Iron Gods

Treasure Listing

Identified ?
Coin Gold N/A 2990
Gem Garnet N/A 500
Gem Sapphire N/A 4500
Gem 14 Tourmalines N/A 1400
Miscellaneous Alchemy Lab Yes 200
Miscellaneous 9 Bottles of Wine N/A 450
Miscellaneous 18 Brown Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous Black Card N/A ?
Miscellaneous 155 Goo Tubes Yes 930
Miscellaneous 5 Gray Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous 2 Green Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous 2 White Cards N/A ?
Miscellaneous Spellbook Yes 1500
Miscellaneous Spellbook Yes 3600
Pharmaceuticals Cardioamp Yes 4550
Pharmaceuticals 2 Cure Alls No 2800
Pharmaceuticals 5 Doses of Torpinal Yes 1500
Pharmaceuticals Hemochem; Grade III Yes 750
Pharmaceuticals TW Medlance Yes 500
Potion Gaseous Form Yes 750
Potion Invisibility Yes 300
Technology Arc Pistol Yes 10000
Technology 13 Batteries Yes 1300
Technology TW Black Nanite Hypogun Yes 6000
Technology 3 TW Commsets Yes 18000
Technology Dart Gun Yes 3000
Technology 2 TW Filter Masks Yes 9000
Technology Hologram Genertator Yes 500
Technology 3 TW Laser Pistols Yes 30000
Technology TW Laser Riffle Yes 20000
Technology MW Green Scatterlight Suit Yes 1150
Technology 4 Nanite Canisters Yes 2000
Technology 47 Silverdisks Yes 470
Technology White Nanite Hypogun Yes 15000
Weapon 4 MW Heavy Crossbows N/A 1400
Weapon 4 MW Longswords N/A 1260
Weapon Mithral Warhammer N/A 5000
Weapon 2 MW Warhammers N/A 620
Weapon +2 Construct Bane Longbow Yes 18400
Weapon 10 +2 Human Bane Bolts Yes 3600
Weapon 5 Screaming Bolts Yes 1335
Wondrous All Tools Vest Yes 1800
Wondrous Eversmoking Bottle Yes 5400
Wondrous Voidfrost Robe Yes 11000
Summary 18: Smoke! Inside the Smoking Tower
Chapter Three: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Eve was first to return to the floor above standing once again by Mithreal's side. Things looked bleak and Eve did her best to reason with Mithreal who still would not give up in her efforts to strike at the gloating mage. As the balance of Expedition Six made it half-way on the flight of stairs, Mithreal heaved a great sigh and conceded to the mage's power and retreated along with her companions. Without looking back, they all made haste back down to the first floor, hoping Furkus would not give chase and quickly opened the door exiting the tower. Meanwhile, Furkus returned to check up on his private chambers. Looking around taking mental note of all his possessions, he felt relieved that the recent nuisances who called themselves Expedition Six (like that meant anything to him) did not disturb any of his possessions. His anger began to fade as the thought of torturing his guest excited him.

Both Mithreal and Vicky's hearts were struck hard with despair as these two self-claimed warriors had yet to flee from battle due to a foe more powerful and resourceful than them. Eve and Meyanda followed their companions, their positronic brains acknowledging the intelligent decisions they made and positive outcome as the result. Returning to the home of Longdreamer, the four defeated heroes rested and began discussing how they could defeat or even put Furkus to rest. After several hours of planning and rest, it still wasn't clear how they could win, but they prepared themselves to the best of their ability in case they should bump into the master of the tower once more. Before they parted, Longdreamer updated Eve on her 'family' through her dream visions. Her sister Val was apparently sad as if stricken with the loss of a loved one recently, while communication with Khonnir thus far failed. The Emissary of Desna promised to continue her efforts.

Returning to the Smoking Tower, the four returning adventurers readied themselves and entered once again, without knocking. Returning to the floor where they battled the elemental mage, they looked around and tip-toed to the next flight of stairs leading upwards, ignoring the bedchamber and the two unopened doors.

As they ascended, they began to hear the sounds of metal clanging and the stoking fires of a forge. Glancing around the room, three Azer's (chained to nearby forges) were being watched by three Riot Suppressors. The party of four entered the room with weapons raised and a small battle ensued. This time, around, it was Expedition Six who had the upper hand and dispatched them fairly quickly. Throwing the metal bodies into the fires, the Azers looked frightened but was quickly reassured by their saviors. The Azers had been summoned by Furkus years ago and the Azers had not been permitted to venture beyond this floor. Expedition Six freed the slaves from their chains and led them outside to freedom. They were thankful as they ran off into the forest, their blazing skin catching a twig or two on fire. 

Ascending once more, the next floor seemed to house supplies for the forge below, boxes, tools and a crane. Mithreal began advancing when all of a sudden the crane from the far end of the room swung widely, gripped Mithreal in its claws and launched her to the floor below. Shocked at what transpired, Vicky ran in looking for the culprit. Eve and Meyanda stood back waiting for the signal to advance when Vicky too was grabbed by the crane and hurled to the room below. Both Mithreal and Vicky's bones ached. It took several attempts and many runs from one floor to another, but the Animated Crane soon broken down as the combined efforts of Expedition Six triumphed once again.

Once more they climbed a flight of stairs, this time leading to a floor that housed another lab and what appeared to be a storage room. The lab was dedicated to technic research, some odds and ends could be found throughout the room. The storage room seemed to house robotic parts, however as Eve was exploring this room with interest, she activated a trap that Furkus had constructed many years ago. The rooms robotic pieces flayed and thrashed about inflicting wounds upon Eve's exoskeleton tripping her in the process. It took several seconds to crawl her way out, sustaining further injury, but nothing that a few bursts of healing magic couldn't restore. 

Another flight of stairs… once more ascending the tower… the eight floor meant they were nearing the top. This floor yielded three more labs; Quasi-Gaseous Research, Swarm Behavior Studies, and Smoke and Particle Research. The first was bare, except some crude notes on gaseous forms and some residue on the floor. Identified as the remains of vampires, it was deduced that perhaps Furkus was experimenting or watching vampires in their gaseous forms and eventually grew bored (like all his other experiments to date) and they were left to wither away without sustenance. In examining the Swarm lab, Expedition Six was confronted with not one, but TWO Bionanite Clouds, the very same they found within the ship under Idenveigh. Eve fell victim to their mesmeric patterns, while Mithreal closed the hatch and opted to leave the swarms alone. When Eve returned to her regular state of mind, they examine the final laboratory, Smoke and Particle Research. Within the massive room housed a large turbine, spinning inside it, a bottle pouring out smoke. Also within the room, a beast, Mithreal acknowledged as a Belker who transformed into smoke and advanced, nearly engulfing all of Expedition Six. The Belker remained in smoke form for several seconds, following random Expedition Six members, causing bodily harm and reverted to his true form to inflict further harm whenever they party slit up. The tactic was sound and Mithreal was getting peeved and even toyed with the idea of luring the Belker into the room housing the swarm, but in attempting to do so, caused more harm than good and the hatch sealing the swarm was closed once more. Eventually, with persistence, the Belker was defeated and wounds were mended. Before leaving, Eve grabbed the bottle and identified it as an Eversmoking Bottle. Interested, she toyed with the idea of opening it but thought it best to save it for a future battle. 

The ninth floor loomed before them. It was slightly smaller than the previous rooms. Within the Pyrolitic Spire stood two robots behind a work desk. Surrounding them, desks, tables, bookshelves, bubbling cauldrons, mechanical contraptions and more could be seen. Sensing the presence of others, the two Robotic Apprentices looked up and asked in unison whether or not their master, Furkus needed assistance with the Android. Reading their facial expressions, it was evident to the Robot Apprentices that the four before them were NOT here on their masters wishes and they advised Expedition Six that trespassing in their masters tower would be the last thing they ever did. 

Staring back at the two robots and taking a deep breath there was only one thing that crossed each of their minds… where the fuck was Casandalee?!

3 Riot Supressors
3 Azers; rescued
Animated Crane
Trap: Flaying Robot Parts; triggered
Advanced Belker 800
Session total 5800
Campaign total
Summary 17: Expedition Seven?
Chapter Three: TCT-Bellow a Smoke-Filled Sky

Discussing where to go next, Eve insisted that if they could enlarge the crack before them and gain access to a secret stairwell, it could perhaps lead them somewhere important.  Mithreal grabbed Eve's hammer of choice and began smashing the wall. After several minutes of progress, the small crack enlarged to a hole nearly a foot in diameter when suddenly the hole mended itself reverting to form a complete restored wall. Cursing the magic of the tower, Expedition Six continued forwards, ascending the next flight of stairs.

The third floor was interesting, with four separate doors, three of which were clearly outlined as different laboratories. Opening the unnamed door revealed a flight of stairs leading up to the fourth floor. Deciding it best to explore, Eve looked at Mithreal and pointed at the Alchemical lab. The door was slightly different than the previous doors to the tower. It was well enforced and once opened, lead to a small corridor which at the end held another similar enforced door. Mithreal inspected both doors and opened the second one allowing access to the lab. A quick search revealed several pharmaceutical items that Expedition Six gladly ransacked. Suddenly after approximately thirty seconds, the first and second doors leading to the laboratory closed by themselves. Eve was trapped in the lab, Vicky and Mithreal were trapped in-between both doors, while Meyanda was left stranded alone on the third floor attempting to open the closed door before. Suddenly, Mithreal and Vicky were sprayed with a similar substance that they had seen below the town of Torch. Although not foamy in nature, Mithreal assumed the agent was similar to that of the serialization liquid and after thirty more seconds, the locking mechanism gave way and the doors were able to be opened once more. Intrigued by the design, but now conscious of their function, Expedition Six rounded the corner and stared at the first door leading to the Fluid Siphoning Research laboratory.

Cautious as usual Mithreal took the time to look for traps, none of which could be seen. The moment the second door was opened, a gush of air seeped into the room, so strong that it pushed Mithreal into the room by a few feet. The room itself revealed to be a decent sized room filled with broken furnishings. Within a trapped creature took notice of its freedom and the nourishment that came forwards. Desiring to both eat and flee, it mounted an attack on Mithreal. The battle was short, but the starving Mihstu was able to siphon some of Mithreal's bodily strength, weakening her overall endurance and constitution. With a quick search which revealed another ioun stone, the group of adventurers moved onwards and began examining the doors leading to the third laboratory, Gaseous Ooze Research.

Mithreal peered into the laboratory and took noticed of an unusual dark fog in the far back of the room. Slumped over some books at a nearby desk, was a cloaked body, unmoving. Mithreal felt uneasy and taking a small step forward attempted to sense whether or not the slumped creature was alive. Her gut told her that the body was indeed dead, however, it still sent a shocking sensation through her spine as though an evil presence was nearby. Confused by the mixed signals, Mithreal from a distance jabbed at the corpse. Upon impact, Anada Visk, once the lead specialist to the laboratory turned Allip, stirred and pounced towards Mithreal's position. Meanwhile, the symbiotic connection between Anada and the Hungry Fog that remained dormant within the room trigger and the fog to quickly moved upon Mithreal's location and seeped further along the corridor affecting all member of Expedition Six. The negative energies that the cloud produced were quite harmful to the party but was quite effective in healing the Allip from Mithreal's previous jab. Things began looking bleak as the injuries upon Expedition Six increased and the Allip's ability to render its foes dazed had worked on Eve putting her in a catatonic state putting her out of combat. Soon, the call to retreat was made. The Allip quickly took the opportunity to grab onto Meyanda, keeping her from escaping, but her strength eventually allowed her to break-free although not quick enough as the decontamination process commenced. The Allip was trapped within the laboratory and made great efforts in trying to open the locked door. Meyanda was trapped within the corridor leading to the laboratory and to the main floor, undergoing decontamination, while the balance of Expedition Six was stuck in confronting the Hungry Fog. They knew that they had half a minute before the doors would unlock and the Allip would be free, and with the two combined entities fighting them, all life would be lost. Doubling their efforts, they managed to destroy the fog with seconds to spare before the doors locking mechanisms reverted to normal. With Meyanda back with the party, she used her blessing to restore some health to her comrades as the Allip soon entered shortly thereafter. Without its healing vessel, the Allip was soon dispatched and Expedition Six took a few minutes to breathe and mend some wounds before progressing to the fourth floor.

Stepping onto the fourth floor was easy enough but as usual, any magic spells previously cast upon their persons wore off. Another sign indicated a fourth laboratory nearby, this one dedicated to Animal Research. Before moving on, Eve pointed out a break in a nearby wall. Mithreal took a closer look, noticed a large room filled with empty cages beyond and thought she could squeeze in allowing her to search the room beyond. Looking in and listening, she could her some form of creature picking up her scent. Readying herself, she squeezed through the crack and prepared for her assailant. Nearby playing with one of several inoperable mechanoids, the Aurumvorax saw Mithreal, stopped playing with the robot and opted to play with its newest plaything. Though prepared, Mithreal could not match the speed of the small creature as it pounced upon her body clawing frantically, grabbing her body and raking her further. Through the crack, her friends were astonished to see Mithreal becoming a bloody mess before them. Throwing a grenade, Eve hoped to incinerate the beast while Vicky fired off several blasts targeting the creature solely as to not harm her friend. Mithreal jabbed several times at the rabid animal. Then as if distracted for a moment, the Aurumvorax lost interest in Mithreal but for a second, but that second was all Mithreal needed. Freeing herself and grabbing her spear, she skewed the animal and rose it high in the air. Enraged that such a small animal could get the better of her, she whipped her spear flinging the animal against the nearest wall, smearing its bloody corpse from top to bottom. Helping patch Mithreal's wounds, they ventured further in, confronting two nuisances known as Achairais'. With little effort, they dispatched to two beings and found the next flight of stairs leading to the fifth floor.

Furkus went about his daily routine. He took great pleasure in tormenting his captor. Day after day, it was one of the only things that brought joy to his unlife. Then he felt the intruders. Their life force still remained and he could sense them entering the fifth floor… his floor. Angered, he made his way to deal with Expedition Six once and for all.

Another door blocked Mithreal's path, but after a confident search and finding no traps, they opened it revealing another flight of stairs and a corridor leading to yet another door. This one yielded no signs of traps, however once Mithreal attempted to open the locked door, the arcane locked held firmly and its special ability produced a bolt of electricity that ricocheted throughout the corridor striking all member of Expedition Six. After carefully disarming the trap and unlocking the door, Expedition Six entered the master bedroom. it was a combination of bedroom and study filled with interesting tapestries. The tapestries themselves were truly remarkable, one of a kind, and all still well preserved, all depicting different gloomy landscapes and gothic (Steampunk) architecture. Of note, another door to the northwest, however, no handle adorned the door, instead of a handle, it bore a small plate of copper metal. As they made their way further into the room, Furkas phased through the walls and cursed the intruders for surviving and making it this far up the tower. Now, they had the master himself to contend with. Mithreal advanced striking at Furkus which barely seemed to phase the Wizard. Meanwhile, he used his magic to once again summon forth a black cloud of negative energies to engulf his foes and added to the room a poisonous gas. Eve took out her wand that created powerful gusts of wind and managed to blow outside the room half of the deadly gas. Vicky fired at Xoud, who again didn't seem all that phased. Mithreal backed out of whatever clouds remained in the room and continue to strike Xoud, but her movements were ill-timed and she could not strike the wizard. The wizard laughed and began insulting the intruders and threw a fireball in the back of the room scorching all of Expedition Six. Eve threw a bomb at Furkus but the negative energies of his cloud all but removed the damage her bomb created. Vicky attempted to fire at Furkus, but could not pinpoint his through the clouds as she began inhaling the poisonous substance. Mithreal opted to leave the room, past the corridor filled with gas and take a quick breather, however, Furkus was too invested in dealing a mortal wound to the one who thought could best him in battle and phased through the walls meeting up with her. Amused, he cast a forcewall blocking her companions so they could not interfere. Eve, Vicky and Meyanda rushed into the corridor only to find their way blocked by a wall of force. Mithreal viciously struck at Furkus, missing nearly every time. Furkus then created multiple images of himself and laughed at Mithreal futile attempts, angering her further. The rest of Expedition Six looked on worried. Mithreal was done for, but they themselves were trapped as well. Then, Meyanda had a plan. Using her magic she could create a hole in the floor allowing Eve to drop down. The hole would surely close, but she could cast it again and both Vicky and herself could drop down. They could then either escape the tower or run back up, get Mithreal and then escape. It was a sound plan, and the only one they had left. Nodding at her sister, Eve gave the signal to do it.

Mithreal couldn't strike the ghostly wizard, but at the very least she did away with three of his images. Eve took a great fall but recovered fast enough. Furkus yawned in Mithresl's face. Then he cast some missiles of magic to strike her body from all directions. Meyanda and Vicky landed on their romps, bruised and battered, they also quickly recovered. The three of them ran towards the stairs that led to the fifth floor. Mithreal was not going to give up and took out a few more images. Furkus smirked… what could he do next.

Hungry Fog
Anada Visk; Advanced Allip
2 Advanced Achaierai 1200
Trap: Shocking Door; triggered 2400
Session total 7300
Campaign total
Summary 16: I Smell Fish! errrr... Smoke!
Chapter Three: The Choking Tower-Smokewood


Despite Eve's attempt at convincing most of the remaining inhabitants of Marstol, her words fell on deaf ears as the people were content in remaining. Marstol, after all, was their home and none could afford to relocate let alone leaving behind their livelihood. They bid Expedition Six farewell thanking them one final time.

As they returned to Idenveigh, a peasant boy met up with them informing them the local merchants had acquired the items which they had placed orders for. Seeking out Sosiel, they told their tale of what had transpired at Marstol and deemed the mission a success. Pleased at the outcome, Sosiel thanked Expedition Six wholeheartedly and explained that had they failed, the world would surely fall into Demonic control shortly thereafter. Curious, Eve inquired more about the Demons, the Worldwound and the role Sosiel partook in at Mendev only to be shocked by the story Sosiel told. Expedition Six were unaware of the Demonic threat to the North and pledged their assistant to his cause once they dealt a crippling blow to their current threat, Unity. Thankful that his friends were on board with his mission, he bid them farewell and safe journey.

Expedition Six fully geared and resupplied journeyed back West towards Smokewood which was where the Smoking Tower belonging to Furkus Xoud resided. Despite the warning signs at the edge of the forest, they ventured forwards only to eventually stumbled across deep within, cries of pain and sorrow. Advancing, they came across a crude encampment where two Hill Giants wept over the body of a third Giant.  Approaching showing no signs of hostility, the scared Giants asked for their assistance in destroying the large metal man they unearthed thinking it was a treasure. Once mobile, it had shot off a powerful blast killing their friend and injured another. They were only interested in treasures, especially any belonging to the tower as they heard Furkus was no longer around, and once the tower was empty, they would kill the nearby huge butterfly, merely because it was too pretty, but apparently bit off more than they could chew. Agreeing to follow the Giants and destroy another mechanical monstrosity, Mithreal followed and upon the giants signal rounded a few trees into a clearing to engage the construct, except it was not visible. Suddenly a blast from behind staggered Mithreal, turning around the huge construct stood nearby readying another volley. Moving closer in hopes to prevent its targeting system to lock on to her, the construct retaliated with a slam to her side. Jabbing it seemed to do some structural damage as her allies approached. Eve activated her hastening ability allowing her friends to quicken their movements while Vicky attempted to fire at the constructs circuity in hopes of damaging its central core, to no avail. The Hill Giants reluctantly advanced, threw a few stones missing each time. The construct bore down on Mithreal hitting hard following up with its blasters at close proximity. Surprised by the mechanical machine's ability, Mithreal was no longer in perfect health and was in desperate need of medical assistance. Meyanda called to her as she readied some healing magic. Mithreal withdrew as Meyanda's soothing hands glowed healing Mithreal's wounds. Eve threw an electric grenade which unbeknownst to her great damaged the Robot Warden. Vicky fired several rounds of pellets into the robot's armor. The Hill Giants moved slightly and continued to miss with their stones. As the Warden advanced, its internal wave disrupts had targeted all member of Expedition Six but to date, none had succumbed to its effects. Mithreal feeling rejuvenated advanced dealing a crippling blow to the Warden as she suddenly felt a wave of nausea as would be unable to fight further against the Warden. With Mithreal out of the way it was up to Eve and Vicky to finish off the Warden and finish off they did, however not without some further injuries tot he party. With the Warden out of commission, Vicky had a hunch and fired her gun at the closest Hill Giant. As she fired, the closest Hill Giant had turned upon Vicky and smacked her with his club. No surprise to Expedition Six, the Giants were using them to defeat the robot and had planned to kill them next and keep all the treasure found in the area. Sadly for the Hill Giants, they were too simple-minded to realize the Warden wasn't the real threat in Smokewood forest.

Leaving behind the bodies they headed to the plums of smoke in the distance. Reaching the tower, they stared in awe at the impression craftsmanship. Two windows, barred was noticeable and the front door was quite structurally sound. Without acknowledging their presence, Expedition Six turned the cylindrical wheel on the door, pulled, and made there was inside. They were in a small corridor and out of three possible doors to choose from, ventured North. The chambers rounded to two sets of doors and a staircase leading upwards. As the party discussed their options, suddenly from behind, a harsh voice spoke up and an entity emerged from the wall. Cursing the intruders for entering his home, Furkus launched an unsuspecting fireball at Expedition Six and then blanketed the room in a mist of negative energy. Meyanda saw through his demeanor and shouted that Furkus was no longer of this realm and was a ghost. Mithreal charged into battle striking the wizard as Vicky fired a shot off. Eve retaliated by throwing a bomb. Amused that the intruders thought they could do him harm, Furkus upped the ante and created multiple images of himself. Mithreal and Vicky did all they could by removing a few of the fake Furkus' while Eve targeted the dark energy could that was healing Furkus and dispelled it. Bored with his newly acquired toys, Furkus looked at Mithreal and attempted to destroy her mind from the inside before moving along to his daily duties. Taunting Expedition Six to venture further in the tower, he whisked away walking through a nearby wall.

Insulted by Furkus' lack of respect towards them, the party continued forwards exploring the balance to the first floor. After encountering a room housing two Riot Suppressor robots, a pressure built door with scolding steam behind it, and a library with a reading nook filled with poison, Expedition Six decided it best to re-group and continue their exploration after a good nights rest. Leaving the tower, they opted to search for the mystery butterfly the Hill Giants spoke of before calling it a night. Mithreal lead the way following the erratic footprints the Giants had left behind, eventually leading to a large clearing. There, sitting upon a rock staring out at the sky was a huge and magnificent butterfly. Mithreal looked upon it and realized that before her was a Star Monarch, Emissary to Desna. A master of the dreamworld, this beast was truly a rare find. The Star Monarch noticed Expedition Six, and sensing no hostility moved closer to them. Mithreal allowing it to touch her, was then able to hear Longdreamer's thoughts. It alerted her new friends that Furkus has not been seen in some time, but when he did travel, he would travel via spells outside his tower. Whether or not he brought an Android by the name of Cassandalee was beyond her knowledge, but she did inform them that she was able to sense the dreams of a disturbed individual from the nearby tower, its dreams always focusing on the death of Furkus in many various ways. Longdreamer provided her cave as a safe haven for the group to rest, and that she could enter their dreams giving them further comfort while they slept. She also offered means of transportation or messages across the realm should they wish to make contact. Eve took her up on this offer, requesting a simple state of affairs to be sent to her father and sister.

Expedition Six woke up well rested and refreshed. They once more entered the tower, but strangely enough, all the doors to the rooms they had previously left open, were now once again shut. Advancing towards the second floor and triggering another steam like door trap, their combined efforts dispatched two of three Gearghosts that had made their presence known to them. The third fleeing up a flight of stairs leading to level three. Exploring the floor further, Eve discovered a rare find, a cocoon constructed by nanites, the nanites held within were now dormant. Her database acknowledged that such nanites usually had a specific programming and would activate by itself when in close proximity of what it was programmed to complete, or upon the breakage of the cocoon, in which it would seek out the purpose of its programming to the best of its abilities. Behind the cocoon, a crack in the wall. Shining a light source into the crack revealed a secret stairway behind it.   

Warden Robot
Timmy & Adam; Hill Giants
Trap: Nightmare Fumes; triggered
Trap: False Hatch; triggered
2 Riot Suppressors 1200
Trap: Belching Stove 1200
Longdreamer; befriended
Trap: Scolding Steam; triggered 1200-Lv9
2 of 3 Gearghosts 800
Session total 10800
Campaign total


Summary 15: Lending a Helping Hand
Chapter Three: The Choking Tower-Into the Aurora

Redfangs lifeless corpse lay before Mithreal's feet. Turning away slightly, Eve was curious and inquired why liquid was coming out of her eye but dismissed it when Mithreal slumped the body over her shoulder and started walking back towards town and Hoskit, member of the town's council. As they approached, Hoskit was wide-eyed and immediately inquired about the Protectors condition. Hearing that he was dead did not sit well with the middle-aged man. He emphasized Redfangs importance to the town and that without him, there was no one else who would or could defend the townsfolk from any assault from raiders, rapists, looters or worse… the Technic League. Hoskit implied that without the Protector, all trade would have to end and their borders would have to remain shut, keeping all outsiders out. Deep down, Hoskit felt betrayed by Expedition Six. He had instructed them to rescue Redfang, and instead, they return admitting they killed him. Claiming Redfang to be maddened with rage and working with the enemy… Hoskit knew better and that the Protector would never willing do such crimes. Hoskit was ready to cast out Expedition Six and send word across the land branding them as criminals… but then they eased Hoskit's fears. Requesting that the shaman's of the town preserve his body, they would look into why his personality changed, why he seemed like a different man, and they promised that they would cure and bring him back to continue his services. Thankful, Hoskit instructed two associates to help him bring the body to the shaman's while Expedition Six went off towards the unearthed vessel which seemed to be the catalyst of Redfang's altered state.

Looking down the hillside, a large portion of a buried ship was indeed accessible as the recent tremors nearly unearthed the entire vessel. The walk was awkward as the ship was at an incline, partially in and out of the water. Inspecting the hatch that Redfang had apparently opened, it seemed safe to descend.  Down below was dark. There was still some power coursing through the ship, although extremely faint as occasionally the lights would flicker on for a few seconds before dimming back into complete darkness. Once again, it was only Vicky who had trouble seeing and she flicked on her flashlight. According to a faceplate on a nearby wall, the ship they were aboard was known as the Dusklight. The observatory level housed controls and once deciphered, Eve was able to restore both power and reactivate the gravity plates beneath the floor allowing for easier travel. Researching further, this ship too seemed to hail from the main ship, Divinity, and it too separated and crashed during the Rain of Stars. Keying in some questions into the onboard control panel yielded with a possible explanation for Redfang. Apparently on board, the ship housed a canister with some gaseous substance acquired from another world. This 'entity', as it was later labeled, was able to possess individuals, turning them into raging madmen, altering their personas entirely. Once the host body was killed, the vapors would absorb itself into the body and become inert. They were transporting this material for further study before Dusklight crashed. Satisfied with the research, Expedition Six thought further exploration would be warranted, especially since Hoskit requested the destruction once again of the cursed metallic wonder. Noticing an active elevator, the party opted to descend the nearby stairwell onto the second floor. This deck held several stasis chambers, and the flooring was badly damaged as great big holes allowed access to the floor below. in the far back corner of the ship, water could be seen and part of this floor was flooded. As Mithreal was checking out the last stasis chamber, she noticed a breach, but it was too late… a large ooze-like being emerged and attacked Mithreal. Engaged in combat, Mithreal had never seen such a being before and was perplexed when striking at it resulted in the appearance of a translucent aura around it. This 'shield' was hard to penetrate, but penetrate she did. Her allies aided her in battle as Vicky fired her pistol further damaging the shield while Eve used her abilities to hasten the party. The amorphous alien was far more interested in Mithreal's allies. It lurched upwards and using some of the energies from the shield, shot out a ray of force at Vicky injuring her. Mithreal retaliated but the ooze once again saw no interest in her and advanced towards her companions. Eventually the Thorgothrel's shield was deactivated, however, that only created a far worse situation. The environment was toxic to the alien being and in turn, it was being poisoned which resulted in it loosing its only form. Slowly turning into a mist, this toxic cloud was poisonous to Expedition Six that was trapped within and all began feeling the effects of the poison immediately. It took Expedition Six nearly twenty seconds to vanquish the poisonous entity, and they regrouped allowing Vicky's nanite guns to cure their ailments. Descending further in, the sickbay level was half flooded and there was nothing of interest with the exception of a broken and empty canister that they believed had once held the entity mentioned in the logs. Inspecting the stairwell leading down to another level, it was noted that the level was completely submerged in water. Luckily Eve was able to imbue three allies with the ability to breathe underwater and it was decided that Meyanda guard the rear while the others ventured forwards. Exploring the chilled water, they caught glimpse of a Galvo who had claimed this level as its own and felt threatened by the intruders. The swarm-like magical beast would have been a formidable foe, except that it was in-experienced in battle and found it difficult striking Mithreal. The few hits it managed to connect with jolted Mithreal with sharp pains of electricity which in turn Mithreal responded by dimension-hopping further away. The beast did not need to fight in melee and launched forwards electric eels to zap her companions which enraged her. Dimension hopping back into the fray, Mithreal nearly single handily destroyed the beast. Exploring the floor further resulting in the discovery of a functional escape pod along with the schematics on how to construct further escape pods.

Returning to the mission at hand, they decided to venture towards the small town of Marstol, mid-way from Idenveigh and the Choking Tower. Exploring the winery, they came across several imps which most were killed. The others fled to alert their master who were performing the summoning ritual that there were intruders in town. Discovery an underground tunnel that led them to the inside of the nearby barn, Mithreal was able to overhear the chanting of the mind-controlled townsfolk and the imps that had fled minutes ago warning their master, the high priestess Diara Belgroom. Opening the door for battle, the summoned beast the High Priestess had just finished summoning attempted to Dominate Mithreal, but failed. Eve was excited to try her newest adjustment of her bombs and threw a dispelling bomb that removed the magical beast from existence. The controlled townsfolk all raised their crossbows and fired and Mithreal, most of which missed their target and repositioned themselves to block passage to their master. Vicky entered and took aim, firing at Diara leg crippling her to the ground preventing her from hiding out of sight. Her plans thwarted, she instead got up and used her abilities to produce a magical blast encompassing all of Expedition Six injuring them slightly. Mithreal moved forwards killing the remaining Imps and Eve moved in to subdue the villagers. The High Priestess saw her opportunity and moved out of sight, quaffing one of her two invisibility potions. Mithreal seeking to catch the cleric off-guard, dimension hopped to the corner she last saw the cleric fleeing only see see an empty potion bottle on the ground. Yelling to her companions that the cleric was invisible Eve placed upon herself a see invisibility spell, and Vicky continued to attack the villagers without holding back. Diara once more summoned a magical beast by her side which once again attempted to control the mind of their strongest enemy, but Mithreal was resilient, her strong mind ignored the suggestive thoughts. She retaliated and killed the summoned beast in the blink of an eye. The High Priestess was terrified but could only succumb to the might of Expedition Six. With her defeat, the townsfolk returned to their normal state, confused and unsure of what had transpired. In a few minutes, their saviors regaled them with all they knew that had transpired and the few remaining people of Marstol were grateful.

Trap: Rolling Crate; triggered
4 Quasits
3 Nuglubs 400
Trap: Barrel Toss; triggered 400
Diara Belgroom; Human Cleric
Bonus: Successfully navigated the Aurora 400
Session total 6300
Campaign total
Summary 14: Death to the Protector
Chapter Three: The Choking Tower-Into the Aurora

Parasite Eve was first to voice her opinion and (for lack of a better word) had a desire to enter the nanotechnology laboratory.  Mithreal once more opened the non-powered door revealing within a dark room filled with consols and machinery. Inspecting from afar, both Eve and Mithreal deduced that the chamber was similar to the core drive they found under Torch, although much smaller, and was most likely a means to power the damaged vessel. As they made their way inside, a voice reached out inquiring whether or not his Master had returned for him. Recognizing the voice to that of the invisible individual that was with Furkas Xoud in the video they saw hours before, they began to converse. The individual seemed friendly enough, however, because of the magics that had brought him to this plane, he knew that some actions would be forced upon him whether he desired them or not and made every attempt to keep the intruders away from the rooms working machinery. Their pleasant conversation enabled Expedition Six to realize that Cassandalee was in fact found within this very room, although non-functional, it was Xoud himself that had taken her body and whisked her away to his tower many miles away. The Invisible Stalker known as Sahasho knew not of his Master's wants or desires regarding the mechanical being, but it had seemed as though he knew about her and was the main reason for his visit. He had promised to return to explore the area further and retrieve his summoned minion, alas, Sahasho had lost track of time and remained in meditation for what seemed like years. Begging his new friends for help to return to his home plane, Expedition Six reassured him that they only had one way known to them, and that was to kill Sahasho. His lack of enthusiasm was expected and after a short battle, Sahasho's body vanished.

Agreeing to leave the power inert for the time, the party decided to explore their alternate route and advanced towards the rooms labeled 'canister'. Noticing a danger sign above the final door, all preparations were made to prevent any toxins from injuring the one who entered the room beyond. What they could not have foreseen, however, was that once opened, the pressure buildup of the mutated toxic gas expelled and engulfed the crashed ship mere seconds after the door was opened. All were affected but luckily their health and fortitude were able to resist. Luckily for them, they had previously examined the power console in the Laboratory and knew they by reactivating the system, and by adjusting some of the valves in the canister room, the gas would be vacuumed back into the canisters and could be destroyed preventing further seepage to the lands above. Despite repeated unfortunate events, Expedition Six held with them the luck of the Gods and managed once more to rectify a deadly situation. With little else below, they powered off the ship and sabotaged as much they could fulfilling their agreement with the town council. Making their way back to the entrance tunnel, they dispatched with the deadly nano-cloud that had greeted them upon their arrival and signaled above for the rock slap to be removed.

As the sunlight hit her face, Mithreal inhaled deeply, hoping to capture some crisp fresh air into her lungs. Only, it wasn't as crisp or as fresh as she had hoped. In the not far off distance, bellows of smoke could be seen indicating fires in Iadenveigh. The individual left behind to await Expedition Six was thankful for their safe return and acknowledged their concern. While they were below, the city had experienced several tremors, all of which grew in intensity. The town has never experienced anything of the sort in its history and therefore never prepared for such a cataclysmic event. Buildings lay in ruin while other caught fire which had spread throughout the town. Luckily they managed to keep the fires at bay, but not without losing so many homes and lives. Redfang had kept the peace and organized the help needed for the town until he was called away more pressing matters. The individual escorted Expedition Six back to the council so they could better explain the situation. The council was pleased with all they had done and the assurance given that the poison in the land was taken care of. However, with the state the town was in, they asked once more for their aid. Not only did the tremors ruin their town, but it also unearthed another metallic structure on the outskirts of town. Redfang took some men to investigate, but something went terribly wrong. Through the mouth of a survivor, Regfang began exploring the outside of the structure and inadvertently opened a hatch which spewed out some form of mist that encompassed him. Several mechanical beings emerged and when the mist eventually dissipated, Redfang seemed different, not recognizing his own men… even spoke in an unknown language and departed with the mechanical being North, but not before attacking those who he had brought with him. The council asked that they find and retrieve Redfang, as protector of the town, there was nothing more valuable to them than his safe return. The council disclosed that during the disaster, as luck would have it, a traveling man of the clergy was in search for Expedition Six and remained at the manor to give assistance to any people who were injured. Describing the man, Expedition Six believed it to be their companion, Sosiel. Expedition Six agreed to quickly visit the manor and speak to their companion. They departed on good terms several weeks ago as Sosiel was headed North to Mendev to assist in troop preparation to the continued defense of the borders to the Worldwound. Seeking out Expedition Six could only mean Sosiel traveled with unfortunate news.

Sosiel was glad to see his friends once more, but his demeanor quickly changed. In fact, Expedition Six could not explain it, but Sosiel looked much older than when they departed. It was recently brought to his attention, that in a nearby town, a cult had killed and captivated its citizens and began preparing a ritual. This ritual would create a gateway, linking the Worldwound and its demonic horde to the lands of Numeria, bypassing the protective barriers and the lands of Mendev that fought long and hard to protect the lands. Luckily this was a time-consuming ritual and Sosiel sent forth both scouts and spies to gather information and thwart these preparations, however, despite numerous attempts, all have failed and no one ever returned. Digging further into the situation and communing with his Diety, Sosiel learned the truth, and that there were those among his ranks that were loyal to the demons and were aiding in preventing this catastrophe. Sosiel looked once more to his comrades and asked for their service, for being outsiders, he knew they could be trusted. Understanding the urgency of the matter, they agreed to aid their friend.

Taking a few minutes to collect their thoughts, they knew the location of Casandalee, due East at the wizards tower. There was a demon portal being created Northeast. There was a newly discovered alien vessel unearthed on the Southern outskirts of town and Redfang was seen headed to 'Old Iadenveigh', just North of town with mechanical droids and the council wanted his safe return. Believing the return of Redfang was important to the current situation of the town and was only five minutes away, they believed taking the fifteen minutes to recover their friend was the best course of action before heading East to deal with the portal summoning.

As Expedition Six explored the remains of 'Old Idenveigh', they were confronted by a few of the droids the Council had warned them about. The clockwork soldiers use tactics Expedition Six was unaccustomed as they put up quite the fight.Victorious they advanced further in when suddenly Mithreal who took the lead once more was shot at a distance by an arrow. The shooter… Redfang himself, from cover high above in an old cavern look-out. Displeased and instructing her friend to cease, Redfang responded once more with another volley of arrows. Expedition Six advanced, Vicky firing precisely at Redfang's bow, Redfang dropping it far out of reach. The possessed man withdrew undercover. As Mithreal advanced, another clockwork soldier appeared from behind the walls of the lookout and tossed a net capturing her inside and began pulling her up. Vicky once again fired her weapon precisely cutting the rope in half, freeing Mithreal. The party advanced further in and were confronted by a clockwork steed that ended up being a minor nuisance. The real threat came from the two advanced clockwork soldiers and the possessed Redfang. Fighting on the narrow stairs that lead up to the plateau, Expedition Six took a beating. It was a long and tedious battle. Blows were exchanged back and forth, weapons were lost, others gained. The healing magics Meyanda provided were small, but they kept Expedition up long enough. Once the two mechanical droids were dispatched, the battle became more one-sided. Through perhaps frustration and anger, Expedition Six were very careless with dealing with Redfang and killed the raging man where he stood. He had stood for truth, justice, and the Numerian way, but Expedition Six saw to it that he would never stand again.     

Sahasho; Invisible Stalker
Bonus: Dissipated the Nanonite Fumes
Bionanite Cloud
3 Clockwork Soldiers
Clockwork Steed 600
2 Advanced Clockwork Soldiers 1600
(Possessed – mind & body alteration) Iadrin Redfang Ashworth: Human Ranger
Session total 11000
Campaign total
Summary 13: The Creation Hub
Chapter Three: The Choking Tower-Into the Aurora

With more questions than answers, it was decided to move forwards in the darkened underground. Mithreal lead the way once more with a closed metallic door blocking her path. Unlike previous metallic doors, her mere touch did not activate the door… in fact… the malfunctioning door gave her a rather large jolt. Suddenly the ground beneath their feet shook. Shaking off the numbing sensation in her hand, Mithreal once more braced against the door in hopes to open it but was jolted once more with a greater surge of electricity. Suddenly, the entire room they were in began shaking, dust and debris rattled loose from the ceiling above. Positive the door would yield this time around, Mithreal once more placed a firm grip upon the door but a large discharge of energy shot her slightly backward. Suddenly the ground, walls, and ceiling shook violently for several long seconds throwing everyone off their balance and even toppled over the chairs within the room. Once the massive quake subsided, Eve approached the door and noticed that there was damaged circuity and the grounding unit was disengaged. Repairing the door (but still without power), Mithreal braced against the doors and slide it open. Not ten feet later, another closed door loomed before her.

Taking precautions, Meyanda healed up Mithreal's wounds and Eve inspected the door for any malfunctions. Deeming it safe, Mithreal used her strength to slide it open revealing a large chamber full of mechanical instruments. As they approached the machinery, Eve had a sense of Deja Vu as she felt at peace, almost as if she belonged. Meanwhile, above them, Seerath, leader of the Androids of the Aurora watched the intruders with a vigilant eye. Eve was fascinated by the instruments before her. The database, although somewhat corrupted revealed that this was an Android processing plant and her make and model was in the system. Intrigued, she attempted to produce another sister, but the malfunctioning unit did not yield sufficient power for the command. Exploring further and rounding the corner, a group of four deformed Androids stood waiting as per Seerath's command. Mithreal engaged the menace deactivating one of the Androids but the other three threw some explosives at her bunched up companions. The large explosion was similar to the explosives used in the destruction of the transmitter array in Scrapwall, and Expedition Six were all severely wounded. Taking a few steps back, Meyanda let loose a healing wave that aided in their restoration, while Vicky injected some healing nanites in her arm to help close more of her open wounds. Eve decided to throw one of her own explosives and moved forward in hopes to deter any further explosives from being tossed. Mithreal skewed another Android. Suddenly out of the shadows, Seerath emerged and firing at Mithreal, stunned her. Taking the opportunity, the Androids flanked the unsuspecting Oread in hopes of damaging some of her internal organs, but even with the easy prey looming before them, they were never programmed to fight and missed their only opportunity. Meyanda let loose another healing wave while Vicky fired and a weaken Android killing it. Eve threw in another bomb injuring Seerath and the two remaining Androids. Seerath realizing the outcome of the battle was not in her favor she fired her blaster down the corridor and disappeared around the corner. Mithreal regaining her senses, punched one of the Androids before he deactivating it, and Meyanda ran up knocking out the last one.

Curious in the location of the Android who had shot her in the back, Mithreal rounded the corner where she last saw Seerath only to find a recently blown open hatch, with two rather large oozes seeping out and headed their way. Watching their sluggish movements and color, it remained her of flesh oozes that she studied upon and warned her companions not to touch them, as they were covered in poison. Although with each strike of a weapon the oozes seemed to enlarge further, it wasn't long before the oozes were no longer a threat. Following Seerath's tracks, they lead to a closed door. Being cautious, Mithreal and Eve made themselves invisible and Eve slowly began to open the closed door. Quickly peering inside, she immediately reversed her action and shut the door. Inside the room, Seerath was accompanied by four more deformed Androids, all holding what appeared to be grenades, all ready to toss at an opened door. Eve suggested they all rest as they could easily wait for their enemies to leave the room, however, Mithreal pointed out that unlike her, Vicky and herself required nourishment to function. Devising the next best strategy to avoid injury. They gathered up some grenades found upon the bodies of the previously Androids and threw them at the door blowing it wide open. The Androids assuming Expedition Six was right at the opening behind the smoke threw their grenades missing everyone in the explosion, save Vicky who got caught in one of the blasts.Seerath meanwhile was readying her own weapon, waiting to fire at the first sign of flesh, however, her enemies kept their distance, remained hidden and Eve threw in one of her own bomb creations electrifying the five Android held up in the room. Furious, Seerath ordered her guardians to advance and kill the intruders who had bordered her ship. Mithreal meanwhile managed to slip by and confronted Seerath head to head.The battle was short but Seerath did not give her assailant the opportunity to capture her and take her to the Dominion of the Black. Although an Android and could feel no fear… the Dominion of the Black terrified her and she firmly believed that she was still in space, and Expedition Six boarded the Aurora to take her to them. She pulled out the pin on one of her grenades strapped around her and with open arms, looked up to the 'stars', cursed the Dominion before the explosion vaporized her, injuring Mithreal in the process. The rest of the deformed Android succumbed to their might and Meyanda used the last of her powers to mend all their wounds.

Deciding it best to recover their magical powers, they rested up. Several hours later, Mithreal once more too lead and began passing the large section of metallic cylinders housed in the facility. Unfortunately for her, she did not see the faint tripwire by her feet and triggered the final trap that Seerath placed to alert them when and if the Gearsmen were advancing. As rubble and debris fell upon Mithreal, her shouts of anger and frustration could easily be heard throughout the remaining areas of the facility. The Gearsmen after years of dormancy reactivated due to the disturbance nearby. Rounding the corner and identifying intruders, they requested Casendalee, in turn, they would grant freedom. With confused expressions on their faces, the scan the Gearsmen had performed revealed these fleshings were not in possession of the traitor as they whipped out their pistols firing. Dodging the blasts, Mithreal advanced injuring one, Vicky fired at a blaster, the Gearsman holding it could not recover and dropped it,  while Eve advanced and used her lucerne hammer to knock some sense into the fabricated robots. With two more robots under their belts, they continued once more opening another closed door. Inside, a large Gearsman reactivated and it too demanded that the traitor Casandalee be handed over. Mithreals answer was straightforward as she removed her spear from the chest of the deactivate Gearsman. 

A choice loomed before them. Two similar doors with alien wording above them. One lead to the Nanotech Laboratory, the other to the Canister Access point. 

Trap: Malfunctioning Door; triggered
4 Deformed Androids
2 Advanced Hungry Fleshes
4 Deformed Androids
Seerath; Android Gunslinger 1200
Trap: Collapsing Rubble; triggered 800
3 Gearsmen
Augmented Gearsman 1200
Session total 7000
Campaign total


Summary 12: The Great Spy Chase
Chapter Three: The Choking Tower-Intrigue in Iadenveigh

Mithreal understood Redfang's requests and his reluctance to trust her comrades. Although Vicky was an outsider, she was at least able to blend in. Eve and Meyanda on the other hand…

Returning back to her friends, Mithreal relayed Redfangs requested tasks and Expedition Six first headed off to check up on Jevik and his growing concerns of apparent monsters on his land. A routine check soon turned for the worse as investigating Jevik's farmhouse revealed a bloody front porch and door. Furthermore, the chicken coop was destroyed and his pet dog was found hiding under his bed. With no sign of Jevik, Mithreal began following a faint blood trail leading away from the house and towards Jevik's orchard. Taking the lead, Mithreal walked slowly and cautiously through the orchard. Mithreal paused in her tracks as soon as her keen senses distinctly heard a beast not far away smelling her scent. Backtracking to her comrades, they agreed to ambush the beast lurking within, killing it on their terms rather than its own. Mithreal entered the orchard once more as the balance of Expedition Six positioned themselves on the pathway leading to Jevik's land not far away. With a rock in hand, Mithreal ran into the fray discovering the beast that she was tracking as thier eyes locked, meeting one another. The Yaoguai was ready for Mithreal and snapped at her. Throwing her rock to anger the beast, she fled to her allies and lay waiting for the pursuit of the Yaoguai. Slowly, the huge monstrous beast ran through the orchard, zigzagging through the man-made paths until finally emerging near Mithreal and Eve. Everyone anticipating the beasts advance made their quick attacks, injuring the beast. The massive beast set its eyes on Mithreal and despite its size and strength, it was no match for the entire offensive capabilities of Expedition Six. Meyanda  helped Mithreal mend her wounds and they returned to Redfang to report to horrible news. Although distraught and blaming himself for putting other less important matters before jevik's, Redfang thanked Mithreal and continue his duties awaiting for her and her team to finish their second task.

Knowing there was a spy within the town was upsetting. More so if it truly was a member of the Technic League. How many spies did the Technic League have? Was every City/Town compromised? The only lead(s) Regfang could provide was the broken mechanical bird that was found with a note to the Technic League, all discovered by a little boy named Timothy. Deciding it best to speak to Timothy, Expedition Six tracked town his residence and requested his presence. His mother was less helpful and slammed the door upon them the moment she saw both Eve and Meyanda. Mithreal motioning for the two to stay out of sight, which made the mother more receptive at their second attempt at parley. She wasn't too keen on helping strangers and hinted that special compensation would persuade her and allow her son to speak to them. Mithreal handed Tim's mother a pretty gemstone that excited her very much as she beckoned for her son. The shy boy approached and answered all that was asked of him. He had apparently visited the forbidden lands of the town known as Badwater, which is where he found the item in question. Thanking them for their time, the foursome quickly journeyed to the Badwater area and cautiously crossed its lands looking for clues. They discovered two clearly distinct set of tracks, one presumably Timothy's which entered the area from the West and left through to the East. The second, slightly larger than Tim's entered from the North, and in following those led the party remotely close to what appeared to be an old water well, covered with a huge rock slab. The tracks then seemed to exit the Badwater area to the South, but surprisingly the two set of tracks seem to have intersected. Upon further investigation of the area, Expedition Six found part of a musical instrument, one of two thumb symbols. Following both tracks eventually led the party back into the busy streets of the town. Eve had an idea that was sound. She began fixing the mechanical bird and threw it in the air. They all gave chase following the bird as it flew out of town. Northwards it headed and continued to do so. Eventually, it was decided to shoot down the mechanical bird as they assumed it was already preprogrammed to return to the Capital city… Starfall, HQ of the Technic League.  With nothing further to go on, they returned to Timothy's house with further questions. As they approached, it was quite apparent that Tim's mother was hosting a party. With a quiet knock on the door, the dressed up mother was delighted to see Expedition once more. It was thanks to them, Ludwika and Timothy were going to move to the big city. Requesting Timothy once more for questioning, the tired boy heard the questions but was reluctant to speak. Finally opening open, Timothy had accidentally bumped into a cloaked woman with a very pretty voice. She had accidentally dropped the bird that he pocketed and told him never to speak of their jaunt through the Badwater area else she would kill him. The attire he described led Expedition Six to believe that the individual was a gypsy and as luck would have it, in the southern part of Idenveigh resided a group of traveling Gypsies of two weeks pass.

Approaching the gypsies was easy enough. Several of them were in the midst of playing music, a few others were in a heated conversation. All but two were female, all were dressed similarly. Mithreal focused and sensed their inner feelings and one stood out more so than the others. Advancing and questioning the one, Ilarris protested and defended herself the best she could. Nothing Mithreal said or did scared the young beautiful woman, but it was Eve's one question that turned the tide. Pulling out the thumb symbol they had discovered, Eve wondered if she would like it back in order to continue playing music. The other nearby gypsies backed up a step or two, whispers started as they had noticed Ilarris hadn't been playing music for the past few days. In an attempt to bluff her way out of the predicament, the Technic League spy fled the scene but thanks to Vicky's talents at precise shooting, her leg was crippled and she fell flat on her face. Surrounded by her fos, she gave a valiant effort injuring all members of Expedition Six, but once more, their numbers were over-powering and Ilarris was brought to unconsciousness and brought forth to Redfang.

Redfang thanked Mithreal and her team for discovering who the spy was. He promised them that a meeting with the town council would be set up early in the morning for them as initially requested.

The following day gave further insight into the location of the Oracle, Casendalee. The historical records of Idenveigh mentioned that hundreds of years ago a small group of mechanical robots tore their way through the town in search of one of their own. In the wake of the destruction, they had destroyed the town and killed many people but had disappeared in the northern regions of what is now Idenveigh never to be seen again. The only correlation the town council could think of, was several years ago the area known as Badwater was once a thriving farmland owned by the farmer Skelton. This farmland was in the same vicinity that the mechanical droids disappeared in. One night Skelton was working on his well and broke through some form of mechanical room beneath the earth. A strange gas emitted from the well and poisoned Skelton. An investigation into the well turned up more gas and mechanical rooms. it wasn't long before the investigation team turned around in fear of what was beyond the rooms. Not too long afterward the farmlands vegetation started dying off, Skelton as well as the investigation team all succumbed to an unknown illness and left this world behind them. The council at the time decided it best to seal the well forever and deem the area off-limits to anyone. With this being the only clue at hand, Expedition Six requested permission to access the well and venture forth. Leery to the request for fear of further contamination, it was agreed to seal the well after their decent, taking their livelihood in their own capable hands. It was agreed, but the council had but one request… to destroy any and all technology that cursed their lands beneath. A password was given to remove a hidden glyph of warding underside the stone slab, and Expedition made haste leaving for the well. Easily pushed aside, the large stone slab fell to the ground as Eve spoke the magical words to prevent the glyph from firing off. Vicky used her radiation device to monitor readings which emitted a very low but safe reading. With rope fastened, the group descended into the unknown, the stone slab above them placed back to protect the town. When Mithreal reached the ground below first, she was confronted by a cloud-like substance like none she had ever seen before. The Bionanite Cloud sensed new malfunctioning androids and quickly moved in to investigate and repair. The four malfunctioning androids were putting up a fight, although their resistance was futile… no harm could be done to the cloud. Expedition Six frantically decided to move forwards sealing the door behind them, trapping the unknown cloud behind them. They would have to deal with it eventually… but not now. Exploring the new room (Administration Office) they ventured into, a monitor nearby triggered and began replaying a looped video.

"An image appears on the glass screen—an image of the same room, as viewed from above the southern door. A man leans in over the screen on the desk in the image, then straightens up and nods his head eagerly before speaking to the apparently empty room. “As I thought. While this terminal accepted my spell’s magical charge, it’s unlinked to any sort of central archive. We’ll not be able to extract any significant information from here.” A second, much deeper voice from an unknown source replies, “But what you seek still lies within the ruins of this ship, does it not, Master Xoud?” The man nods again. “I believe so. We will need to explore further. There may be additional defenses though. This is why I called upon you, Sahasho—you will lead the way.” At this point, the man walks away, a swirling of dust and wind following him before both are eclipsed by the screen’s edge. The screen flickers and goes dark."

Eve's knowledge of magic led her to believe the unseen voice was invisible and Vicky's knowledge of the land knew that Xoud was once a member of the Technic League and built a tower for himself somewhere in the lands of Numeria. Keeping the data fresh in their minds, they looked at the only other door leading out of the room and moved towards it.


Ilarris Zeleshi; Human Magus
Trap: Glyph of Warding; bypassed
Session total 2300
Campaign total
Summary 11: A GOD no more
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Hellion's Domain

A decision was made… if they rested, that would clearly strengthened Expedition's position, but they knew at the same time they would grant the false God the same benefits. Moving forwards around a bend, they dispatched with a few mechanical droids who unbeknownst to them were transmitting data to Hellion to aid in his preparation. Forwards once more, they triggered a few glyphs of warding, placed there a long time ago by Meyanda to help protect her Master and God.

With a booming voice, Hellion stepped out of the shadows along with three of his mechanical droids. Expedition Six recognized the voice, but it was Hellion who they could not believe, for he was no demonic beast, but actually some form of a mechanical scorpion. Mithreal started the battle by positioning herself in a defensive position behind some gears and metal framework. Hellion followed suit, knowing that Mithreal was the strength of the group, he would focus his attacks on her, but first, he needed to deal with their meddling cleric. Moving for an optimal firing position, and positioning himself closer to Mithreal so that he could engage her soon afterward, his tail unleashed a scorching beam of light burning Dinvaya's arm. Vicky fired at the oncoming droids. Eve threw a scorching ray at Hellion melting some of his circuitry. Dinvaya ignored the pain and stood ready in a defensive position between her allies to help heal them with her remaining healing waves if need be. The droids advanced, whirling blades cutting into Vicky's flesh. Suddenly Hellion reacted once more unleashing a devastating spell attack upon his foes, who… brushed it off. Furious, Mithreal advanced on Hellion, striking true and finding an unguarded circuitry board. Enraged, Hellion grabbed Mithreal in his claws preventing her from attacking him for the rest of the battle. <<Calculating… threat, neutralized. Victory assured.>>

Hellion knew Expedition Six's tactics. Mithreal attacks, Eve and Vicky fired from afar while Dinvaya healed them all. Dinvaya needed to be eliminated next. With Mithreal locked in his manables, he fired once more nearly dropping Dinvaya where she stood. Vicky continued her focus on the imminent threat in front of her, dodging saw blades and whirling arms destroying one of the three droids. Eve saw Mithreal in distress and lobbed one of her more powerful bombs at Hellion damaging his chassis further. Dinvaya's survival instincts kicked in and she withdrew from the fight to mend her own wounds. Hellion began using his remaining spells to bolster some of his defense and then attempted to fire at the next biggest threat, Eve, but missed. Eve's own bolstering proved successful and she, in turn, retaliated with another bomb while Vicky continued to fend off the droids. <<Warning… chassis hull down to 25%… initiating upload procedure.>> Hellion voiced his anger and decided to make a hasty withdrawal. He needed to assure his survival to eliminate Unity. Moving closer to the rest of Expedition Six, his tactic, should his chassis be destroyed in the seconds to come, the ensuing explosion blast could destroy his current threat… if by chance his chassis survived, he was in prime position to escape with Mithreal in tow and could crush the life out of her whenever he so please.

Vicky downed the second droid and Eve used her final grenade throwing it under Hellion's body. The fiery blast triggered the chassis of Hellion to erupt in a blast of its own wounding Mithreal dropping her unconscious, Eve and Vicky. The remaining droid suddenly collapsed on its own accord, although powered, seemed inert. Calling back Dinvaya, she used her last two healing waves to mend everyone's wounds. With Hellion destroyed, they eliminated the threat to Torch. However, apparently, there loomed on the horizon a greater threat. With all the information they had gathered, it was apparent that Unity dwelled within Silver Mount and had both the desire to control and rule the lands. Hellion's 'sister', the Oracle Cassandalee, has too escaped Silver Mount but with her took secrets and the knowledge on how to defeat Unity. From Meyanda's and Kalgara's notes, Casandalee's last known location was in the town of Iadenveigh.  It was definitely a lot to take in, especially since they were on a simple mission to stop the Lord's of Rust, only to find out that they were nothing more than pions in a much larger issue. Taking a moment to regain their focus, it was decided to take the malfunctioning droid back to Torch so that Khonnir Baine could examine it on his own time.  Before leaving Scrapwall, they returned to their allies to relate the good news of their victory and that Scrapwall would be 'safer'. The Redtooths and Steel Hawkians had already formed an alliance and were ready to rebuild Scrapwall into a proper city. Leaving on good terms, Torch was several days away. <<Bypassing security… assimilating neutral pathways… estimated time… 336 grads.>> 

Returning to Torch, Expedition Six were well greeted as they made their way to the Foundry where Khonnir was most likely. Upon entering, Khonnir was sitting at a table having a friendly conversation with an Android that resembled Eve. Looking and listening closely, Khonnir was with Meyanda. Mithreal and Vicky cautiously approached, weapons in hand, Khonnir took notice of them and requested they stand down. Meyanda apparently was a changed individual and as he had once done for Eve, Khonnir was trying to integrate her back into society. Although dubious of Meyanda's presence, they regaled the councilman with what had transpired in Scrapwall. Relaying once more to the Council, in lieu of another possible attack, they requested that Expedition Six continue investigating and eliminate the threat. Taking a few days to sell their acquired goods and purchase some new trinkets, they were ready to leave. Stopping by at the Foundry to bid adieu to Khonnir, he made one request, that they take Meyanda with them. As she turned over a new leaf, her desire to right the wrongs she had done when under the influence of Hellion was sincere and he new devotion would provide the healing they lacked. Agreeing, more so to keep an eye on her, Expedition Six departed for Echo Woods, home of Mithreal, before heading to Iadenveigh.

Being home once more felt right. Mithreal missed her kin, even though she was only away for a short period of time. Everything seemed to be in order, she saved her people from the sickness… but looking out, she realized that if this Unity did manage to heighten its power and control the people and the lands… would hers be safe?

Iadenvigh wasn't far from Echo Woods, but Mithreal knew they people there did not like outsiders, especially any forms of technology. Both Eve and Meyanda remained nearby on the outskirts of a forest while Mithreal and Vicky went in. Since her home and Iadenveigh were traders with each other, Mithreal knew her way around town and found Redfang where she would put her trust in him and discuss issues at length.

Meanwhile back in Torch

<<Rebooting… Systems reinitialized… WARNING… AI functionality down to 10%>>

Hellion (Furiously yells out): I will destroy Expedition Six for their meddling in my affairs.

(Internally scanning his host body)

Hellion: I cannot function in this body, I must acquire something else.

(Khonnir Baine enters from a nearby room after hearing a loud commotion.)

Khonnir: Who is there? Identify yourself.

Hellion: Mortal… out of my way!

(Hellion moves forward with saw blade buzzing, slicing into Khonnir's body. As Hellion runs out of the Foundry, Khonnir's body slumps to the ground, lifeless.)


3 Advanced Observer Robots
Trap: 3 Glyphs of Warding; triggered
3 Scrapyard Robots
Hellion's Chassis
Chuul 800
Bonus: Tamed Scrapwall 200
Session total 4200
Campaign total
Summary 10: Dead are the Pawns
Chapter Two: Lords of Rust-Hellion's Domain

Without hesitation, Dinvaya, Mithreal and Vicky followed Eve towards the upper level to re-group and prepare for the onslaught that was about to start. With only seconds to prepare, Expedition Six ascended the stairs closing the door behind them healing what wounds they could, buffing themselves with whatever combat spells they could recall and strategically surrounded the closed door to prevent any foes from entering the room without a few tactical strikes on their behalf. For extra precaution, Eve cast a grease spell under the door to slow down any foes on the other side.

The Lords of Rust were quite amused, for they had the infamous Expedition Six on the run. Kulgara leading the way was first on the scene and found herself in front of a closed door. Signaling for Draigs, the Orc leader stepped aside giving ample room for the large raged Ettin to advance. Draigs using all her might struck the door once and nearly ripped the door off its hinges.

Mithreal braced herself to strike at any foe that entered her threat range. Both Eve and Vicky prepared to fire at the first sign of flesh. That is when they saw the door buckle with a tremendous 'thud' sound.

Draigs smirked and using both her arms smashed the door sending it flying several feet in front of her, nearly decapitating Mithreal who stood in its path. Luckily for the Oread's quick reflexes, she managed to dodge the door aside and vitally strike at the advancing Ettin, her companions fired with pellet and firebomb injuring Draigs further. Retaliating, Draigs used her chain to severely injure Mithreal with one strike. Coughing up blood from her wounds, she knew that another strike from the beast would surely kill her. She signaled her companions to focus their attention on Draigs, and before the Ettin could react once more, they killed her where she stood.

Kulgara was shocked to she her companion fall, rage building up within her. She signaled a few of her pawns to enter the fray to distract her enemies. It was a wise decision as Mithreal swiftly skewered several Orcs that entered the room, killing them where they charged in. Throwing a grenade for good measure, Expedition Six saw something all to familiar roll up beside them, the explosion that ensued seared their flesh. Dinvaya ran up healing Mithreal from her near-fatal wounds. The Dark Slayer who stood by Kulgara's side used its magical powers to send forth a mystical hand that sapped Mithreal's strength.

Firmly standing their ground, Expedition Six knocked down several more Orcs who wandered into the room, while Kulgara threw in another grenade to soften her foes, the icy cold explosion injured all in its radius. Dinvaya and Eve used their healing abilities to prevent Death from claiming any of their companions. The Dark Slayer once more used her magics upon Mithreal. Vicky noticed Kulgara with another grenade in her hand. Using her marksmanship talents, she fired at it, launching it out of the Orcs hand. Kulgara signaling once more, the last wave of Orcs rushed in and were cut down before any contact could be made upon their foes. Kulgara took the opportunity to advance, the grease covered floor now covered by the bodies of her fallen comrades. With chainsaw in hand, she advanced on Mithreal cutting her across her torso.

Blood splattered everywhere, but Mithreal stood her ground. Exchanging blows, Kulgara and indeed a formidable foes, but was easily overpowered by Expedition Six as was the Dark Slayer. Taking a moment to heal up, they descended once more and began to explore the vast cavern below. It was quite the site, some sort of machine was being excavated. After destroying several more monitors, searching several rooms and discovering Kulgara's journal, Expedition Six began understanding the motives of the Lords of Rust. Finding a functional monitor, Expedition Six took the opportunity to parler with Hellion, confirming what was written in Kulgara's journal and learning much more.

Finding a makeshift stairwell made of rock descending to the caverns further below, the party of four advanced and were fired upon by two Dark Slayers lurking in the shadows, waiting for any trespassers to enter their line of sight. One easily met its demise seconds after it engaged, but the second withdrew further into the caves to alert its master, Tatterface. As half of Expedition Six advanced, darkness soon enveloped them. A darkness which none could see through, it was an unusual experience, but one they knew could be disastrous. Retracing their steps as best they could, Expedition Six simply could not escape the spell that Tatterface kept casting, blanketing the surrounding area in darkness, a darkness that she and her minions could see through. Taking the opportunity to strike their foes, the Dark Creepers and Tatterface engaged in battle. Finding their vital organs with ease, Mithreal, Dinvaya and Eve all suffered at the hands of the dark assailants, but perseverance prevailed as Expedition Six used their other remaining senses to target and kill their attackers.

Pressing onwards and escaping the blackness, they found themselves in a cavern with carvings embedded within the walls. Examining it further, Mithreal deduced that they entered a shrine of worship of sorts, one that depicted a Xill and how its species reproduced. Recalling the tales of Xill from her tribal books, Mithreal deduced that Zagmaander, the last remaining Lord of Rust was the one shown in the wall drawings. In the following cavern, Mithreal's hypothesis was confirmed as a red Xill stood against a wall beckoning Expedition Six to advance to parler. Eyeing their surroundings expecting an ambush, they took notice a few monitors in the area smashed and in sensing Zagmaander's motives, she seemed genuinely at ease.  The Xill informed her rivals that she had no quarrel with them and in fact was willing to help them by handing over some valuables… in exchange for freedom. She was cursed and found by the Lords of Rust who promised to free her when Meyanda grew stronger, however, with the high cleric indisposed of, the Xill's hopes of freedom came to an end. All that she desired for years was to be happy, to return home (another plane) and create a family for herself, and pleaded with Expedition Six to help her in her need. Rather than asking Dinvaya if it was in her powers, they opted to refuse the Xill's harmless wish as the bloodlust in them took over. Threatened and angered, the Xill swore that she would use their bodies as vessels for her offspring, despite being unable to produce living offspring. A quick battle ensued and the assassin showed her talented skills, a foe not to take lightly, but once again it was Expedition Six who stood strong, standing above the corpse of another individual they deemed an enemy.

Completely taxed,  exhausted and knowing Hellion awaited them nearby, they were in no condition to continue. Mithreal suggested they find a secure location and rest before confronting the so-called God.

Draigs; Ettin
6 Scrapwall Thugs
Kulgara; Orc Barbarian
Dark Slayer
Bonus: Discovered Kulgara's Journal 600
2 Dark Slayers 400
2 Dark Creepers
Dark Stalker 300
Zagmaander; Xill Sorceress 800-Lv7
Session total 4200
Campaign total

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