Iron Gods

Treasure Listing

Identified ?
Miscellaneous 5 Brown Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous Black Card N/A ?
Weapon +1 Light Hammer Yes 2301
Summary 03: Khonnir Baine, alive and well?
Chapter 1: Fires of Creation-Technological Terrors

Although everyone could hear the voice speaking within their minds, none could see the being who had made first contact.

The Cerebric Fungus who had originated from Planet Liavara had been conscious for centuries, unable to grow, move or develop until several days ago when the containment field holding it was deactivated. With newfound life, it began developing at an accelerated rate and although quite intelligent, its knowledge and experiences were limited to what it knew of its immediate surroundings and some proto-memories inherited from its spores. When it had first heard the doors to the west open, it took cover, scared, as it watched beings of metal dragged bodies of flesh leaving behind a trail of red slop. With the passing of two days and no further movement or disruptions, the hunger that had set in was enough to persuade it to come out of hiding. Curious, it decided to sample the red liquid. To its surprise, it was quite tasty as it began nourishing its body with what remained on the floor. There was very little to do within the metal walls that surrounded it, and as days passed by it grew hungry once more. Then, the doors to the west opened. Once more taking cover, it decided to attempt to communicate with whoever was there in hopes to understand… everything. Both Vicky and Val were leery and did not bother to respond to an unseen assailant. Mithreal's only concern was the whereabouts of Khonnir, but unfortunately, the alien plant-like being did not understand the question in its entirety but related that there was a being of flesh that had been dragged through this local days ago. Parasite Eve, on the other hand, was curious herself and began to parley with the alien. Asking to show itself, the child-like alien plant came out, and everyone took a step back, shocked at what they had never before seen. Continuing their conversation, it was evident that the plant did not know much, but was thrilled to the idea of friendship. The moment Expedition 6 made reference and movement to leaving the Geology lab, the Cerebric Fungus grew agitated. Not only was it hungry, but it did not want to be left alone. Insisting that Expedition Six remain where they were, it was not long before a fight ensued and Expedition Six killed the newborn plantling.

Following the blood trail once more, the doors opened leading to a vast room containing two biobeds. Upon the first biobed was the corpse of a humanoid cut open from head to the torso with several holes and multiple lacerations upon its body. The second biobed had a current occupant struggling to free itself as several instruments appeared from the bed's side and quickly boreholes and dissected the man in the blink of an eye ending his life. Standing beside the newly dead body, a medical drone scanned its patient making sure the operation was a success and its health had returned. Nearly retrenching at the gruesome sight, Mithreal stared long and hard at the medical drone, who in turn looked back and began muttered words in a foreign dialogue. Simply stating for all to remain calm and that it would attend to any of their injuries, Mithreal mistook its beckoning needle-like claws as a hostile act and engaged with the mechanical beast. Following suit, Expedition Six made fast work of their foe using spear, bombs and pellets.

With a choice of four doors, they opted to approach the southernmost which swooshed open at their mere proximity. Inside held four bed-like contraptions with four deceased bodies upon them, a closed container of sorts in the corner with muffled sounds heard from within, and two mechanical beings examining the corpses. The Robot Collector simply stood still, hovering up and down, while the medical drone addressed its new patients asking in its native Androffan language for them all to take a seat. Believing that perhaps Khonnir was held within the container, it was quickly decided to engage the two mechanical constructs. Vicky reacted first, walking in to acquire her target, the Robot Collector. Firing and hitting true, the pellet seemed to ricochet off the hardened exterior plating. Cursing, she shifted her sights to the medical drone. Eve was next to react. Unsure if it was her targeting program or curiosity of what was inside the container, Eve walked inside standing beside it, firing an electrical bomb into the fray shorting out some of the constructs circuitry. The medical drones repair program activated as it moved closer to the robot collector repairing some of its damage. Mithreal moved up closer to the medical drone skewing it with her spear, shaking off some of the wires that attached itself to its end. The collector whirled its arms and swung at Vicky striking her once against her ribs. Val stood beside Eve (only because she took the spot where she was going to go) and fired a small projectile of force, hitting the medical drone's chest plate. Noting the effectiveness of her electrical bomb, Eve threw another, disabling the medical drone. The medical drones inner workings quickly began repair reactivating its systems. Rebooted, it stood as Mithreal attempted to put it down once more, but failed to connect. Its mechanical arms moved quickly restoring further damage to the robot collector. Vicky pointed her pistol at the drones head, firing point blank deactivating it once more. Mithreal jabbed at the construct damaging the unit. It retaliated minorly wounding the Oread. Val put a reassuring hand upon Vicky, aiding her in defensive tactics.  Vicky did not appreciate being in melee with its foe and backed up leaving Val next in line. Eve threw another bomb targeting both constructs once more, damaging both units… the smell of burnt circuitry emanating from the fallen medical drone. Mithreal swung wildly allowing the collector to advance closer to Val. Striking her once, it immediately grabbed the frail child closer to itself as two tubular tendrils exited the robot's hand entering into Val's neck and injected her with something. Screaming in pain, she could do nothing more than try and escape its grasp, but being only a child of thirteen, her struggles were in vain. {Somewhere distant, a bleep appeared on one of the many screens.} Driven, Expedition Six terminated the construct allowing them to explore the room further. Vicky rummaged through some technological wonders, bagging everything she could grab as Mithreal, Eve and Val used their security card to open the Stasis Pod, a naked Khonnir held within collapsed to the floor.

The site before Val pained her greatly. Khonnir was alive, but anyone could see that there was something amiss. The once proud, intelligent and brave man was nothing but a sobbing incoherent man. Unable to stand on his own, they clothed the councilman and carried him out of the technological wonder. Trying a theory, Mithreal asked Vicky to proceed first through the foamy sterilizers in hopes it would cure her headache. Sadly after several minutes, it was noted that the headache remained. Reaching the cavern entrance where they had slain the fire beetles, it was decided for Eve and Val to return to Torch leaving Mithreal and Vicky to stand guard over Khonnir. Seeking Councilman Joram, the high cleric was excited that Expedition Six had located Khonnir. Agreeing to venture to the caves in the morrow, Joram rested praying to Brigh for the powers of water breathing once more.

Eve walked to the shoreline with Joram and decided to swim alongside the elder cleric. Concerned for her well-being, Eve reassured Joram that she did not need to breathe as humans did. Diving into the waters together, Eve began to swim quickly as she miscalculated something and nearly took water into her systems. Joram slowly swam behind, both reaching the inside of the cavern safely. Relived to see her companions, Mithreal noted that Khonnirs condition worsened slightly. With a casting water breathing, everyone exited the caves returning to the temple of Torch. With a quick examination, it was evident that Joram was greatly concerned for his friend. Casting a few spells, he indicated that the councilman required rest and they could return the next day for any questions they may have. Handing them the promised Scroll of Resurrection, Expedition Six quickly went to City Hall to seek out Councilwoman Dolga.

Thrilled with the recovery of Councilman Baine, Dolga kept her word and handed each member 1,000 gd for their hard work. Asking for an update on the Extinguished Light and the circumstances to its disappearance, she was distraught when no answers could be given. Worried that the Technic League would get wind of Torch's misfortune and march towards the city should they not pay their taxes, Eve returned her share of the reward stating that the tax money and the safety of the townsfolk was more important than the accumulation of wealth. thanking Eve for her generosity, Expedition Six split up for the remainder of the day. Both Eve and Val stayed by Khonnir's side. Mithreal sought out Sam the blacksmith hiring his services to strengthen her spear. Vicky approached Sanvil Trett with her bag full of technological wonder. Attempting her charm upon the black marketeer, a deal was struck and in exchange for sixty-five percent value of the retailed goods, Sanvil would join Expedition Six below the hill and any technology found, a deal would be made on its possessor.

In the morning Mithreal, Vicky and their newest member Sanvil all returned to the temple where both Eve and Val had remained all night. Moments later Joram appeared, casting several spells upon Khonnir whose condition from one day to the next seemed to have worsened once more. The potency of the magics was able to stir the mind of Khonnir. Realizing his whereabouts and seeing both Eve and Val, Khonnir embraced Val tightly reassuring her that he was not going to leave her again. Joram could not hide is medical diagnostic… although Khonnir was not physically wounded, there was defiantly something wrong with his mind. Khonnir confirmed that the mechanical constructs did indeed inject him with something and ever since that time, he grew weaker, his mind dulling with each passing day. Unable to do much more than to cast restorations upon his friend daily, Joram could no longer provide the water breathing abilities to Expedition Six should they wish to continue on. Sanvil searched through his travel bag and took out a serum that he believed may be able to help Khonnir recover. Hearing the uncertainty in Sanvil voice, Mithreal and Eve insisted that venturing into the unknown once more may hold better results. Val held Khonnir's hand whilst looking at her subordinates… lowering her head she informed them that she would remain behind to be by her father's side and wished them all luck. Before departing, Mithreal spoke to Khonnir about the similar situation of her homeland, headaches, and death plaguing her kin. Although not getting the answer she was hoping for, Khonnir insisted that perhaps there was a correlation between both towns, but unless they identified Torch's current issue, he had nothing to go on and could therefore not help her with Echo Woods.

Reaching the shoreline once more, Sanvil took out a water breathing potion from his travel bag, quaffed the contents and dove in as the remaining Expedition members stared at him in disgust. Holding their own breaths, they swam quickly appearing within. Vicky approaching Sanvil with pistol in hand confront the man who held out on his potions. Sanvil simply stated that he was a businessman, and despite their current agreement, he had but one potion and promised that he would watch their backs. As they made their way back to the Science Deck, Sanvil took every opportunity to study any and all technological wonders he could see. Reading the Androffan writing on a monitor and clearly lying about its importance, Eve was astonished that the human could grasp the complex scripture and asked if it was possible to teach her. Delighted to have a pupil, Sanvil began explaining the contexts and alphabet of the language and reassured the group that if there was something he discovered of importance to them, he would, of course, share it. Opening a new door, a long corridor before then yielded two different doors. Opting to go south once more, this led to another corridor with two more doors. Wanting a change from going left all the time, the group decided to go right which lead them into a dark room. Shining the flashlight within revealed mold of various colors covering the entire room (Mithreal assured everyone it wasn't dangerous), five more doors and a strange plant-like creature moving back and forth. Quickly dispatching to the Weedwhip living in the Xenobiology room, the ruckus stirred the Vegepygmy's in the greenhouse next door who had enough time to grab their previous host's bones that were sharpened into pointed spears. As the door opened and Expedition Six confronted the green vegepygmy's, Eve threw in a bomb that nearly killed them all save but one. The sole survivor quickly escaped through a back door bringing him into the Hydroponics Station to alert his chieftain, Vrilledt. Mithreal believing a previous door would help cut off her assailant, rounded the corner opening two separate doors allowing her to see both vegepygmy's and striking the one who got away ending its life. Vicky followed suit firing and missing her shot. The chieftain furious at his clan's death, yet happy at the prospect of inflicting more expedition members advanced swinging its hammer critically smashing Vicky skull. Sanvil distracted by the technological wonders finally decided to enter the fray and began assisting in Mithreal's movements. Eve fired off one of her bombs that would ignite the little green man's skin and retreated to safety. Now on fire and knowing death would be sure to follow, Vrilledt could do nothing more than the attempt at continuing his legacy and infect his foes. Four poisonous swings swung wild, one of them nearly grazing Mithreal as Sanvil moved her out of harm's way at the last moment. A quick search revealed nothing of any use save for the light hammer. The question remained, however… which door was next.

Cerebric Fungus
2 Medical Drones
Collector Robot
Bonus: Rescued Khonnir Baine
5 Vegepygmies 300
Vrilledt; Vegepygmy Fighter 200
Session total 1500
Campaign total
Summary 02: Rattle Them Bones
Chapter 1: Fires of Creation-Technological Terrors

With their foes dispatched paving the way forwards, Expedition Six opted to explore the metallic door that was slightly ajar. Believing this was the very door Khonnir had made mention to Councilwoman Dolga after his first successful expedition, Mithreal took the lead opening the door further for all to enter. It was dark, pitch black, however, Mithreal's eyes were able to peer through the darkness with ease. Somewhat surprised to see a metallic chamber, she motioned for her companions to move forwards. Blocking their progress further was another door which was easily opened. Within slumped against the wall was another three-legged mechanical construct, motionless. Mithreal knowing what such a being was capable of, she entered, weapon raised exploring the newly discovered metallic chamber. While rummaging through some debris, the motionless Repair Drone activated as its sensors alerted it to the presence of a being attempting to damage the ship. Obeying its programming to stop such a threat, it engaged the prepared Oread and snared her with one of its internal mesh nets. Although ensnared, Mithreal retaliated as her companions entered the fray. Launching one of her alchemical bombs, Eve emotionlessness nodded her approval of the contact, whilst Vicky got close and personal blasting the construct with her pistol permanently deactivating it.

Exploring further door after door, chamber after chamber, it was hard to identify what they were in. Rumble, debris, and collapsed passageways didn't leave much evidence as to what or where they were with the exception of several cages containing bones, alien in nature, that once touched crumbled to dust indicating that whatever this place was, it was here for a very, VERY long time. Upon opening the last door, their surrounding would change again once more. No longer were they within the underground caves, nor a metallic structure, but a vast desert one of which was pitch black and quite chilled stood before them. Had Expedition Six taken Sef up on his offer of peace, he would have forewarned them of the looming dangers of the death desert, a tabooed place to his kin. Eve somehow recognized what she saw and announced that before them was a Habitation Dome. Uncertain as to why she knew that information and after receiving several blank stares from her traveling companions, she lowered her head and remained motionless for a second. Unprepared but best suited to scout the darkness, Mithreal walked out in a North Eastern direction looking for any signs of life. As she called out for Khonnir, her question echoed across the sands of time. Suddenly the ground began to shake. Growing in seismic force, Mithreal stood her ground, spear in hand as some organic creature emerged from the cold sands lashing out at her. Retaliating on her own whilst dodging a tendril attack, some form of bodily liquid managed to cover her slowing her movement. Yelling for assistance, Vicky was first to hear the call. Using her fire beetle light source to guide her way, she managed to locate Mithreal who had engaged the desert Ghelarn. Firing a shot and injuring the creature, Eve followed suit launching yet another bomb into the fray. Missing the target, Eve stood still recalculating the next trajectory. Both Mithreal and the Ghelarn continued exchanging blows until Vicky fired once more ending the creatures life. Taking a moment to further examine the plant-bone like creature, the Oread felt uneasy being unable to identify it even with her vast knowledge of creatures throughout the lands.

With the uncertainty of their present location in the unknown landscape, Expedition Six unanimously agreed to follow the mountain range they initially saw while entering the desert and follow its walls southwards as guidance. After trekking nearly ninety feet, both Mithreal and Eve felt uneasy and managed to spot from sixty feet away something coming at them from the Northeast. Lurched back to existence by the nearby lifeforce of Expedition Six, the once proud Kasatha hunter was compelled to seek them out and destroy them. Hetuath wandering the observation room began sensing that one of his kinsmen had awoken. Using the cursed gift given to him by the God Zyphus, Hetuath closed his eyes, reopening them with a red glow as he could now see through the eyes of one of his brothers. Eyes glowing red, the Kasatha skeleton ran up to Val flanking her as another Kasatha Skeleton had joined the battle from the Southwest. Looking into the distance, another five figures could be spotted approaching. Acting fast, Mithreal downed one of the skeletons but not before Val had taken a massive claw attack from the other. It was not before long until Vicky was in combat with two skeletons that had joined from the North as they began exchanging blows. The remaining three skeletons approached from the South engaging Mithreal and Eve. Using her bombs once more, Eve threw several into the mix, its alchemical properties splashing fire upon the skeletons injuring them all. Val used her father's healing wand to restored lost wounds upon her subordinates. Vicky fire once, twice thrice but misfortune came down upon her as she accidentally lit the black powder to quickly causing a minor explosion injuring herself in the process. Mithreal used her weapons skillfully jabbing at every opportunity as the mindless skeletons did the same. Once the red-eyed Kashasa fell, another would be the vessel of Hetuath's vision until all were slain. Noticing the fallen remains twitch ever so slightly, the party carefully discussed their situation. It was evident that danger lurked everywhere and although weakened and injured, the decided to press onwards in hopes that Khonnir was just minutes away.

Eventually ending up at an illuminating wall, the group stood by and watched the mountain wall before them disappear revealing a metal door with a light above, only to be replaced seconds later by the mountainous wall again. Eve stared carefully before seeing it for what it truly was alerting her companions in the process. Scouting once more the Oread passed through a set of malfunctioning sterilizer doors which caused a shock to run through her and her nearby allies. Exploring the newly lit metallic corridors, they came to a door with what appeared to have a brown locking mechanism. Examining it further, it seemed as though the brown cards Sef had provided them would fit within, which once done opened the door. Lights, buzzing, lit up panels, glowing buttons lined the room and desks within the Habitat Control room. Eve almost felt compelled to touch every button in the room which eventually lead to the reactivation of the domes power grid. A holographic image then materialized before them showing the stars, zooming upon a planet, further zooming into a large landmass near an ocean and finally to a desert similar to what they just transversed. Confused by everything they just bared witness too, they continued on eventually reaching another locked door with a black locking device. Attempting the use of a brown card, the loud sound it produced did not open the door and after a second attempt, it was determined that the color of the locking boxes must require the card of the same color. With one last door remaining, Mithreal opened it revealing the awaiting Kasatha Chieftan, Hetuath. The curse bestowed upon him by the God of accidental death and tragedy made it so the now juju zombie looked as he had when the module had crashed into Blackhill all those centuries ago, hiding his true appearance. Being immune to many magics and with a tolerance to weapon damage combined with the curse of rejuvenation, the Kashasa  Chieftain held no fear. Using the universal sign of death, Hetuath taunted Mithreal, moved a few feet and launched one of his javelins piercing the slayers gut. Eve threw one of her alchemist fires but missed Hetuah. Vicky moved up five feet firing her pistol slightly injuring the Kashasa. Val moved up a few feet and fired a ray of cold which seemed to have no effect. Mithreal moved up readying an attack and beckoning the chieftain to engage her. Hetuah noticing her reach weapon opted to back up and fired another javelin missing his target. Vicky advanced further in firing once more missing. Eve threw a firebomb but little to no effect appeared. After witnessing the events that transpired Val studied her target hard before realizing and announcing that the being before them was no longer amongst the living. Furious Mithreal advanced stabbing the chieftain with great resistance. Vicky fired, her pellet splitting in two upon contact. Eve attempted another bomb but missed while Val aimed and splashed Hetuah with acid. Hetuah smirked as he stood by Mithreal and barraged her with four attacks. Although nearly all misses, what did connect severely injured her making the next few seconds crucial. Vicky advanced into melee swiping the chieftain with her Elven curve blade feeling great resistance in the strike. Eve stood still, grabbing one of her mutagens, consumed the contents increasing her muscle mass. Val attempted another splash of acid, only to miss her target. Using all her force, Mithreal punched the juju zombie who retaliated with enough force to drop her to unconsciousness. Advancing towards the next closest being, Vicky attempted to strike but swung widely. Eve approached with hammer in hand and struck the ground before the chieftain's feet. Val approached with wand in hand and injured her target minorly. With swift actions, Vicky was next to drop leaving the two Baine sisters standing alone. Eve swung hard connecting injuring her assailant further while Val healed Mithreal ensuring she did not bleed out. Dropping Val next, Hetuah laughed as he stood face to face with the Android. Both were severely injured but it was Hetuah who would have the last laugh, for even if he dropped he and his tribe would return in one days time. Luckily for Eve, she studied her foes movements and calculated the force needed to destroy the Kasahaian. Looking upon her fallen companions, Eve restored life to their vessels and it was then decided to return to town and rest up. Before they left, Mithreal spotted a black key card, the very same that would help them progress further in the metal structure. Also, they noticed that Hetuah's body twitched ever so slightly, similar to the skeletons beforehand. It was decided to gather the bodies and drag them to the deep ominous pit, dropping all the remains within for peace of mind. Entering the desert, the land before them was changed. No longer was the land cold and dark, instead, the heat was unbearably high and high above, clouds and a red sun.

Returning to the beachhead, with both Parda and Gerrol's bodies, Expedition Six was met by a courier who handed them a letter. Garmen Ulreth requested their presence at his establishment, the Silverdisk Hall. Rolling their eyes at such an invite, Vicky took notice of their reactions and explained that no one said no to Garmen. If they would not attend his invitation, things would go very badly for them all as her employer did not tolerate such things. It was decided to attend the meet and greet however only after they finished their dealing with other members of the town. With a quick visit to Councilman Joram at the local Temple, both bodies were returned and assurances that they would venture forth again the morning of the morrow. A stop to Magical Maggie's gave them great knowledge. The ever-so-happy caster was able to transform the odd, yet intriguing technological items into more earthly items of power. Stopping by at Sanvil Trett's local stall proved to be informative in that the traveling merchant knew many things about technology, words, and writing and even carried with him his wares.

With little else to do, Expedition Six entered Silverdisk Hall, the joyous and festive atmosphere hitting them the moment they stepped within. Garmen seeing Vicky and her crew approached them with open arms. The tall, dark, mysterious and yet handsome man greeted them. He explained that business was bustling as the townsfolk were exciting that adventurers embarked on another expedition. Food, drink, and vouchers were given to all members as they were brought to a table in a quiet corner to converse amongst themselves. With an invitation to bed from Garmen to Mithreal afterward should she wish to partake, the businessman left the adventurers to mingle amongst themselves. Several rumors were heard and no coin was won, but aside from a mysterious clicking sound behind the table where they sat, the food and drink were greatly welcomed.

After a restful night, healing provided by Joram as well as a new casted water breathing spell, Expedition Six once more ventured into the unknown.

Using the black key card, the last door opened revealing a small corridor ending at yet another door. When approached, the door whooshed open revealing a large room. Lights, a desk (upon it something with visual stimuli), doors, humming… they were definitely not 'on Numeria' anymore. A pool of blood stood before one of the three doors, but the adventurers opted to check the unlocked door behind the desk first. Several metal boxes within revealed some unusual treasure, one being locked by a white lock box. Remembering to keep an eye out for a white key card, it was decided to use the brown key card to open the door with the trail of blood. Following the trail down the corridor to another door, Expedition Six opened it and entered a room filled with minerals. Suddenly they each could hear in their own minds, in their own language a friendly voice. "Hello! Who are you? Where am I?"

Repair Drone
7 Kasatha Skeletons
Trap: Malfunctioning Sterilizer; triggered
Hetuath; Kasatha Juju Zombie Fighter
Bonus: Recovered Parda's Body 50
Bonus: Recovered Gerrol's Body 50
Bonus: Party made a good impression with the locals 25
Bonus: Party escaped Black Hill alive in their first attempt
Bonus: Attended the festivities at the Silverdisk Hall 100
Avanced Ghelarn 200
Session total 1475
Campaign total
Summary 01: Expedition Six
Chapter One: Fires of Creation - Black Hill Caves

Councilwoman DOLGA was sitting within the council chambers of town hall somewhat depressed. It had been three days since KHONNIR went missing and two days since the council decided to fund a sixth expedition, but no one took an interest, not even with the funds they amassed as a reward. With only one successful journey beneath Black Hill, was it really surprising? Without the Fires… without KHONNIRTorch would probably lose most if not all its traders and with them, the taxes collected to pay THE SOVEREIGN which would ultimately mean the destruction of Torch. All seemed lost until Stewart the servant opened the door with a smile on his face motioning a cloaked figure to enter. DOLGA sat up straight and addressed the figure requesting what they wished of the council. Rejoiced to hear the individual was looking for KHONNIR, she began explaining the situation when Stewart opened the door for the second time, bringing forth another individual interested in joining the expedition. Pleased beyond words, she began to explain what the expedition when for the third time the door opened and yet another mysterious figure entered in search for KHONNIR. Delighted she paused for a moment in hopes for a further influx of people. When the door remained shut, she began.

It was no surprise to the townsfolk of Torch that the fires that burned upon Black Hill for over a century had gone out several days ago. In trying to determine the cause, Councilman KHONNIR was investigating the nearby area when he discovered an unusual amount of foot traffic at the base of the hill by Weeping Pond. This led to an undiscovered passageway under the water leading into the hill itself. Reporting back to the council of ten, it was decided to put forth an expedition to gather some intel. After the disappearance of two expeditions, KHONNIR decided there was no one better suited than himself to lead an expedition of his own. Thankfully it was successful as he returned with both information and something quite unique, some sort of damaged metallic creation. Placing it within his workspace for future study, the council pondered over his findings and decided to send forth another expedition to venture further still. When they did not report back, KHONNIR knew that his skills alone were needed to successfully guide another expedition… sadly, however, he never returned.

In return for their acceptance in joining the sixth expedition to find, locate and return KHONNIR, DOLGA provided them a writ granting them all a 20% discount for the day for any items or supplies they wished to purchase in town, reassurance that 1,000 gd would be given to all expedition members, a scroll of resurrection would be given to the 6th expedition after locating KHONNIR (assuming he was alive, if not it would be used upon his body), and information that VAL of the Foundry of granting any expedition members free room, food and board. It was also mentioned that should they also somehow manage to find out why the fires disappeared and restore them, a further 1,000 gd would be rewarded to each individual. Pleased with the information and eager to begin, DOLGA also informed them that High Priest JORAM would first need to pray for the ability to grant breathing under water as the tunnels were below the pond. With the water being tainted, it was possible to become ill if submerged causing suffocation. That and the expedition leader was ready to depart with our without aid the following morning. Taking it with for what it was, MITHREAL, PARASITE EVE and VICKY walked together heading towards the tavern where EVE, VAL's sister would introduce them all. As they approached, a commotion was heard and EVE heard VAL screaming at the top of her lungs. Suddenly something never before seen, broke through the tavern wall and began destroying more of the structure. Awestruck the three stood there for a second not knowing what was before them, but before long their natural instincts kicked in and they engaged the three-legged mechanical oddity. With a combined effort, Expedition Six dismantled the construct as EVE sought out VAL. Distraught and upset with EVE (which appeared to be a reoccurrence), the teenage child stood her ground against VICKY who tried to put her in her place amongst adults. Food was prepared and eaten, discussions were had and final purchasing was done, everyone went to sleep in hopes the morning sun would rise faster.

As Expedition Six entered the council chamber to meet with DOLGA and the expedition leader, all were surprised to see VAL standing there introducing herself as their leader. Though VICKY stated she was a mere child, that mere child was the one who was mostly funding the expedition. The lot of them went to the Temple of Brigh where JORAM awaited them. With both spell casting and words of blessing, they walked over to the banks of Weeping Pond, entered the water and began there swim into the dark and mysterious tunnels.

Although the leader, VAL was still only thirteen she suggested she not 'lead' the actual party. It was MITHREAL who took the lead keeping a vigilant eye. Noticing the carcasses of beetles, her great wilderness knowledge informed her that they were fire beetles and her keen hearing picked up the sound of such creatures coming closer. As three emerged from nearby cracks in the hill interiors walls, MITHREAL made swift actions skewing all before they could reach the party. Having knowledge herself, VICKY took the glands of the beetles smearing her hands within to create a luminous glow which would aid in her sight within the darkness. Dealing with a further Blindheim and three fungal molds, Expedition Six was successful in recovering the three copses belonging to the first expedition and another corpse belonging to a member of the second. As they continued deeper within the caves, MITHREAL spotted a figure down one of the tunnels who bolted in an Eastern direction. As they cautious advanced into a large underground opening, they were confronted by three skulks speaking in broken common requesting peace. Asking them to choose members to speak to their leader for diplomatic talk, it was decided that VICKY and EVE would go forwards with Luepel while MITHREAL stayed behind to protect VAL as both Yardriss and Brath stayed behind to watch over them. Being introduced to SEF, the self-appointed leader of the remaining skulks, he could do nothing more than beg and plead for his kin, hoping the trespassers would do them no harm as those before them had done. Upon seeing EVE, SEF took on a different demeanor and became very apologetic to EVE for allowing others to trespass. As promised he had discovered five of the cards she had requested and he handed them over without question. Both confused by SEF, EVE insisted that SEF was mistaken while VICKY played upon the confusion and insisted the skulk hand over all the items he had found from the looted corpses of the previous expeditions. Frustrated that EVE would allow her goon to speak when not asked to speak, VICKY's diminishing patience won as she drew forth her gun and shot Luepel straight in the shoulder. Furious at her (EVE's) deception, SEF declared revenge for his fallen kin and the remaining skulks would not die without killing her first. The battle ensued for several minutes, bullets flew, daggers were thrown, spears and javelins pierced the air and magic were cast before all the skulks eventually succumbed to their trespassers might, but not before downing the android EVE. Luckily for her, EVE managed to reboot herself with the assistance of healing supplied by her companions and the question still remained… what was SEF babbling about?! Backtracking and taking a different path, the party discovered a coolish carven with the remains of another expedition member. Taking a moments pause, MITHREAL realized the reasoning for the coldness and warned her companions of the brown mold that lined the floor and body. With the need of cold to destroy the mold, VAL used her magical ability to rid the area of the dangerous mold allowing them to recover yet another corpse. Returning to the skulk area, they decided to follow the tunnels northward which lead to several smaller rooms lined with traps and Jinkins. Reaching the lair of JAZVITthe Fey used his ability to dimension door to retrieve assistance in the battle to come. On the defensive, the four heroines await for visual on the Jinkins. Suddenly from behind, the Jinkins attempt to strike at their closest foe, EVE. In trying to help, VAL used her magics to comatose their foes only for her magics to work on both EVE and one of the Jinkins. As a third Fey approached they managed to box in MITHREAL and injure her severely. Although VICKY's bullets of poor metallic quality could do little to no harm, she continued firing in hopes they would cause a distraction. VAL kept MITHREAL alive using her father's Cure Light Wand while the Jinkins then began focusing their attacks on her, but not before MITHREAL and VICKY's combined effort dropped JAZVIT. With EVE awake, killing the comatose fey, the last remaining one decided to magic out of harm's way to safety, never to return again.

Before them embedded into the cavern's wall, a massive metal wall. A sealed metallic door to the north and another slightly ajar to the South. This is where KHONNIR had found the damaged drone and ended his first expedition. Other than a bottomless pit, the only way forward was through the unknown.

Malfunctioning Repair Drone
3 Fire Beetles
3 Young Slime Molds
3 Skulks
Sef; Skulk Rogue 200
Hazard: Brown Mold 150
Trap: Spring Loaded Spike; triggered 100
3 Jinkins 300
Jazvit; Advanced Jinkin
Trap: 2 Spring Loaded Spikes; triggered 200
Session total 1800
Campaign total
Vivacious Vicky - Iron Gods - Pre-Campaign

Six months have passed since you sold the pub and left your small town. You spent this time traveling across Numeria sparing no cost. You lived life to its fullest and spent the money to prove it. 

One day you were tracked down by a group of individuals led by a ruggedly handsome man. He introduced himself as Garmen Ulreth from Torch. As you shrugged him off and started walking by the man, you felt a firm grip on your arm.

Garmen: "Young lady, you don't know who I am, do you"?

Staring into his eyes and thinking for a few seconds, you shrug your shoulders.

Garmen: "I see. We seem to have a problem. It took awhile to find you, but eventually, it wasn't hard finding your money trail. I do hope you didn't spend too much… after all… the money is mine."

Upon his last sentence, you immediately reach for your weapon, true to your instincts, worried that these men were here to rob you of your valuables. However, before you could finish your action, their reaction was faster and two of Garmen's men grabbed both your arms firmly holding you still in your place.

Garmen slowly approaches you, a gentle hand caressing the side of your right cheek.

Garmen: "I knew your father Gessup… quite well actually… he was a regular. I don't suppose you knew of his gambling problems? I'm a well-known businessman in Torch. I run the Silverdisk Hall, an establishment of wonder, pleasure, and fun. Many come by to spend their riches in hopes of either leaving with more or leaving with a smile on their face. Your father, believe it or not, was such a man. I don't know or care for his reasons, but one day he entered my establishment and almost every day afterward he continued visiting. Unfortunately, he accumulated quite the debt as you can see by this formal document I brought with me."

He retrieves from his belongings a parchment, upon it is a total sum that Gessup, your father did indeed owe this man. You also noticed your father's writing giving the pub up as collateral should he be unable to pay, and at the bottom, his signature. With a worried look on your face, you again try to reach for one of your weapons to no avail.

Garmen: "Look… I like you, you've got spunk. I have no doubt that you knew nothing of this, but an agreement is an agreement after all and the pub you sold, was mine. I was actually going to expand my business, after all our towns are neighbors, and it made perfect sense. How much did you get for selling the place?"

Vicky: "You tarnish my father's name and all you can think of is money? You spit at his feet If you must know, I got 500 gold for the establishment."

Garmen: "That IS a good deal". And how much of it do you have left I wonder…"

Reaching for your purse, he opens it. To his disbelief, he removes 10 gold.

Garmen: "Well… you HAVE been having fun haven't you?! Consider this a down payment…. Boys…."

Just then, two other of Garmen's henchmen come forth placing a burlap sack over your head, bind your hands, arms and legs. You are thrown in what you believe to be a carriage and you are taken somewhere.

A few days go by and you are unsure of the direction you are heading in. Garmen was at least nice enough to allow you food, water, and the occasional pit stop. Eventually, you are sat down, unbound and the sack is lifted from your head.

Garmen: "Welcome home, my dear!!"

You look around at your surroundings. Dozens of gambling tables, a few wenches cleaning and preparing for perhaps what is to come, a bar, several side doors and you take notice of several muscular men.

Garmen: "I think, for your health, it would be wise to repay me what is owed. You will find that I take good care of my employees and everyone is paid well with free room and board. You need not fear me unless you cross me. Look around, speak to a few of the serving girls and get back to me with an answer. Should you decide to take me up on my offer, you'll have repaid your debt to me before you know it.

Garmen is only inches away from you and with your arms down by your side, you can feel your weapons still there. You ponder your next course of action for a second, knowing you could easily take down this man and run, but how far before his goons kill you? He was right about one thing… you have been enjoying yourself over the past couple of months and you are running out of money. Taking a step back you take several minutes to speak to both the women and men in the establishment. To your surprise, everyone gives positive comments about Garmen. True to his word, they are paid exceptionally well and he even provides several days leave of absence once you have worked for him for only six months. Returning to Garmen, you extend your hand and agree to his terms… once he is paid back for the pub, you are free to go. With a beaming smile upon his face Garmen Ulreth puts his arm around your shoulder and begins leading you off somewhere.

A year has finally passed since your first working day at Silverdisk Hall, but due to a disturbance in Torch, business at Silverdiask Hall has quieted down. You've heard other employees talk about the Light atop Blackhill has vanished. You recall your father mentioning the light a few times, how it has burned for nearly a decade (probably more now) and Torch was known for its craftwork in Sky Metal all due to this very light atop Black Hill. Should the light be gone, business in Torch would decline greatly and people would move on. What would that mean for Silverdkisk Hall and its employees? The townsfolk are also somewhat worried, as rumors claim there is a sickness spreading coincidentally ever since the light was snuffed out. With time on your hands, you begin calculating how much longer you have to work at the Silverdisk Hall. After personal and pleasure expenses… you calculate twenty-four years .. twenty-four more years stuck serving people. You weren't born for this, you were born to be free and adventure. You need to find a way to earn gold fast so you can get back out into the world.

You decide to step out of the establishment to catch a breath of fresh air. Walking the streets of Torch you come across a small boy spreading the word from the councilwoman… "Hear ye, Hear ye… Councilwoman Dolga Freddert seeks adventurers to brave the unknown, to help and discover the cause of the missing Light and to retrieve Councilman Khonnir Baine from his expedition. A reward of 500 gold to participants!". With a smile on your face, you rush back to the Silverdisk Hall and request a small leave of absence. Granting your request due to the lull, Garmen expects you back to work in fourteen days.

Mithreal - Iron Gods - Pre-Campaign

Looking behind at Echo Woods as you cross over into the lands of Numeria, you cannot help but feel homesick even though you only traveled a few miles. Venturing away from home has always been something that you needed to do, not something you wanted to do. In the end, you've always done what was best for your family, kin and home. You have never tarnished the name of protector that has been given to you. You cannot help but notice how the outlining trees are still quite healthy and undamaged by the mysterious ailment that is slowly spreading from the area around the "Death Place". This only bolsters your will to go forth and find a solution.

Although the Numerian trading town of Idenveigh is the closest settlement to Echo Woods, you know from past visits there that their lack of diversity cannot help you in your quest for knowledge. You do however decide to stop by and speak to the protector there, Redfang, as he is your kins direct contact for the trading town and has always made fair trade. After a brief encounter with the man, he doesn't quite give you high hopes. He believes what is happening to your home and kin is in fact involvement from the Technic League. As you know this town's hatred for them, you are not surprised for Redfang to make this accusation. You, of course, doubt his accusations as you have bared no witness to any outsiders in the woods for many years. Aside from going North to Starfall and asking the league directly for help, (as they seem to have a better understanding of metal objects with lights, another reason for him believing their involvement), the only other town that perhaps can help you would be the North Eastern town of Torch. Apparently, they have the ability to work with the metals that fell from the sky (skymetal) so surely someone there can help. He also tells you that the majority of Kellid tribes, along with their own town, when discovering transportable unknown objects visit Torch seeking out Magical Maggie, as she is able to transform the dangerous tabooed items into items of wonder. Thanking Redfang for this information, you ponder your next course of action.

After a few days travel North, you decide to head in a more Eastern direction believing Redfangs misguided trust and hatred in the Technic League is clouding his judgment and that Torch would probably be your better bet in helping your kinsmen. With about a day's journey still ahead, you eventually stumble across a small tribe of Kellid that seemed to have left from the general direction of the town. Inquiring whether or not they did, they give you a warning of sickness. Apparently just seven days ago the town's renown light atop Black Hills has disappeared and with it came a sickness slowly spreading throughout the town. They give you fair warning that if not strong in body, like themselves, you may contract whatever illness is upon the town. Both curious and slightly frightened, you ask about the symptoms. Their response… some townsfolk are claiming to have headaches and there is a number of small children who have fallen into a deep sleep. Eyes-wide and without hesitation, a thank you or good-bye, you leave the Kellid behind as you start running towards the town of Torch.

Parasite Eve - Iron Gods - Pre-Campaign

… and suddenly the world around you went silent and black…

Parasite Eve: … help… help… help… help… help… help… help…

Time passes

Parasite Eve: … help… help… help… help… help… help… help…

More time passes

Parasite Eve: … hlp… hel… elp… hep… hel… hel… hlp…

An unaccountable amount of time passes

Parasite Eve: … hp… el… hp… he… lp… hp… hl…

Time passes

Unknown Male Voice One: … and maybe now. Hhmmm… Well I must have done something right, see there, a small light of some sort.

Unknown Female Voice One: I still would have gone with fiddling with that small wire there. But you are more of an expert on these matters than I. 

Unknown Male Voice One: At least your magic helped me out again. Thank you Maggie. With a little bit of luck, she'll be as good as new.

Unknown Female Voice One… designated "Maggie": What are ol friends for. Friendly reminder Khonnir, they are everywhere. Considering this one was found within Sovereign's Reach, they'll want her back should they know the truth.

Unknown Male Voice One… designated "Khonnir": I know.

Maggie: Settle in. Take a look around town. You've been here for days cooped up. Take that little girl… what's her name?


Maggie: Take Val with you and enjoy the sites. It's a small town but the people are amazing. You'll like it here. Check out the smiths, I'm sure someone like you can give expert advice. I gotta go…. expecting someone at the shop. Maybe I'll see you around?

Khonnir: I shall, and again… thank you for this.

Maggie: Anytime Pauldris. err… I meant… that is going to take some getting use to. KhonnirKhonnir… Khonni<wbr />r.

The sound of footsteps moving away, and a door closing

Time passes

The sound of a door opening

Khonnir: There she is.

Unknown Female Voice Two: Wow. She is beautiful. Can I play with her?!

Khonnir: She isn't a toy. She is a… person. Different, but still a person. You have to respect all races, that they be alive or… different.

Unknown Female Voice Two: Ok Daddy. But… can she play with me?!

The sound of laughter

Khonnir: I'm still trying to wake her up. I think she has been sleeping for a very, very long time. I haven't spent a lot of time on her. Been busy around town these past few months since we got here. Once properly settled in, I'll help her out. Come now.

"The sound of footsteps moving away and a door closing"

Time passes

Over time, you have heard Khonnir approach you several times. Each time talking to you as though you were both having a conversation. He has mentioned his frustration in not progressing any further on you, what he has designated as Parasite Eve. He is hopeful that one day he will succeed, however with the town's recent vote in making him a councilman, his own work at the foundry and aiding the smithing community and his newest idea of improving the town's water supply, he is fearful that he will have even less time with you.

Time passes

Unknown Female Voice Two: Dad, is she ready?

Khonnir: No Val. I still haven't gotten any response from her.

Val: It's been a few years. Maybe you should give up?

Khonnir: Haven't I taught you never to give up?

Val: But you spend all your free time with her! Can we do something?

Khonnir: I spend more time with you than with Eve.

Val: That doesn't count… you're teaching me. That isn't fun. That isn't the same. I wanna play.

Khonnir: You have to learn Val. The world is a dangerous place and you need to be able to protect yourself. one day, I won't be around to help you.

Distant voices can be heard

Khonnir; You didn't lock up?!

Val; I forgot.


The sounds of footsteps rushing away

Val: I hate you. I wish you were never here.

The close sound of metal clanging can be heard

Just then, you see a visual of a young female walking away dropping a large metal rod and closing a door.

Time passes

You see the door open and a middle-aged man approaches and sits down beside you upon a stool. As he begins to speak you recognize his voice as Khonnir's. As he asks you one of his rhetorical questions, you blink and you notice that he almost stumbles off his stool

Khonnir: Eve?! Do you hear me?

you blink

Khonnir: Do you understand me?

you blink

Khonnir: Can you move?

you pause for a moment… thinking it through, you blink twice

you notice Khonnir's facial expression change. The area where his voice comes from… the shape turns into a 'U'.

Khonnir: We'll fix that soon enough.

Time passes

Eventually one of the visits from Khonnir pays off and you regain the ability of motion. Your vocal ability was poor and for a long time, you relied on the movement of your head (nods). Eventually, with Khonnir'aid, he begins teaching you in language, history and the world around you. You eventually are taken out of the small enclosed space you grew accustomed to and Khonnir began teaching both you and your 'sister' Val at the same time. Unfortunately, to Khonnir's dismay, you cannot really recal anything prior to the first day you heard voices, which Khonnir informed you was nearly a decade ago.

A year passes and Khonnir begins taking you out at night to walk the streets of Torch to familiarize yourself with its surroundings. Although you've only gone out three times, each time he ends the journey with a visit to the light atop Black Hill. On the eve of your fourth planned outing, Khonnir apologizes and cancels the trip as strangely enough the light atop Black Hill had disappeared earlier that day, something that has never happened in the 112 years that the light has existed.

Three days later, Khonnir brings home a body of metal very different from your own. He seems excited and tells you and Val of an exploration he took in trying to discover the issue with the missing light wherein he stumbled upon this broken heap of metal. He stores it in the very same room that you remember 'growing up' in before heading back to the council chambers. Taking a visit yourself, you inspect the body… you see no movement from it, you hear nothing, nor do you see anything unusual. You ask it a few questions and do not get a response. You go to the corner of the room and pick up a large metal rod and you whack the side of the bodies head. You ask it another question, but still no response.

Khonnir returns a few hours later and informs both Val and yourself that he will be leading another expedition in two days time. You notice Val seem a little worried

Val: Don't go.

Khonnir: I have to. There is no one more suited for the job.

Val: You got lucky! We still haven't heard back from the others.

You notice from facial expressions that Khonnir has left something out and may know more than he has lead on

Khonnir: I'm sure they're fine and we'll catch up to them. It's a vast network of tunnels… besides… imagine… if I could find more technological wonders below, it could shed some light … literally.. on Torch. Might even help balance the odds against the Technic League. It is something I cannot pass. Without the light from Black Hill the towns only source of revenue will mean the end of Torch.

Val: Dad, please.

Khonnir: The decision is final.

You watch as Val runs off

KhonnirEve, be safe, protect Val. Stay home and do not leave until my return.

That was day five… it is now the eighth day since the light atop Black Hill went out, and three days since Khonnirsecond expedition left. He has yet to return.

You have overheard Val speaking to strangers visiting the Foundry to help find Khonnirbribing them with free room and board. you have also heard her mention that the council is offering a huge reward for anyone or group who can find Khonnir and bring him back home.


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