingly attack, a lightning bolt to end the lives of those who would trespass. Surprisingly, no one dropped and Marrow began to realize her mistake. Hearing the Rust Risen fighting outside allowed her time to prepare, despite her intruders wandering off for a short period of time she opted to stay and fight rather than flee, but she did not account for her foes to be capable warriors… warriors who preferred using distance to their own advantage. As Mithreal advanced between the Zombie horde, Marrow attempted to draw out her fears, but her mind was too powerful and resisted the magics. Taking damage through bombs, arrow and pellets, Marrow was readying her grenade, it would prevent her foes from harming her, but Mithreal closed the gap preventing Marrow from moving, preventing her from throwing the grenade safely else the Oread would be able to jab her with her reach weapon, a weapon that in her present condition would drop her. Resorting once more to magics, she attempted to stop Mithreal in her tracks, hoping to by herself several more seconds, but again her mind was too powerful and the hold person would not land. Expedition Six used their combined might to defeat the zombies and rid Scrapwall of Marrow. As promised, the fallen soliders of Aldronard's Grave were avenged.

4 Smilers; Human Gunslingers
4 Redtooth Raiders; Ratfolk; rescued
6 Steel Hawk Thugs
Birdfood; Human Ranger
Bonus: Acquired Scrap Worth Rank 4 300
4 Smilers; Human Gunslingers 400
Trap: Laser Riffle; disabled
Gunshy; Human Barbarian 400
4 Smilers; Human Gunslingers 400
8 Lobotomites 400
3 Rust-Risen 400
4 Zombies 200
Marrow; Hobgoblin Necromancer 400
Bonus: Acquired Scrap Worth Rank 6 400
Whiskifiss; Ratfolk; rescued 200
Session total 5050
Campaign total
Summary 06: A Journey North
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Aldronard’s Grave

Rumors, stories, and relief were spreading through Torch like wildfire once the light atop Torch Hill had ignited again. The citizens were overwhelmed with joy. Not long after, The Council issued a city-wide announcement that Expedition Six had clearly completed their task and that the city would have a week-long celebration to remember this joyous occasion and to acknowledge their part in the lights restoration.

Expedition Six decided to partake in the festivities for a day, allowing the blacksmiths to finish customizing their weapons for the road ahead. On the morrow, they headed out with Joram's Holy symbol and note for Dinvaya Lanalei, and with their escortee, Acolyte Sosiel Vaenic. North, Northeast was their travel destination and it would take roughly five days before they reached the outpost known as Aldronard's Grave. Days passed and all were thankful that they were approaching their destination where proper food and bed was awaiting their weary bodies. Suddenly on the horizon, thick black smoke could be seen in the general direction of the outpost. Expedition Six hastened their travel to investigate and help if needed. As they approached, it was clear that the smoke had come from Aldronard's Grave as residual smoke was present and visual damage was noticeable. Nearing one of the guard posts, a guard on duty held up his weapon signaling them to halt and yelled out in a muffled voice that for their health and safety they should turn away as the outpost was stricken with the plague. The guard's posture and demeanor puzzled the group and they insisted that they could help. Eve pointed out that they had a cleric amongst them and she herself was immune to illnesses. Despite his best efforts, the guard signaled for Expedition Six to enter via the front gate where they would raise the portcullis. Mithreal was first to enter, Eve and Vicky were next and walked side by side just as the portcullis suddenly descended upon them. With quick reflexes, they both dodge aside entering the courtyard alongside Mithreal, leaving Sosiel trapped on the outside. Immediately several guards approached ready for battle, all lead by a much larger man in the background wielding two axes, his lips visible removed from his face. As the battle ensued Eve was able to pick up a distant cry for help. With Mithreal and Vicky handing the attacking guards, and Sosiel occasionally sending forth a healing wave (which also aided their foes), Eve left to investigate, finding and rescuing the true inhabitants of the outpost. Relived to be found and unbound, the brave , weaponless, long-john wearing knights were ready to aid Expedition Six in battle. Eve imparted her weapon to the Captain of the knights as he rushed out to battle to avenge his fallen comrades. Victory was guarantee with explosive bombs, gunpowder and pellet, weapon thrusts and weapon bashes ending the lives of the intruders.

Captain Andalen Kraklos and his remaining men, Rezouln, Tanea and Sindre all gave their thanks to their rescuers as they began gearing up. Shamed, Captain Kraklos explained that it was just the night before they had allowed a group of travelers seeking shelter within their walls who then revealed themselves to be from Scrapwall. Caught off-guard, the knights could not stand their ground as they were brutally attacked. Many of his men were lost as the Smiler's hung most of them from the stables and burned them and their horses alive. The Smiler's were one of the many factions within Scrapwall, for Scrapwall was a place where murders, rapists, and the unwelcome go to live. Wishing to hear more of Scrapwall since that was their destination, Kraklos continued, explaining that Scrapwall was a city of trash, housing vile beings most of which deserved to be removed from the lands. The Smiler's were one of these factions, lead by a vile necromancer by the name of Marrow and her subjects upon recruitment remove their own lips as a pledge of loyalty. Kraklos made a request of Expedition Six as he and his men could not leave their post… to bring Marrow to justice and end her life. They agreed. Despite several factions within the walls of Scrapwall, they all bowed down to the Lords of Rust, the ones truly in charge. Rumor had it that they followed the wishes of their God Hellion who dwells within, but surely that was impossible for no God roamed the land, and no God would live in Scrapwall. With little else to provide, Kraklos began preparing their cotts for rest. Questioning why they could not sleep within the temple, Kraklos explained the tragic tale of Aldronard's Grave… for centuries ago Aldronard, a Paladin of Sarenrae who helped man the outpost had one day received a letter stating that his fiance, Justinia, had perished in a brutal rape attack of her home. Cursing his Goddess Sarenrae for his loss, he jumped off the temple's balcony, impaling his body upon the Goddess' statue forever cursing the temple. Ever since that day, his spirit haunts the area, none have been able to put his soul at rest. Believing they could with the help of Sosiel (although he stated he was an expert in demons, not spirits) they requested Kraklos to unlock the front doors. Despite his attempts at persuading them otherwise, Expedition Six had made up their minds and entered the Temple. Calling out to Aldronard, they could hear his dreary response. 'Go Away".  Noticing the Statue of Sarenrae, its weapon coating in fresh dripping blood, Mithreal used her magic to dose the weapon in water cleansing it, only for the blood to re-appear a second later. Although feeling uncomfortable, Mithreal told her party to stand back as she walked into the temple. Aldronard made his presence known as he wailed once more, 'Go Away'. Unaffected by his haunt and seen as an assault, Expedition Six began attacking the spirit. It wasn't until Vicky attacked that Aldronard noticed her… her beauty… his love… his Justinia. The resemblance was uncanny and crying out in pain, he asked her for forgiveness. Telling Vicky to lead the spirit on, the ghost approached arms open trying to embrace his Justinia, luckily for Vicky she quickly moved aside. Giving her forgiveness and her desire for him to rest his soul, Aldronard went in for one last kiss, again Vicky dodged aside. His spirit floated up to the skies, Aldronard yelled out to his Goddess for forgiveness. Seconds later, a blinding flash and the temple reconstructed itself before their very eyes, as it time itself went backwards. Everything was cleansed, including the statue and each could hear in their minds the thanks from Sarenarae herself. As a token of her thanks, she bestowed upon them each a gift of healing which unbeknownst to Mithreal cured her of her leprosy. Returning to the astonished Kraklos, he gave his thanks once more and they all rested for the eve within the newly restored Temple of Sarenrae.

Bidding farewell to Sosiel, Expedition Six made their way Eastwards towards Scrapwall. As they entered the main gate, the Steel Hawk guard on duty had bid them welcome and requested the reason for their stay. The answer they provided was enough to get them escorted to the office of Sevroth Slaid. Within the confines of her office, Expedition Six had hinted at something to Sevroth that made her very much interested in them. She acknowledged that the Steel Hawks were under control of an ex-Smiler known as Birdfood. If they could do away with him, she would be next in line and could bring the Steel Hawks back to their former glory, for it was the Lords of Rust who had killed all the previous hawk leaders and assigned Birdfood his role, allowing more and more ruffians into the city. In return for their help, they would become honorary Steel Hawkians and have access to their palace for rest and refreshments, and of course her thanks. Expedition Six accepted Slaid's proposal and an alliance was made.

Venturing out into the vast city, they ran into a gang of orcs that were trying to make a name for themselves and get the attention of the Lords of Rust. Taunting Expedition Six and with three times the force, the Orcs advanced, but it was only seconds before their numbers were cut in half, followed by a third. Showing mercy, three of the orcs lived, although they survived without any of their gear. Soon afterward Eve decided to grab a few of the Orc bodies and gear and construct a crude sign signaling for Dinvaya.

Dinvaya was sitting comfortably on her makeshift bed pondering her many notes and couldn't figure out what improvements she could make to her construct. Then, one of her spy construct birds flew into the crack of her tower providing some interesting news. There was a group of individuals new to the city, causing a ruckus and held a sign with her name on it. One of two things she pondered to herself… these people were either as crazy as she was, or the Technique League had finally found her. There was no better way to test her construct so she gave her spy bird specific instructions.

Walking in the general direction of the Hawk Palace, a small metallic bird flew up to Eve with what appeared to be a note in its mouth. Thanking the bird, she read the note. It was a message from Dinvaya requesting them at her clockwork tower. The bird then began flying off at a slow pace, clearing wishing for Expedition Six to follow. Getting to the front door, its huge massive gears made an unusual sound when knocked upon. With no response, they entered. Before them, a set of two stairs leading upwards, a metallic machine standing before them. Raising its arms, it began attacking them. Retaliating, it wasn't long before the large construct broke into tiny versions of itself swarming most of the expedition members. Slowly but surely they put an end to the mechanical mayhem and heard the applause of one Dinvaya Lanalei from above.

Questioning who they were, she was relieved to hear that it was Father Joram who had sent them. Reading his note and understanding the urgency, she pledged her loyalty and friendship in helping them to rid the lands of the Lords of Rust. However, it wasn't going to be an easy task…

5 Smilers; Human Gunslingers
Ewhar "hatchet-Hand" Vress; Human Fighter
Bonus: Rescued 4 Paladins of Sarenrae
Aldronard; Human Ghost Ex-Paladin
Bonus: Put Aldronard's tortured soul to rest 600
Bonus: Forged an alliance with the Steel Hawk Clan 800
9 Orc Scrapwall Thugs
Junk Golem 400
Dinvaya Lanalei; Half-Elf Cleric of Brigh; befriended 800-Lv5
Bonus: Acquired Scrap Worth Rank 2 267
Session total 4967
Campaign total
Summary 05: Catastrophe Averted
Chapter One: Fires of Creation-Meltdown

With the White Access Key Card in hand and the newly discovered stock of Grenades, Expedition Six felt like they made real progress. Mithreal took a moment to mend some wounds using up Eve's last potions, as well as Vicky using a few dosages from the Nanite Gun. Eve suggested that they rest up a bit and while doing so, slowly venture to the beginning where she could use the new found knowledge of Androffan she learned to attempt deciphering the terminals and scriptures they've bypassed since the onset. They all agreed and so forth the three companions backtracked to the Habitation Dome.

Not a lot of useful information was discovered, but more rather confirmations to what they already suspected… they were in some sort of research facility (ship). Many of the rooms were labeled with scientific terminologies such as Geology room, or chemistry room and any of the data remaining mentioned the study of races and properties in hopes of creating a potion to increase the immune system. The only other room of importance was Sickbay, wherein researching the Stasis pod further revealed a medical report on the last patient placed within (Khonnir) had his legs crippled by the medical bots via surgical incisions, and he was injected with a serum containing nanites in an attempt to map his higher brains functions to determine what enabled him to wield magic. It was also presumed that worse case scenario, they could store Khonnir back within the pod to perhaps slow or halt his current condition until a cure could be found.

Returning to the engineering deck and examining the Navigation Control Room further yielded in the discovery of the blueprints/map to this section of the ship. They were able to see what lay beyond either of the doors requiring the White Access Card. One, the Power Distribution Hub, the other, The Reactor Core. The Robotics Lab interested Eve the most as she discovered a reboot code for the drones and sentries. Activating it seemed to immediately deactivate the two working repair drones in the same room, as the terminal then acknowledged a successful reboot and that operation would recommence in twenty-four hours.

Meyanda hovered over the control panel monitoring the transfer of energy. She had been at it for days, the same routine over and over again, but as per her Gods wishes, she needed to make sure nothing interfered with the transfer, which is why she hired goons and brought along Gruethur to guard and protect her.  She would not fail Hellion and they would bring a new order to the lands of Numeria. Watching the monitor careful, Meyanda grew concerned the moment her Collector Robot standing by her side deactivated as it began its reboot sequence. Knowing right away that intruders had somehow managed to reach the Robotics Lab, she drew her weapon and open the locked doors in hopes of surprising the saboteurs. To her surprise as she rounded the door's frame, her eyes met those of an Oread.

Mithreal walked out of the Lab taking out the White Access Card in hopes of opening the door when suddenly the doors open by itself and Eve walked out, pistol in hand. Knowing full well that Eve was just behind her, she raised her weapon in defense cautiously.

Distraught by the site of Gruethur's corpse and the intruders before her, Meyanda conveyed her anger but in seeing her 'sister' Eve, gave her foes the opportunity to join them in the new world order. Informing them of her Gods plans to rule over Numeria with the help of the power being siphoned from the Reactor Core did not seem to persuade Expedition Six one bit. In fact, Mithreal stayed true to her cause and only cared about ending the sickness that inflicted her kin, the same sickness that seemed to be inflicting Torch which stemmed from the Reactor Core.  Eve's programming differed from Meyanda's in that she respected people for it was they who took her in and she refused her sister's offer verbally. Vicky smirked and raised her weapon at Meyanda, conveying her own response. A short battle ensued, Meyanda was hopeful that the loyalty she gave her God would grant her some luck, but alas almost every attempt to injure her foes with divine magics failed. Eve, Mithreal and Vicky, however, seem to have a similar issue as Meyanda kept dodging their attacks. Not before long Meyanda was severely injured and needed to retreat back into the Reactor Core. She had always known that if it ever came to it, her sacrifice would be the last resort to expedite the transfer needed to Scrapwall. Waiting for the right moment she raised her pistol pointing it directly at a weak spot in the Reactor Cores external plating. The moment Vicky entered, they both fired a shot simultaneously, Meyanda's hitting the Core, a small explosion (much smaller than she had hoped for) engulfed both herself and Vicky, Vicky's dropping Meyanda, as radioactive gases began filling the room quickly. Eve quickly entered the room and helped Vicky drag out Meyanda's deactivated body from the room shutting it behind them, but not before Mithreal accidentally inhaled some of the poisonous gases that had escaped the room, causing slight nausea and a severe headache.

Searching the body revealed another possible cure for Khonnir with a newly discovered nanite Gun and her journal that helped Expedition Six piece together some of the missing puzzle pieces. Her God Hellion, instructed Meyanda to travel the lands to two specific locations that he suspected had the power he needed. One at Echo Woods where the power relay device was sealed within, and so with the simple coordinates, they activated the power transfer directly from Scrapwall. The other source, Torch, where Meyanda discovered the Reactor Core and reinitialized it which in turn, turned off the flames from upon the hill. Further study showed that with continuous usage the Reactor would explode taking all of Torch with it, as it was no longer venting plasma to cool it down. The power relay itself in Torch was housed at a warehouse, paid for in full to one Garmen Ulreth. Eve using her vast knowledge of engineering realized that the damage Meyanda caused would cause the explosion of the reactor to quicken and occur in days rather than months. With no time to lose, Expedition Six ran back to town and purchased a few items that would help them against radiation as they finally understood the illnesses was caused by this technological plague. Returning to Khonnir and curing him of his illness, they quickly informed him of everything that had transpired and asked his aid in repairing the Reactor Core. Understanding that all the people of Torch was relying on them all to sav them, he agreed to accompany them below the hilltop. Once back at the reactor room, Eve, Khonnir and Vicky entered and all worked for a full hour fixing and repairing the damaged portions of the Core. Mithreal stayed outside, Radiation Detector in hand (giving it back to Vicky once her work was done), as it was Eve who needed to continue alone as they only had enough materials left for one individual to remain within the toxic gases. A few hours passed when the lights flickered on and off again, followed by Eve emerging victorious, all the gases contained and the Core offline once more. High above them, outside, the Torch re-lit brighter than ever and the cheers from the people of Torch could almost be heard from below in the bowls of the ship.

 Vicky brought Expedition Six to the warehouse district and pointed to Garmen's. Using some hidden talents, Eve managed to open the locked door and quietly opened it while Expedition Six snuck in undetected… that is… until she slammed the door shut behind her. Alerted to the presence of trespassers the Ropefist thugs readied their actions hoping to catch any intruders off-guard while Garmen visiting his wares drank a potion of invisibility. The Ropefists were unfortunate to be up against a group of ranged specialists as their lives were easily snuffed. Garmen snuck around quietly undetected hoping to catch one of the Expedition members alone, and it was Eve who strayed too far behind. Lunging forwards, Garmen nearly tripped almost ruining his perfectly timed strike, though inflicting some minor structural damage to Eve, the clever businessman knew he was no match for the three of them. Dropping his weapons, he downright surrendered and begged for his life. For once, Expedition Six honored their word and Garmen was free to go, provided the Relay Device was theirs to do with as they pleased, and the debt owed to him by Vicky's father was cleared. Acknowledging this, Garmen shook hands and ran off, returning to his establishment to drink his sorrows away.

It was a unanimous vote, they would transport the device to Magical Maggie who would transform it into something more useful, or destroy it in the process, either was acceptable to Expedition Six. The latter held true and they paid a visit to the Council for final payment. As they entered the council chambers, they took notice that Dolga, Joram, and Khonnir were not alone as the remaining council members were among them. Delighted to see Expedition Six, Dolga, head of the council spoke with kind-hearted words. They could not thank them enough for all they had done, saving councilman Khonnir, restoring the light atop the hill and finding the cause of the town's illness. Handing over the promised reward, Vicky's eyed widened with joy. Dolga's manner then shifted and her tone became more serious in nature. The council agreed that despite Expedition Six's success, they inadvertently discovered a new threat, one from some distance away. By stopping the Lords of Rust in their power transfer, what was stopping them from doing so again in the near future? Or worse yet… directly assaulting the town and its people? The council offered Expedition Six a further sum of eight thousand gold from their coffers to find the Lords of Rust located in Scrapwall and put an end to their reign. Joram was next to speak and asked them a favor should they accept the council's request. There was a cleric located in Scrapwall by the name of Dinvaya Lanalei who was an old friend of his, and she had been accused of a crime not warranted by the Technique League and she escaped, hiding in Scrapwall for many years. Apparently, their interest in Dinvaya is no more and he would like her to know that she need not hide anymore and is once again welcomed home, in Torch. Handing over his personal Holy Symbol, Joram explained that in showing her it, she would trust Expedition Six, for she was wary of strangers. Expedition Six pondered for a moment, Mithreal was already heading to Scrapwall to terminate the power transfer hurting his kin, Eve was more than willing to continue helping the people of Torch, and Vicky saw an opportunity to acquire further wealth. Agreeing, Father Joram expressed his joy for all and then added one more request. Since they were heading North towards Scrapwall, he had an Acolyte of Shelyn visiting and he had planned to leave shortly on a pilgrimage, heading North along the Sellen River just passing by Scrapwall. If they could Escort Sosiel Vaenic, all would benefit from each others company. Seeing no harm, once again Expedition Six agreed.   

Collector Robot; disabled
2 Repair Drones; disabled
Meyanda; Android Cleric of Hellion
Trap: Exposed Power Nodes; triggered
Bonus: Deactivated the reactor and relit Torch 533
Bonus: Survived the dangers within the Habitat Dome 33
4 Ropefist Thugs
Garmen Ulreth; Human Rogue 267
Bonus: Shut down the Power Relay 400
Session total 2967
Campaign total
Summary 04: A Traitor Amongst Us
Chapter 1: Fires of Creation-Meltdown

With the immediate threat gone, a search within the rooms revealed nothing important. Returning to the Xenobiology room, the group carefully opened the four doors they previously ignored, each revealing a small room with the remains of Expedition Four. Mithreal began relating to the group how Vegepygmies are created, through a horrific method of gestation. An elder Vegepygmy, implants spores into a host's body and after several days, upon maturing it will erupt violently from the host's chest, killing them in an incredibly bloody and traumatic fashion producing forth more of its kin. Staring back once more at Expedition Four, they each began pondering whether or not Vrilledt had made physical contact with any of them, but were relieved when no signs were present.

Investigating further in, Expedition Six discovered a room of wonder. The air was fresh, both the floors and walls were clean and they came upon several different objects that produced water at a mere touch of a button. Remembering the location to free untapped water, they continued on soon discovering a room that resembled a small eating establishment. Several utensil like instruments, drinking vessels, platters… as well as a machine of sorts that produced apparent nutrients. Sanvil thought it amusing that his travel companions had never seen Goo Tubes before and explained their nutritional value. Gathering up all they could, they made their way to a corridor leading to a door marked 'Chemistry Lab'. Mithreal took the lead as usual and entered the lit chamber but was immediately attacked by some form of gelatinous creature, with a second advancing as well. As Mithreal skewered the first, it violently exploded, its acidic blood spraying all but Sanvil who had remained a room behind exploring the tech within. Although cautious with her bombs, Eve in destroying the second Boilborn unleashed another spray of acidic juices, and unknown to Mithreal infecting her with Leprosy. Mending some of their wounds, they determined one room remained… it was the absolute center of their explored area to date. The doors whooshed opened revealing a small circular room, with nothing of interest except for a small panel with flashing lights, wires dangling beside it. Sanvil began showing Eve once more what the words meant, as apparently there were further levels to explore, for they had found some form of mechanical lift. Though malfunctioning, Sanvil believed he knew what was required to fixing it, with years of experience under his belt, he knew better than to remove anything 'active' else be zapped by a small lightning bolt. Delighted in knowing he traveled with a gullible Android, he simply requested Eve to remove a particular node, in which she did, sustaining minor damage in the process. Mutterering under her breathe how she despised Sanvil, Mithreal lead Expedition Six back to the beachhead, towing the remains of Expedition Four behind them. They required the skills of a Smith, and who none better than Sam the Blacksmith in Torch. Vicky opted to stay behind while both Eve and Mithreal made the journey. Mithreal managed to resurface just in time as she was nearly out of air, Eve watching her with her unspoken but questionable stare.

Showing Sam the small mechanical damaged node, Sam believed he could mend the damaged metal portion for a small fee, although it would take a few hours of work. Agreeing, they left Sam be and spent the remaining time at the local temple speaking to both Khonnir and Joram before returning to acquire their repaired item. Returning in full to the lift, Eve recoupled the missing node and the lights in the lift grew stable, and after a quick reboot the internal systems identified a malfunction in transporting to decks 1 & 2, docking and crew quarters. Deck 4, engineering, presumably above them was active and all believed that traveling to that destination would be the next course of action.

Sanvil saw an opportunity he could not refuse. He led a dissatisfying life, mostly of servitude to the Black Sovereign, although he longed to join the ranks of the Technique League. He eventually managed to be initiated into the league, their leader, Ghartone frequently questioned his wisdom and readiness for greater responsibilities. They tasked Sanvil with a series of longer and longer investigatory missions which had him traveling from town to town, keeping tabs on activities and discoveries throughout the land. To assist him in this task of espionage and subterfuge, the League established a cover for him as a wandering tech merchant, courier, and collector of relics. Even though he proved himself quite good at his job over the past several years, the League refused to promote him into the higher ranks. With this newest discovery found under Torch, handing this information over to the Technic League would surely prove to everyone that he was fit for a title within its ranks. His only obstacle… Expedition Six. Although not a murderer, he needed them out of the way.

Playing upon their lack of knowledge of technological items, Sanvil persuaded the party that it would be safest if he operated the lift and he would send them all to the next level one by one. If they refused, his only other plan would be to ambush and/or rob them whilst they slept. Luckily, they agreed and Mithreal was first to be transported to the engineering deck. It took several seconds before the lift returned and Eve was next to embark. With only Vicky remaining Sanvil saw his opportunity and stabbed her in the back with his sword in one hand, and using his magus abilities unleashed a corrosive touch with his other while she waited for the lift to descend. Caught off-guard and furious Vicky pulled out her side arm and fired at the traitorous man. It wasn't personal but Sanvil retaliated again with his sword but Vicky moved away from his reaching 'Chilled' hand. Wounded, Vicky would not let this man live and fired another volley, but he seemed much 'more' now than he had led her to believe. He clearly fooled the lot of them pretending to be inept at combat when in fact he was a master. Again with a swipe of his sword, Sanvil had dropped Vicky to one knee, had Sanvil touched Vicky she would have fallen unconscious but she was just out of his reach. She knew that her life was fore-fit, but as she looked up, she took notice that his armor stopped at waist level. Bringing her gun towards his crotch, she fired, dropping the man instantly. Standing over his body, spitting at his face, she began looting him of his valuables. A few interesting trinkets, but more surprisingly a Technic League pin hidden beneath his robes. Unsure what that meant, she pocketed the pin. In searching, she also discovered two notes written by Sanvil. One, a message address to Ghartone of the Technique League.

I have discovered beneath Torch nearly an undisturbed ancient relic containing within, great treasures of technology. The residents of Torch, as you know, with the exception of Magical Maggie are no match for our strength and numbers. As well, rumors are true, Maggie whose been altering technology, in doing so weakens her own body making her in my opinion unable to defend the citizens. Torch and the treasures below are ours for the taking. In return for my discovery, I ask that I be promoted to the rank of lieutenant, for the years of service, dedication, loyalty and with this newfound treasure.


The other, a note of sorts… all the names being crossed off safe for one, Garmen.

Garmen (Connected to un-lit Torch… Warehouse????)
Expedition Four
Expedition Five
Expedition Six
Mithreal (Warrior – Threat)
Eve (Android – Gullible)
Vicky (Bar wench – Easy Prey)
Val (Child – Easy Prey)

Pondering what she found, Vicky stuffed these messages into her pouch just as the lift doors opened.

Meanwhile, on the floor above, Mithreal stepped out of the lift, doors closing behind her, the room was partially lit, the lights overhead flashing on and off. The floor beneath her vibrated slightly, a loud distracting sound echoed, originating somewhere further in, making it hard to concentrate and hear anything in the distance. Growls could be heard from all around as four beasts disturbed from their rest began approaching. As they pounced Mithreal managed to lash out at two of them, killing one, injuring another. The beasts try as they might to clamp down on her limbs found so difficult as the agile Oread dodged their attacks. With another jab, Mithreal downed another beast as the lift doors opened, Eve stepping out, ready to aid her companion. Launching a bomb, the remaining two Thylacines were injured severely making them easier to deal with. With their combined might, Mithreal and Eve were victorious and they looked around the room waiting for Vicky to emerge from the lift. When their companion did not emerge after double the alloted time, they grew worried. There was no evidence that the lift was initiated and so, Eve seeing how Sanvil activated the lift, did so herself and they both entered, going back down to level 3.

Hoorad thought he heard something behind the closed door. He alerted his companions, who in turn alerted those in the adjacent room and they all assumed a defensive position. He gave them the signal that he was going to open the door and investigate. What he saw was undesirable. The four Thylacines they stationed to guard the lift were killed, and whoever was responsible apparently had taken the lift back down to the floor below. Although paid to defend the high cleric, he had not seen combat for the weeks they had been there and he grew accustomed to the idea of free pay. Searching around for any clues as to who assaulted the beasts or at the very least how many foes they were going to have to kill, he was disappointed in not finding any helpful clues. Returning back to the others, the door closing behind him, he thought he heard someone yell out, "Who's there?!" from the room he just left.

As the lift returned them to the third floor, doors whooshed open, they saw Vicky stand up from over Sanvil's dead body. Relating to them that Sanvil had betrayed them, Vicky was unsure whether or not her party members believed them, but she showed them a few of the trinkets that he was carrying. Keeping to herself the pin, and papers, she followed them into the lift and they all proceeded together to the fourth floor. Emerging, Mithreal caught from the corner of her eye the door to the north had just closed. Yelling out, "Who's there?!" in hopes of getting an answer, it wasn't 10 seconds before the door opened again, the head of an Orc popping out, staring back at them. With a smile on his face, he beckoned for Expedition Six to follow, as the door whooshed shut. Sensing an ambush awaited them, Expedition Six opted to investigate the ramp to the North first. After several minutes of a steady decline, they eventually came to a massive shut metallic door. The assumption, this was the same door they ignored while investigating the caverns below Torch, close to the lair of the imps. Returning and investigating the South ramp, the corridor beyond was blocked by rubble that had collapsed centuries ago. Deducing this must have at one point connected to the collapsed tunnels just prior to the dessert, their choice to continue forwards was limited. Locked doors requiring a white access card prevented them from opening the mid-section doors, leaving one door leading to the ambush, and three others leading further into the unknown. Hoping the second door would eventually lead them to behind the ambush room, they ventured in, the lights nonfunctioning. All but Vicky could see, and so she turned on the parties flashlight to help her vision.

Moving forwards and opening the door at the end of the corridor, they came upon a group of Ratfolk and Orcs sitting around two tables playing cards and eating. Seeing intruders, they immediately grabbed their weapons and prepared for battle. Vicky taking note their insignia's, alerted her allies that their assailants were of Scrapwall, many miles North of here. Mithreal readied her spear in hopes the ratfolk would advance allowing her to strike first, but seeing the long reach weapon, they backed up five feet and pulled out their own ranged weapons and fired. Several shots hit Mithreal square in the chest injuring her. Vicky and Eve launched their own ranged instruments making this battle a pure ranged battle. The two Orcs in the rear took up their chairs and launched them straight at Mithreal, one connecting and nearly tripping her due to the force of the impact. Not before long the battle ended with Expedition Six looming over the bodies of the Scrapwall fanatics all save one, whose life was spared provided he divulged information. The remaining Ratfolk was scared, but his fear was split… don't help the intruders and die by their hands, or help the intruders and die by the hand of the High Priestess. Taking a chance, he provided some information, but not all to save grace in both eyes. After providing Expedition Six knowledge of the High Priestess from Scrapwall, serving an unknown God, paid them all to protect her and that she was located somewhere in the middle of this floor and that there were more of his allies in the room just Northwest of here, Vicky who did not share the same honor as Mithreal ended the Ratfolks life.

So… who was this High Priestess and what was she doing here? And what does any of this to do with the fire on top Torch being unlit? What was causing the headaches? What was the relation between all of this, and of Echo Woods? There were still so many unanswered questions. Searching the adjacent room and finding nothing of interest, they opted to open the ambush room from behind. Sure enough, they thwarted a surprise round as all the awaiting Ratfolk and Orcs faced the other direction, and they needed to shift positions as their foes snuck up from behind. Another quick battle ensued, one which severely wounded Mithreal and allowed one weaken Ratfolk to escape. Giving chase a few feet, Vicky caught notice of him leaving the area through another door, what lay beyond was unknown. Ignoring the Rat for the time being, they ventured towards the middle of the deck, opening a large room, semi-lit, a make-shift alter of sorts standing in one corner and a massive Gargoyle Servant above them watching them enter.

Gruethur was loyal to High Priestess Meyanda after their battle several months ago. Though she scared his throat, ending his ability to speak, he vowed to be her acolyte after she spared his life. When they came to Torch and found the chamber, Meyanda gave explicit orders, to protect her and the room beyond. Without question, he stood ready ever since, days and weeks passing. When he saw the doors to the North open, he knew something was afoot. When he saw the intruders he was all but too happy to end their journey. His nearly impenetrable skin made for an interesting battle. He held no fear as he began tearing Mithreal and Vicky to shreds. Barely any noticeable damage was seen by Vicky and Eve's attempts and it seemed that only Mithreal could do any harm. Luckily for Mithreal, Gruethur pivoted when he shouldn't have, creating the perfect opening for her spear. With a great thrust, she took three-quarters of his life force changing the outcome of the battle. Seconds later, Gruethur crumbled to dust leaving an injured party behind. Taking minutes to recover with potions and nanites, their options were limited as two of the three doors in this chamber were locked via the need of a white keycard. The elusive white Keycard was bothersome so they ventured onwards, opening the only door they could. Inside, they spotted two repair drones moving about, once again repairing various instruments, wall, and panels. Eve thanks to the tutelage of Sanvil was able to piece together what the drones were saying. They merely were stating they wished to repair and to be undisturbed. It seemed as though every battle with them, it was Expedition Six who got in their way which probably provoked them into attacking. Leaving the drones to continue their work, they opened the Northern door, to their surprise before them was the back of the Ratfolk who had escaped. Turning around, Snook saw Mithreal's face as her spear entered his neck ending his life. Opening the Southern door led to a workshop of sorts, with a mal-functioning Gearsman as its guardian. Seeing further fleshlings, the Gearsman programming activated lurching it forwards to destroy. Mithreal walked in, moving over two Orc bodies allowing the construct to swing its timeworn neural inhibitor. A flash of light from the weapon temporarily blinded both beings. As their visions returned they engaged in battle. Eve remained in the back launching her electrical bombs while Vicky tried to assist with her pistol. However, the heavy metallic body of the Gearsman proved to be too hard for Vicky's pellets. With exchanged blows and the feedback from his own weapon, the Gearsman was injured, but a lucky hit dropped the first fleshling. Advancing as per its programming to the next closest target, it was now in Vicky's face. Luckily for Vicky, Eve launched another volley destroying the construct before any major injury could befall her. Bringing Mithreal back up with Eve's nanites, they searched the room only to find… the White Access Keycard.

2 Boilborns
Bonus: Restored power to the elevator
4 Thylacines
Sanvil Trett; Human Magus
4 Ratfolk Scrappers 267
2 Scrapwall Fanatics; Half-Orc Rogues
3 Ratfolk Scrappers 200
2 Scrapwall Fanatics; Half-Orc Rogues 267
Gruethur; Gargoyle 400
Gearsman 400
Session total 2835
Campaign total
Summary 03: Khonnir Baine, alive and well?
Chapter 1: Fires of Creation-Technological Terrors

Although everyone could hear the voice speaking within their minds, none could see the being who had made first contact.

The Cerebric Fungus who had originated from Planet Liavara had been conscious for centuries, unable to grow, move or develop until several days ago when the containment field holding it was deactivated. With newfound life, it began developing at an accelerated rate and although quite intelligent, its knowledge and experiences were limited to what it knew of its immediate surroundings and some proto-memories inherited from its spores. When it had first heard the doors to the west open, it took cover, scared, as it watched beings of metal dragged bodies of flesh leaving behind a trail of red slop. With the passing of two days and no further movement or disruptions, the hunger that had set in was enough to persuade it to come out of hiding. Curious, it decided to sample the red liquid. To its surprise, it was quite tasty as it began nourishing its body with what remained on the floor. There was very little to do within the metal walls that surrounded it, and as days passed by it grew hungry once more. Then, the doors to the west opened. Once more taking cover, it decided to attempt to communicate with whoever was there in hopes to understand… everything. Both Vicky and Val were leery and did not bother to respond to an unseen assailant. Mithreal's only concern was the whereabouts of Khonnir, but unfortunately, the alien plant-like being did not understand the question in its entirety but related that there was a being of flesh that had been dragged through this local days ago. Parasite Eve, on the other hand, was curious herself and began to parley with the alien. Asking to show itself, the child-like alien plant came out, and everyone took a step back, shocked at what they had never before seen. Continuing their conversation, it was evident that the plant did not know much, but was thrilled to the idea of friendship. The moment Expedition 6 made reference and movement to leaving the Geology lab, the Cerebric Fungus grew agitated. Not only was it hungry, but it did not want to be left alone. Insisting that Expedition Six remain where they were, it was not long before a fight ensued and Expedition Six killed the newborn plantling.

Following the blood trail once more, the doors opened leading to a vast room containing two biobeds. Upon the first biobed was the corpse of a humanoid cut open from head to the torso with several holes and multiple lacerations upon its body. The second biobed had a current occupant struggling to free itself as several instruments appeared from the bed's side and quickly boreholes and dissected the man in the blink of an eye ending his life. Standing beside the newly dead body, a medical drone scanned its patient making sure the operation was a success and its health had returned. Nearly retrenching at the gruesome sight, Mithreal stared long and hard at the medical drone, who in turn looked back and began muttered words in a foreign dialogue. Simply stating for all to remain calm and that it would attend to any of their injuries, Mithreal mistook its beckoning needle-like claws as a hostile act and engaged with the mechanical beast. Following suit, Expedition Six made fast work of their foe using spear, bombs and pellets.

With a choice of four doors, they opted to approach the southernmost which swooshed open at their mere proximity. Inside held four bed-like contraptions with four deceased bodies upon them, a closed container of sorts in the corner with muffled sounds heard from within, and two mechanical beings examining the corpses. The Robot Collector simply stood still, hovering up and down, while the medical drone addressed its new patients asking in its native Androffan language for them all to take a seat. Believing that perhaps Khonnir was held within the container, it was quickly decided to engage the two mechanical constructs. Vicky reacted first, walking in to acquire her target, the Robot Collector. Firing and hitting true, the pellet seemed to ricochet off the hardened exterior plating. Cursing, she shifted her sights to the medical drone. Eve was next to react. Unsure if it was her targeting program or curiosity of what was inside the container, Eve walked inside standing beside it, firing an electrical bomb into the fray shorting out some of the constructs circuitry. The medical drones repair program activated as it moved closer to the robot collector repairing some of its damage. Mithreal moved up closer to the medical drone skewing it with her spear, shaking off some of the wires that attached itself to its end. The collector whirled its arms and swung at Vicky striking her once against her ribs. Val stood beside Eve (only because she took the spot where she was going to go) and fired a small projectile of force, hitting the medical drone's chest plate. Noting the effectiveness of her electrical bomb, Eve threw another, disabling the medical drone. The medical drones inner workings quickly began repair reactivating its systems. Rebooted, it stood as Mithreal attempted to put it down once more, but failed to connect. Its mechanical arms moved quickly restoring further damage to the robot collector. Vicky pointed her pistol at the drones head, firing point blank deactivating it once more. Mithreal jabbed at the construct damaging the unit. It retaliated minorly wounding the Oread. Val put a reassuring hand upon Vicky, aiding her in defensive tactics.  Vicky did not appreciate being in melee with its foe and backed up leaving Val next in line. Eve threw another bomb targeting both constructs once more, damaging both units… the smell of burnt circuitry emanating from the fallen medical drone. Mithreal swung wildly allowing the collector to advance closer to Val. Striking her once, it immediately grabbed the frail child closer to itself as two tubular tendrils exited the robot's hand entering into Val's neck and injected her with something. Screaming in pain, she could do nothing more than try and escape its grasp, but being only a child of thirteen, her struggles were in vain. {Somewhere distant, a bleep appeared on one of the many screens.} Driven, Expedition Six terminated the construct allowing them to explore the room further. Vicky rummaged through some technological wonders, bagging everything she could grab as Mithreal, Eve and Val used their security card to open the Stasis Pod, a naked Khonnir held within collapsed to the floor.

The site before Val pained her greatly. Khonnir was alive, but anyone could see that there was something amiss. The once proud, intelligent and brave man was nothing but a sobbing incoherent man. Unable to stand on his own, they clothed the councilman and carried him out of the technological wonder. Trying a theory, Mithreal asked Vicky to proceed first through the foamy sterilizers in hopes it would cure her headache. Sadly after several minutes, it was noted that the headache remained. Reaching the cavern entrance where they had slain the fire beetles, it was decided for Eve and Val to return to Torch leaving Mithreal and Vicky to stand guard over Khonnir. Seeking Councilman Joram, the high cleric was excited that Expedition Six had located Khonnir. Agreeing to venture to the caves in the morrow, Joram rested praying to Brigh for the powers of water breathing once more.

Eve walked to the shoreline with Joram and decided to swim alongside the elder cleric. Concerned for her well-being, Eve reassured Joram that she did not need to breathe as humans did. Diving into the waters together, Eve began to swim quickly as she miscalculated something and nearly took water into her systems. Joram slowly swam behind, both reaching the inside of the cavern safely. Relived to see her companions, Mithreal noted that Khonnirs condition worsened slightly. With a casting water breathing, everyone exited the caves returning to the temple of Torch. With a quick examination, it was evident that Joram was greatly concerned for his friend. Casting a few spells, he indicated that the councilman required rest and they could return the next day for any questions they may have. Handing them the promised Scroll of Resurrection, Expedition Six quickly went to City Hall to seek out Councilwoman Dolga.

Thrilled with the recovery of Councilman Baine, Dolga kept her word and handed each member 1,000 gd for their hard work. Asking for an update on the Extinguished Light and the circumstances to its disappearance, she was distraught when no answers could be given. Worried that the Technic League would get wind of Torch's misfortune and march towards the city should they not pay their taxes, Eve returned her share of the reward stating that the tax money and the safety of the townsfolk was more important than the accumulation of wealth. thanking Eve for her generosity, Expedition Six split up for the remainder of the day. Both Eve and Val stayed by Khonnir's side. Mithreal sought out Sam the blacksmith hiring his services to strengthen her spear. Vicky approached Sanvil Trett with her bag full of technological wonder. Attempting her charm upon the black marketeer, a deal was struck and in exchange for sixty-five percent value of the retailed goods, Sanvil would join Expedition Six below the hill and any technology found, a deal would be made on its possessor.

In the morning Mithreal, Vicky and their newest member Sanvil all returned to the temple where both Eve and Val had remained all night. Moments later Joram appeared, casting several spells upon Khonnir whose condition from one day to the next seemed to have worsened once more. The potency of the magics was able to stir the mind of Khonnir. Realizing his whereabouts and seeing both Eve and Val, Khonnir embraced Val tightly reassuring her that he was not going to leave her again. Joram could not hide is medical diagnostic… although Khonnir was not physically wounded, there was defiantly something wrong with his mind. Khonnir confirmed that the mechanical constructs did indeed inject him with something and ever since that time, he grew weaker, his mind dulling with each passing day. Unable to do much more than to cast restorations upon his friend daily, Joram could no longer provide the water breathing abilities to Expedition Six should they wish to continue on. Sanvil searched through his travel bag and took out a serum that he believed may be able to help Khonnir recover. Hearing the uncertainty in Sanvil voice, Mithreal and Eve insisted that venturing into the unknown once more may hold better results. Val held Khonnir's hand whilst looking at her subordinates… lowering her head she informed them that she would remain behind to be by her father's side and wished them all luck. Before departing, Mithreal spoke to Khonnir about the similar situation of her homeland, headaches, and death plaguing her kin. Although not getting the answer she was hoping for, Khonnir insisted that perhaps there was a correlation between both towns, but unless they identified Torch's current issue, he had nothing to go on and could therefore not help her with Echo Woods.

Reaching the shoreline once more, Sanvil took out a water breathing potion from his travel bag, quaffed the contents and dove in as the remaining Expedition members stared at him in disgust. Holding their own breaths, they swam quickly appearing within. Vicky approaching Sanvil with pistol in hand confront the man who held out on his potions. Sanvil simply stated that he was a businessman, and despite their current agreement, he had but one potion and promised that he would watch their backs. As they made their way back to the Science Deck, Sanvil took every opportunity to study any and all technological wonders he could see. Reading the Androffan writing on a monitor and clearly lying about its importance, Eve was astonished that the human could grasp the complex scripture and asked if it was possible to teach her. Delighted to have a pupil, Sanvil began explaining the contexts and alphabet of the language and reassured the group that if there was something he discovered of importance to them, he would, of course, share it. Opening a new door, a long corridor before then yielded two different doors. Opting to go south once more, this led to another corridor with two more doors. Wanting a change from going left all the time, the group decided to go right which lead them into a dark room. Shining the flashlight within revealed mold of various colors covering the entire room (Mithreal assured everyone it wasn't dangerous), five more doors and a strange plant-like creature moving back and forth. Quickly dispatching to the Weedwhip living in the Xenobiology room, the ruckus stirred the Vegepygmy's in the greenhouse next door who had enough time to grab their previous host's bones that were sharpened into pointed spears. As the door opened and Expedition Six confronted the green vegepygmy's, Eve threw in a bomb that nearly killed them all save but one. The sole survivor quickly escaped through a back door bringing him into the Hydroponics Station to alert his chieftain, Vrilledt. Mithreal believing a previous door would help cut off her assailant, rounded the corner opening two separate doors allowing her to see both vegepygmy's and striking the one who got away ending its life. Vicky followed suit firing and missing her shot. The chieftain furious at his clan's death, yet happy at the prospect of inflicting more expedition members advanced swinging its hammer critically smashing Vicky skull. Sanvil distracted by the technological wonders finally decided to enter the fray and began assisting in Mithreal's movements. Eve fired off one of her bombs that would ignite the little green man's skin and retreated to safety. Now on fire and knowing death would be sure to follow, Vrilledt could do nothing more than the attempt at continuing his legacy and infect his foes. Four poisonous swings swung wild, one of them nearly grazing Mithreal as Sanvil moved her out of harm's way at the last moment. A quick search revealed nothing of any use save for the light hammer. The question remained, however… which door was next.

Cerebric Fungus
2 Medical Drones
Collector Robot
Bonus: Rescued Khonnir Baine
5 Vegepygmies 300
Vrilledt; Vegepygmy Fighter 200
Session total 1500
Campaign total

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